My Simple Strategy To Meet Indonesian Girls



If you’re looking to meet quality Indonesian girls instead of hookers or bar girls, I’ll show you my exact formula that I’ve used countless times over the years.

You’ll meet girls who are happy and excited to spend quality time with you, have a conversation and enjoy sex together. Not girls only interested in money and love to make drama. 

Let’s Start with the first step…


1) Sign Up To A Dating Site

The first step is to sign up with a reputable dating site, my favorite is Indonesian Cupid, but you can use anyone. If you opt for another dating site, make sure it has enough members, can accept secure payments and of course, it has a membership system in place.

It’s important to be able to upgrade the standard subscription and become a VIP member because that allows you getting on top of the search and it shows to the girls that you are a serious man. 

If you have a membership, you show up to all the girls, even the one in demand. Instead, standard members can be seen only from girls who aren’t popular. 

That gives you an instant advantage over other men who are trying to meet the most beautiful girls like you but aren’t paying for the membership.

Also, having a membership badge on your profile shows to the girls that you are a real person and serious about finding a girl. Put yourself in the shoes of the girls, would you prefer to get in contact with a member with a platinum badge or a random profile? 

The Indonesian Cupid’s membership is about US$14 per month. It’s well worth the investment considering you will have girls eager to meet you even before landing in Indonesia.

No need to spend money on dirty hookers or hanging out in clubs buying drinks that aren’t any good for your health anyway. 

The best part is that most of the girls you’ll meet online can provide for themselves. 

Indonesia has a lot of low-income people, but not everyone is poor. There are many self-independent women with a career or business but don’t have the time to go out, so they use dating sites to meet men.


2) Create Your Profile

Don’t worry if you’re a senior, chubby or bold. To attract Indonesian girls online, you don’t need to be a model. You are a foreigner, that is already a great plus. Girls in Indonesia love to hang out with foreign men.

To get started, visit Indonesia Cupid’s homepage and sign up. Use these tips that got me the best results:

~ Add 3 pictures where you look smart (clean).
~ Write an interesting line. I usually use questions: “Are you going to meet me in (city) next month?”
~ Write briefly about you. Write more about your expectation and needs… Maybe, you are searching for a sexy local tour guide to show you their country.

Keep it simple and to the point.


3) Upgrade Your Membership

Upgrade your membership to Platinium member. It’s the top membership status on Indonesian Cupid, only a few dollars then the Gold membership but with essential extra benefits. 


4) Find Your Dream Girls

Search your criteria; Girl – (a city in Indonesia) – Age: 18-29. 

TIP – Sort the new members first, so you are the first one to contact her. That way you get her attention.

The hottest girls get popular fast. Beat your competition with this simple trick. 

However, by upgrading to Platinium member you get on top research with any member. Yes, even the hottest girls in high demand are going to see your profile first. 


5) Send A Message And Start The Conversation

Here most of the guys screw up completely by sending simple messages like “Hi” or by writing a long love story – “Zzzzzz”.

I experimented all sort of messages, and the best ones are simple and to the point.

My favorite one is: “Hey, you look cute. Are you going to show me around Jakarta (or any destination you are planning to visit) next month?”

Get her attention immediately until she is online.

Don’t take too long to reply or she will get distracted by other men.

Just focus on her to close the deal – now!


6) Video Chat

After your first chat, you can ask her to video chat with you.

This is my favorite part because I can speak to her for real, look at her and ask to wear something sexy for me once we get more intimate.

NOTE: Please, don’t ask or tell her naughty things at the first video chat. Wait for a few days till you get a good vibe.


7) Meet Her And Have Fun!

Time to meet her for real. 

Meet her in Indonesia and have a good time together. 

I always do 🙂

NOTE: Ask her to meet you at the airport, for two simple reasons:

  1. She is a local so she can help you with the taxi, new sim card for the phone and other basic stuff. 
  2. You can start to make out in the Taxi, once you reach the hotel you go for the cherries on the cake. 

If you ever find yourself stuck along the way, please contact me. I am here to help you get your date. I may not respond quickly, but I will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

Contact me here or at [email protected]

Ah! One more thing… I’m going to send you a few emails in the next days with helpful information about Indonesian girls. Just to make your journey easier.