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Guide to Dating Surabaya Girls For Single Guys

If you are wondering if you can meet single girls in Surabaya, then the answer is yes. This guide will show you where and how to meet and date local girls.

Not just that, it will point to the best places to find these hot girls either during the day or at night.

A quick overview of Surabaya nightlife covering the hottest nightclubs and bars to pick up girls. Then, I’ll talk about day game and at last online dating.

That way, you get to meet women in Surabaya as you prefer to meet them without getting into a sticky position.

Finally, I’ll give you some tips for dating and staying in this city.


Surabaya Nightlife For Singles

Surabaya has a vivid nightlife scene, a kind of cheaper version than Jakarta nightlife. It’s basically Jakarta’s little brother but it isn’t too crowded, the traffic isn’t as bad and the nightlife venues are decent.

The places to hook up with local girls at night are the popular pickup bars early in the evening and nightclubs after midnight.

Lots of university babes office girls are looking to date foreign men like you, but also hookers and semi-pros. The only downside it’s hard to separate the pros from the normal girls, they mix in well with party girls who are there to have fun and to hook up.

Single girls usually use less makeup and dress less slutty than prostitutes, but that isn’t always the case.

If you want to avoid the prostitutes all together, stay out of the nightclubs and go for the bars, especially those with live music are a better place to hook up with everyday girls.

The good news is there are not many foreigners in Surabaya, so you’ll get a lot of attention from the girls.


Best Clubs And Bars To Pick Up Girls In Surabaya

Surabaya is one out of three places in Indonesia that offer a decent nightlife, the other two are Jakarta and Bali.


The most popular bars and clubs are:

  1. Foreplay

It is popular among students. The best days to go are on Mondays (Student Night) and Wednesdays (Ladies Night).

  1. Jimmy’s

The bar has live bands playing every night where you can meet single girls.

  1. Eclectic

This bar is busy all night due to its close proximity to Surabaya Town Square Mall and other bars and nightclubs. Also, a great place to have fairly cheap drinks.

  1. Desperado’s

It’s a sports bar where you’d meet many middle-aged expats and foreigners. There are many girls here that are looking for a boyfriend.

  1. Coyote

It’s the most expensive place to party in Surabaya and it’s located in Plaza Tunjungan. Most girls are hostesses offering companionship for a price.

  1. M1 Superclub

It is one of the newest and most happening clubs in Surabaya with a similar concept to foreplay but with an older crowd.

  1. Colors Pub

It’s a good place to enjoy live music, booze, and good food. Though, it gets loud sometimes. You’ll find it easy to talk to girls here.


How To Meet Women In Surabaya During The Day


Not everyone likes to go out at night to meet girls.

If you prefer to hook up with Surabaya girls during the day, the malls are your best option. But keep in mind it isn’t going to be easy, the reason being that most girls might not speak fluent English or well enough to keep up a conversation.

By knowing a few phrases in Bahasa might lead to better chances to score a phone number.

Another thing is, most of these girls are shy and conservative, they aren’t used to be approached by foreign men as much as in Jakarta or Bali.

Everyone stares when approaching girls in the mall which makes it difficult to close. So, lower your expectations when trying to game girls during the day.

The best mall to game girls during the day is Tunjungan Plaza, it’s one of the biggest and busiest with all kinds of girls, from students to office women.

Some other malls to meet Surabaya girls are:


Chat With Surabaya Girls Online

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If you don’t like to get out at night or you don’t feel comfortable approaching women in the malls, the game isn’t over yet.

So, what’s a better way to meet girls in Surabaya without anyone of you having awkward moments?

The local girls who are into foreign men hung out on popular dating sites. Surabaya girls know dating sites are the only way to meet a decent foreign man. Foreigners at the nightclub are only interested in hookers.

I recommend starting pipeline girls 2-3 weeks before you get to Surabaya, that way you don’t arrive empty hand but with a list of girls eager to meet you.


Tips For Single Guys In Surabaya

Now that you know the best ways to meet singles in Surabaya, I’ll share a few tips to ease your way to your first hook up.

Stay in Jalan Basuki Rahmat as it’s the best place to stay for easy access to nightlife in Surabaya. JW Marriot and Shangri La are the best hotels in that area if you can afford it, but you can stay in Midtown Hotel if you are on a budget.

Surabaya Town Square is my second option because there are quality restaurants and bars to go for a date.

The number one day game spot – Tunjungan Plaza –  is one of the best places to set up date or pick up local women. It has lots of restaurants, coffee shops and a cinema to date the girls.

Overall, the city is a great place for a single guy to hook up, plus the restaurants, bars, and hotels are relatively cheap.


Enjoy Dating Surabaya Girls


It is a good city to meet and date girls, thanks to the high population – it is the second-largest city in Indonesia with more than 3 million people – and the relatively low amount of foreigners staying/living in Surabaya.

In fact, there are plenty of hot Surabaya girls that dream to meet a foreign man.

It’s a city where all you can do is bang girls and your exotic value will be higher than in Jakarta or Bali. But keep in mind that local men aren’t vocal if you hang around with their babes.

The best way is to pipeline girls out from a dating site, have a drink or meal in your hotel lounge and go straight to the room.

That’s the end of this guide to dating girls in Surabaya. Have fun!