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5 Places to Meet Angeles City Ladyboys

The reason Angeles City attract ladyboys from all over the Philippines and even from abroad is the sheer amount of tourists and expat.

In fact, tourist destinations like Angeles City and Pattaya in Thailand are overwhelmed by ladyboys.

You can meet them in the streets, bars, clubs, restaurants and massage parlors just to name a few places.

However, all the places aren’t the same.

Depend on where you are visiting, you’ll meet ladyboys that want to be paid for their time. On the other end, there are places more suitable to meet ladyboys open to dating and relationships.

For example, if you meet a ladyboy in the street or bar, most probably he/she is a freelancer offering sex in exchange for money.

Instead, ladyboys working in massage parlors or registered with a dating site, they are luckily open to the idea of dating and long-term relationship.

Today, I’ll share the best places where to pick Angeles City ladyboys, either you are just looking for some fun or a ladyboy to build a relationship together.


Where to Find Ladyboys in Angeles City

You can find Angeles City ladyboys in the street, bars, massage parlors, nightclubs and online.

Each place has advantages and disadvantages, so let’s check them out one by one…

1. Street Ladyboys in Angeles

You aren’t going to be shocked by this, but the most dangerous ladyboys in Angeles City are working in the street.

They hang out in groups at the entrance of Walking Street opposite Phillies Sports Bar.

In this video you can see the exact location before entering Walking Street, there is a group of three ladyboys first and then another two ladyboys playing naughty with their tongue…

You won’t need to do much to get their attention. They are going to grab and try to convince you. They say things like: “Where are you going?” – “I go with you!”

That is a typical attitude of street ladyboys.

Personally, I find them aggressive and straight to the point. A clear indication that they aren’t girls.

The less attractive ladyboys stand in some of the dark locations on Walking Street in the hope you don’t see their “imperfections”.

I call them imperfection, but often they are so minor that you would not even notice if not pointed out. When going down Walking Street, next to Doll House there is an alley where you can spot them.

2. Ladyboy Bars in Angeles

Considering the incredible amount of girlie bars in Angeles City, it is quite surprising that there are no ladyboy-only bars in Angeles.

However, if bars and ladyboys are your things, Bretto’s Sports Bar on the end of Walking Street has a handful of ladyboys freelancing in there.

In Bretto’s, you can watch Sports events, play pool while the drinks are cheap. Also, Rob’s gastropub + sports in Santos Street has a few ladyboys.

Not all the ladyboys in here are freelancers, some are ladyboys with a regular day job…

ladyboy in Angeles City

The food in Rob’s gastropub is awesome, the ambiance warm, making it a great place to date a ladyboy.

When you like a ladyboy, just buy her/him a drink or offer to play pool together. The drink price for the ladyboys is the same as for you, not overcharge as lady drink like in the girlie bars.

Ladyboys freelancing in Bretto’s and Rob’s are easy-going and less wild than the one patrolling the streets.

3. Ladyboys Massage Parlors in Angeles

Ladyboys working in massage parlors aren’t that hot, but they know how to please. Furthermore, they are sweet and innocent, without displaying aggressive behaviors.

They give really good massages being stronger than girls.

You can find ladyboys offering massages in Teodoro Street, which is a side alley at the entrance of Walking Street.

If you want a massage with a “happy ending”, you better speak your intentions before taking the massage. The reason is they don’t give extras in the shop, but only in the privacy of your hotel room if they are up for it.

4. Ladyboys in Angeles Night Clubs

Nightclubs in Angeles City are packed with freelancers and easy-going girl, but with only a few ladyboys.

The reason is most nightclubs don’t allow ladyboys, except for High Society which lets a few enter but keeps the majority out.

The best time to visit High Society is after midnight when the place starts to fill up. Ladyboys clubbing hang out with girlfriends, which makes it harder to spot them.

In conclusion, nightclubs aren’t the best place to pick ladyboys, you should consider the other options.

5. Angeles City Ladyboys Online

If you would like to have a serious relationship with a ladyboy or just have fun during your holiday in Angeles, you can meet plenty of ladyboys here.

Meeting ladyboys online is the best way because it is discreet. Only you and the ladyboy knows what is going on. On top of that, the ladyboys on dating sites are the sweetest and nicest people you will ever encounter.

Another reason why dating sites are so popular is that you can arrange dates from the comfort of your couch before visiting Angeles City.

This way you can pipeline a list of ladyboys ready to meet you once you touch down in Angeles. Meaning you don’t have to run the streets like a hungry dog.

Instead, you can fly in and immediately meet your new Filipino ladyboy for your first romantic evening together… And take to the streets later if you’re in the mood to find more transgenders.


To Recap…

There are different places in Angeles City where to meet ladyboys… And each place has advantages and disadvantages.

The nightclub and bars are almost no-fly zones for ladyboys, making them uncertain places to pick up ladyboys.

Street ladyboys are hot and horny, but also rough and aggressive. If it is your first time, it is going to be an unpleasant experience. And not to mention that you have to pay for sex.

The massage salons are relaxing and interesting to visit, but they don’t offer “extras” in the shops. So you have to take them to your hotel room and pay extra for it.

And if paying for playing isn’t for you, then you would probably like to meet ladyboys online where you can arrange dates with Manila ladyboys for free.