Signs A Filipina Likes You

5 Signs A Filipina Likes You Or She Is In Love

When a Filipina likes you, she will display signs of interest forwards you. However, don’t expect her to clearly show you her true fillings because she is going to be amble about it.

If you ignore her signs, you might not move forward resulting her to lose interest in you because you don’t look confident enough.

On the other hand, if you miss interpreting her signs, you might make a fool of yourself when trying to step up the relationship.

For example, some Filipina girls test guys by playing hard to get to see if the guy will remain confident. If the guy shows weaknesses doubting she is into him, she then loses interest because she’s looking for a more confident guy.

Another type of Filipina might be shy who really likes you, but afraid showing obvious signs of interest. So, she might pretend to be just your friend, but she will hope that somehow, something will happen between you and her.

So, learning to read Filipina signs of attraction and love forward you is important if you want to start a relationship or getting laid… and knowing a few dating tips that work with Filipinas help too.


Signs A Filipina Likes You

  1. Strong Eye Contact
  2. She Keeps Contacting You
  3. She Asks To Meet
  4. She Smiles And Laughs Around You
  5. She Talks About Your And Her Future Together


Sign 1 – Strong Eye Contact

You might have met her with friends or just sitting a few meters away when you notice her looking at you…

filipina sign she likes you

When you look at her, she goes into hiding and looks somewhere else. After a few minutes, she does that again. That is a sign that she likes you and hope you make the move.

She isn’t going to introduce herself, that isn’t how things work in the Philippines. Filipinas are extremely feminine and expect you to be man enough and approach.

They offer cues, but you have to lead.

Don’t wait too long or start overthinking, that is a sign of low confidence and self-esteem. A really turn down for most Filipina.

Sign 2 – She Keeps Contacting You

If she is sending messages to you online or on the phone, that clearly stated that she is into you.

When a Filipina isn’t attracted to you, not only she’ll never contact you but also ignore your messages. They can’t bother to carry on a conversation with a man if they don’t feel emotionally attracted.

Whenever possible, try to reply to her messages as soon as possible. In the West, you might come out as needy if you do that but in the Philippines, you get considered as “sensible”.

Filipinos are very sociable people, so they love to chat and have conversations. A sure way to get a Filipina to lose interest in you, it’s by not replying her message in a timely manner.

She might think that you have another lady.

Sign 3 – She Asks To Meet

Most men are impatience, and can’t go two lines without asking her out. That is a huge turn off for any Filipina.

It clearly indicates that you are too apprehensive and even if you are not, it might come out as a “Play Boy” move. No woman wants a playboy.

The thing is, you can easily and safely get on a date by waiting a little bit longer until she asks you to meet.

How long?

In my experience, one week is a fair period. During this time you can build mutual attraction, excitement and anticipation until she can’t hold herself anymore and ask you out.

If you want to make her really go crazy for you, the first time she asks to meet, just ignore her message. Yes, refrain from replying that particular message instead speaks about something else.

That move is going to make you attractive on her eyes because most men fall for it. You are different by showing traits of a confident man.

Sign 4 – She Smiles And Laughs Around You

Filipinas love to be happy and laugh, it’s a cultural thing. If you can make them feel good when around you, she is going to be in love with you. The way you make her feel create sexual attraction.

But smiling and laughing is also a sign that a Filipina likes you because she is expressing her feelings for you…

filipina smiling expressing like and love for you

Whenever you speak to her, she feels good knowing that you are paying attention to her, as a result, she smiles and laughs.

When a Filipina is very shy, she might not laugh but certainly smile trying to hide it from you. Usually confident girls get to laugh and smile more openly.

So, if she is smiling and laugh at your jokes, she is ready to have a sexual relationship with you.

Sign 5 – She Talks About Your And Her Future Together

She shares her vision for the future just to let you know that she would like to do those things together.

When you hear her talking about personal things like kids, buying a house, or other stuff, she is saying basically that she would like to do those things with you.

This most often than not indicate she is in love with you. If you didn’t make a move yet, you should consider going ahead immediately if you are into her.

In her mind, the relationship is already far from just friends, she is waiting for you to make the move, impatiently. She is screaming “I want you”!


How To Know If A Filipinas Likes You… Follow Your Guts

If you are already chatting up with Filipinas on dating sites, most probably they like you but you didn’t notice… Or if you are living in the Philippines your neighbor might be very friendly but in reality, she is into you.

Most probably you have wasted too much time looking for signs that these women liked you. You didn’t know that they are waiting for you.

Don’t make it any more complicated than it needs to be. Just make your move and then take things to the next level.

Don’t waste any more time trying to find out if she likes you, it’s a long time she is waiting for you.

If you don’t know what to do or what to say, just contact me at [email protected] by saying that you have read this article and what is holding you back.

I’m here to help you to get her.