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Guide to Dating Lombok Girls For Single Guys

If you aren’t sure whether you’d meet single girls in Lombok, this guide will settle your doubt. Simply put, I’d show you the best ways to get hook up with local and foreign women alike.

First, I cover Lombok nightlife revealing the best nightclubs and bars to pick up girls, then where day game and online dating.

The island is a relaxing place with an abundance of single girls, not only locals but foreigner traveling there to have fun. That said, I’ll share pick up and dating tips so you can get laid.


Lombok Nightlife For Singles

The nightlife on the Island is pretty much upbeat but not as much as that of Bali. There are a few pick up bars and nightclubs spread across the nightlife areas, enough to get you laid with some hot girl.

The main nightlife area is in Senggigi where most of the bars, nightclubs, KTVs are located. It’s concentrated on the Southeastern coast of the island between the Pier and the Villa Ombak.

It’s surprising the high ratio of Western girls in their 20s on the island. In fact, you have better chances to hook up with them than Indonesian women as most aren’t singles but accompany by a guy.

Party in Lombok is cheap for Indonesia standards, the reason is most alcohol products are fake. So you better to stick to the beer than “imported spirits”.


Best Clubs And Bars To Pick Up Girls In Lombock


You can meet foreign women on holiday or local girls when out at night. If you opt for Indo girls, keep in mind that there are many prostitutes offering sex in Lombok.

The best clubs and bars to hook up are:

  1. Sahara

It’s a popular club with DJs and a live band. They have Ladies night on Thursdays. Many singles here.

  1. Sama Sama Reggae Club

They don’t really play reggae music as their name says but songs from a DJ or a live band. It’s a popular club and has lots of western girls partying.

  1. Jiggy Bar and Club

It’s one of the cheapest and also fun places to party in Lombok. They have an all-you-can-drink in 3 hours option for 150.000 rupiahs. They also organize a weekly boat party which is a great spot to meet local and western girls.

  1. The Beer House

A fun place to hang out and enjoy their great selection of imported beers. Also, one of the few bars that serve authentic booze.

  1. Happy Café

It’s a popular bar with a good beer selection and live music. Attracts many local and foreign girls.

  1. Lava Bar

It’s a small bar that has a diver and backpacker crowd with hip hop and old school music to keep the groove on.

  1. New Rudy’s Pub

It’s one of the largest pubs in Lombok. Their live music attracts a mature crowd who hit the dance floor around midnight.


How To Meet Women In Lombok During The Day

As good Lombok nightlife is, maybe it isn’t your cup of tea then you better off to hook up with girls during the day like at the beach or the parties on the boat.

If you walk down to Gili Trawangan there are also bars and restaurants where the girls chill out and go to have some food. Also, Mandalika is a great tourist spot with many people trooping to enjoys its attractions like water parks, racing circuits and lots more.

Some beautiful beaches where you can meet girls in Lombok are:

Don’t forget the costume, sunglasses and sunscreen 🙂


Chat With Single Girls Online


There is a chance that you just want to chill on the beach for a weekend instead of walking about chasing every beautiful girl that passes. But you still want to get laid regardless.

What about to skout girls from the comfort of your smartphone?

Just use a popular dating site in Indonesia. This is where you can meet girls for hookups or romance. It’s a great way to build contacts before you arrive on the island.

The online dating scene is not as active as that of Bali, and not even close to that of Jakarta, but you will get enough matches.

You can mix things up with other sites like Badoo and Mingle for a higher number of girls.


Tips For Single Guys In Lombok

I just revealed the best ways to meet girls in Lombok, now I’d like to share some tips to put you in a good position for your first hook up.

For a romantic getaway if you hook up with a girl you really like, go to the Kuta area. It’s a great spot to relax on the beach and enjoy a refreshing meal in one of its seafood restaurants.

An even more relaxing area is Gili Meno where there will also be some honeymooners having a nice time.

Senggigi is the top spot for nightlife to meet singles in Lombok, it’s located on Gili Trawangan where flocks of girls come to party day and night.

The best choice for accommodation is to stay within 500 meters from the Pier, which puts you within walking distance to the nightlife, shops and the girls.

Scallywag Resort is highly recommended for luxury and nightlife proximity.

All in all, the island is a great beach spot for a single guy to have some fun and hook up with lots of single women. It’s way cheaper in terms of accommodation, restaurants, and girls.


Enjoy Dating Lombok Girls


This is one of the best Island destinations in Indonesia to chill on the beaches, surf the waters and end the day with a hot Indonesian girl.

Even in the rare case that you don’t hook up with a sexy Lombok girl, you’ll surely have a swell time as the island is full of fun.

There are even western girls hot for action which is a refreshing change from the Indonesian women. Just have a chat with tourist babes on the beach, your hotel, or a boat and tell her to come party in the evening.

That is a sure laid at the end of the night.

This is the last stop about meeting and dating girls in Lombok. Hope you enjoy your stay.