problem marrying Filipinas

Common Problems When Marrying A Filipina

There are several problems that might arise when marrying a Filipina, but the biggest one is by not meeting the right woman.

And I don’t mean the perfect match, but falling in love and rush to marry a Filipina with a troubled background.

For example, when a man marries a young single Filipina that has an education, you’ll have high chances to live a happy life together. The only problems that you’ll face are the usual issue any married couple faces in the world, nothing particularly alarming.

But if you marry with a Filipina that has already a child or she is in her late fertile years, the chances to have a troubled marriage increase dramatically.

I’m not saying marrying a single Filipina mum is a bad idea, but the probability to face extra problems increases dramatically.

However, chances are in your favor because most Filipina seeking marriage are good girls looking for a serious relationship and enjoy a happy life with you…

As you can see, you are unlikely to find anyone more loving, devoted and loyal once you commit to a relationship with a Filipina.

You shouldn’t fear to marry a Filipina more than any other woman, but there are a few problems that arise in long-term marriages with Filipinas.


5 Common Issues In the Long Term in Filipina/Western Marriages

In the early days of marriage, a couple should focus on these issues as they are a source of major conflicts. Once you address them, the marriage should be a smooth ride.

The first problems when marrying a Filipina is:


Their Diet Is Rich in Sugar, Fat & Salt

If you think the average American diet is unhealthy, you should see what a Filipina loves to eat. This result in health concern like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and chronic joint problems.

It isn’t only a Filipino problem but a worldwide issue to eat crappy food good for nothing except to make you fat.

If you are into fitness or wellness in general, this could cause frustration with the majority of Filipino women. It seems that at a young age they are slim and sexy, but with age, they become heavier and unhealthy.

The good thing is this can be solved in the early days of marriage by setting healthy habits at the table. Make sure when going to the supermarket, to buy a lot of vegetables and fruits instead of junk food.


Exercise Isn’t A Priority In The Philippines

It almost seems the less one has to move one’s body the higher one’s social standing. The new generations of Filipina is working in offices instead of farming, making exercise a must not an option.

Add to that their bad diet, it can become a serious health issue in the old age.

Again, if you are health conscious, you should consider helping your Filipina to visit the gym more often then not. You can also set rules with rewards to ensure she sticks to the habit.

If the gym isn’t your thing, go for long walks with her when shopping and leave the car at home.

This will help to overcome diabetes problems in old age as Filipinas have an absurd social notion that anything white is somehow superior: white rice, white bread, etc.

Yes, trying to make them eat a much healthier substitute like brown rice or bread can be a real struggle.


They Love To Have Sex

They make up their lack of exercise with sex. It might sound great but in the long run, it might become tiring for you if not being able to keep up with your Filipina wife needs.

Filipina women love to have sex whenever you want

It’s not they are nymphos or something similar but they like sex more than Western women. Probably because they don’t a stressful lifestyle like in the West, so they can enjoy more their sexuality with the husband.

So make sure to have stamina if you want to marry a Filipina, she is going to give you a hell of a ride.


Jealous Factor

You might know already that Filipina tends to be jealous in line like the rest of Asian women anyway. Serious jealousy problems can lead to divorce as no one likes to be guilty when they have done nothing wrong.

Women who had a previous failed relationship are more prone to jealousy due to the fact they are been cheated in their previous relationships. it’s only natural that they lost faith in men and get distressed every time you step foot out of the door.

The best way to avoid such annoying is to meet young girls with little or no previous relationship. If they haven’t experienced pain from a cheater man before, they will not be scared you run away with another woman.

Before getting married, make sure to spend enough time together with her to see if she suffers from jealousy syndrome. This is the only effective way to diagnose it.


They Love Their Phone

Filipina tends to sit on the sofa playing on their phone or talking to someone. That can be annoying if you like to do a lot of outdoor activities and are an adventurous person, a Filipina wife may not be the best idea for you.

But if you prefer a relaxed lifestyle and value your own privacy, that isn’t such a bad thing.

While your wife plays the phone, you can watch your favorite sports event or even go for a drink with friends. And please, don’t get annoyed when she will send pictures of your two wearing Pikachu ears.


If You Don’t Mind Those Problems – Get Marry With A Filipina

Filipina women are devoted, love caring and loyal that you will not regret to get married to one. They know how to look after the house, make sure you get well fed while being great mothers if your intention is to have kids.

Marry Filipina - Modesty and Humility

So, how to get started?

Getting married isn’t like buying a car: you walk in a showroom, pick your favorite model and color and a few weeks later you have your new car.

As cars are standardized, Filipinas are not. You need to take your time and be careful who you choose because you are going to spend most of your life with her.

The best way to go is by searching for your future wife in places where good women hang out looking for a serious relationship.

You don’t want to search for the one either on Tinder or in a bar, right?

Sites such as are not the way to go either, I explain in this article why free online dating sites don’t work.

Men who are serious about finding a wife in the Philippines should use a well-reputed Filipino dating site… Simply because there are many quality Filipina looking for marriage.

Keep in mind that there are many guys hitting them up online all day, every day. So, if you want to stand out and be successful in finding a Filipina wife, you need to outsmart the competition.


How To Win On Dating Sites

Most men do two major mistakes:

  • use dating sites for free
  • ask the girls to jump into bed in the very first messages

For those same reasons, a lot of Filipino women are sick of guys who are only in the Philippines to score.

In fact, you’ll notice that many Filipina state on their profile “no casual encounters or nightstand” because they have many men hit on them with unsolicited messages.

So expect to find their first messages on the defense with many questions about you, your intentions and what you are looking for.

Just answer honestly, express clearly your intentions and see who stick around.

When you communicate openly and honestly with a girl, expressing your true self, she will feel if you are the right man for her.

The truth that men don’t want to hear is that women know if you are the right person for her, no the other way around. Whenever a man force is away with a particular girl, most of the time the marriage end up in divorce.

By being natural in your approach, the one for you will let you know she is the one.

Don’t be afraid to let go many girls met online, there is always the next one. If you want to get to know the most in-demand women who also happen to be the most beautiful, make sure to upgrade your membership.

That gives you an instant advantage by giving you more visibility on the platform, better matches but most importantly status.

When you upgrade, your profile gets a Gold or Platinum badge that makes you stand out from the competition. It’s like getting a VIP table in a famous restaurant or nightclub, everyone notices you.

The same principle applies to the dating sites, the membership helps you to get noticed from the girls. That way they will chase you, not the other way around.

More girls mean more opportunities to find the best wife possible for you.