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TSDates Review

For those who want to hook up or get into a sexual relationship with transvestites (TV), transsexuals (TS), transgenders (TG) and ladyboys around the world, TSDates is an open-minded community without discrimination.

Although the site targets the transgender community, anyone is welcome to join. And whether you are curious about the trans world or you’ve already experienced it, you’ll find what you’re looking for on this site.

At first, the content might be overwhelming but it’s what you should expect.


More Than A Hook Up Site

Not only TSDates.com operates as an adult dating site, but you’ll find live members broadcasting and uploading naughty videos.

And if you’re into exhibitionism, you’re welcome to add your photos and videos to the community.

People here share their sexual adventures, suggestions and there is even a sex academy if you want to widen your horizon.

You’re going to join a community of open-minded people who prefer hookups and no string attached relationships rather than regular dating.

This doesn’t mean it’s only about sex, it happens to make new friends or to get into an open sexual relationship for years.

Yet, the purpose of TSDates isn’t to find a serious relationship, but casual sex partners.

Here are some of the good and bad that I’ve noticed by using the site:


The Good

  • It’s free to sign up and have a feel of the site before deciding to invest time and money.
  • There are members all over the world so if you travel often you won’t be alone.
  • To the point: sex first, and friendship or relationship later, maybe.
  • Not only hook up site but also sex cam streaming, sharing platform and sex academy.
  • There is a “what’s hot” future that lets you see the sexiest member’s photos and videos.
  • Even though the community is extremely kinky, people are polite and respectful.


The Bad

  • It looks like a porn site with members posting genitals all over the place.
  • No mobile app, but has a mobile version.
  • For one to get value you have to become a gold member otherwise only can search for profiles, see kinky photos/videos and read the blog.
  • Thanks to their success in the adult dating scene, there are inactive profiles that clutter the site.
  • Too many options like video chats, nude streaming, live cams and so on. It would be nice to have a more minimalistic approach.


My Personal Verdict

Clearly TSDates has succeeded above all the other adult dating sites in the transsexual niche. With millions of members around the world, hardly you won’t find somebody interesting nearby you.

Whether you’re a straight guy or a trans that want to hook up while traveling or get into a sexual relationship with no string attached, this site is the place to be.

And if you’re new to the trans scene, you can enjoy virtual intimacy in the live cam showrooms and chats.


How To Get Started On TSDates

Upon landing on the TSDates’s homepage, you’re prompt to answer a few simple questions. Take your time answering those because they are essential to find the right matches.

Then write a short introduction clearly explaining what you’re looking for on this site.

For example, if you just want to hook up with a ladyboy because you feel curious, just write that you would like to have a fling with a trans but it is your first time.

To complete the registration, you’ll be asked for an email, username and password. The username and password are essentials to log in again. While the email is only needed in case you forget your password.

Finally, you’ll land on your personal homepage where you’ll see the potential matches on the top.


Best Way To Find Matches

Start by exploring who is online and take into consideration the people suggested to you.

If you would like to change your preferences like location, age, sexual orientation or else, you can do it manually by clicking on the “search button” on the navigation bar.

Another great way to find interesting members is to join the discussion groups. People here are genuinely into this kinky lifestyle and they prove it on those boards.

Like on any other dating site, your chances to attract other members increases if you have several photos and videos on your profile. It lets others know that you’re trustworthy and not someone creepy.

And don’t forget that you’ll get nowhere if you’re thinking to use the site for free.

If you don’t pay for membership, who is going to take you seriously?

Reputation is earned by getting a gold membership and be an active contributor to the community.

To conclude, if you want to hook up and have a good time, work hard on your profile by adding photos and videos. It helps get the attention of other members… And become a gold member to show that you’re serious about it.