Pick Up Bali Girls

How To Pick Up Bali Girls And Get Laid

If you are wondering where to pick up girls and the best ways to get laid in Bali, you are reading the right guide.

Being that Indonesia is a Muslim country, the thought to hook up with a local girl might freak you out. You don’t want to end up in jail or be forced to marry because you had sex with her.

As far as you approach the right type of girls and you don’t behave like a pervert, you are going to be okay.

You might have a few questions popping up in your mind like: is it easy to pick girls in Bali?… How to get girls? How to get laid?… Etc.

Let me clear up your thoughts, starting with…


How Hard Is It To Get Laid In Bali?

It depends. It can be effortless (even too easy) or hard. It all comes down to things like where you meet the girls, how you approach and your strategy.

Let’s consider the first evident fact: most girls in Bali are on vacation, so they want to have fun and get laid as much as you. And most of the local girls have better opportunities then hooking up with foreigners.

This already clearly shows that getting laid in Bali is pretty easy because there is a considerable amount of ladies that want to have sex with a stranger.

They aren’t there to find a life partner, they are focused on having as much fun as possible as well to get some cash.

Here my story… During my last trip to Bali, I hook up with a girl met online…

get laid girl in Ubud Bali

She was an all-out, fun-loving, and parting kind of girl – just my type of girl. So after a great time out clubbing, she came back to my place… And the rest is a wonderful memory of my vacation in Bali.

In conclusion, getting laid in Bali is straightforward. You meet up, have fun, and one thing leads to the other.


Where To Find Bali Girls For Fun

This is the most important part of your strategy. You can meet Bali girls everywhere, but every place has different type of girls and intentions.

The first place to find ladies is…


1. Online

hook up with girl in bali
You can meet girls a few days or weeks before your trip to Bali. That is important because it helps you to get laid the moment you land in Bali.

You don’t have to desperately find a girl for the night because you have already a list of girls eager to meet you. Send out several messages on your favorite dating sites mentioning you are coming to Bali.

Don’t limit yourself to search for girls only in Bali cause there are Indonesian girls in other provinces that would dream to have a holiday. It’s cheap to fly them over to stay with you and worth it.


2. Nightclubs And Bars

bali girls clubbing

When you are done with the girls met online, you can explore the Bali nightlife. There are three main nightlife areas: Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak.

Kuta is cheap, Legian is nearby Kuta and Seminyak is high class. Pick up girls in bars and nightclubs is pretty hard because there are many prostitutes and escorts. It isn’t always evident that they are working girls.

So you might end up spending a few hours to convince a girl to go back to your place, only to find out she is a pro.

The best pick up places at the moment are Red Ruby in Kuta, Pyramid Club in Legian (after hour club), and Mirror in Seminyak.


3. Malls

girls working in beauty center in bali

During the day you can pick up girls in the mall if that is your kind of thing. Girls in Bali are friendly, and it’s easy to approach them.

It’s a kind of instant date, but you aren’t going to get laid the same day. The first approach is to get her number, the second date to get laid.

So it’s a long term strategy, and you need to feel comfortable to approach several girls and hook up with them the next day.

Once you get the ball rolling, you can get a different girl on most days.


How To Deal With Girls In Bali And Get Laid

These are my best tips to score with girls in Bali:

  • Get loose

You are on an island, so follow the lay back lifestyle. You don’t want to be a buttoned-up traditional guy and still expect to get laid.

The same applies to the conversation – chill out bro.

  • Be Interesting

All over the world and Bali not excluded, the interesting guy is the one that usually gets laid.

Being interesting is as simple as being active in the conversation and flirty, but not too much thought. You don’t want to come out as “obvious.”

  • Take Her On A “Date”

Bali is an island, which means there is no shortage of places to take a girl out. For example, the beaches here are some of the best in the world.

Alternatively, go for a local meal which is not as expensive as five-course meals in big restaurants.

  • Don’t Be Shy

When has a shy guy ever scored with a hot girl? Do you expect Bali to be different for you?

No way you are going to hook up with a girl in Bali if you are shy to approach her.

Let’s face it. If you are shy, the girl won’t even know that you are interested, and you will not get laid.

If you fear rejection or feel uncomfortable to speak with a girl, your best option is to meet single girls online to avoid embarrassing situations.

  • Spot women hot for action

There are a number of sexy Indonesian girls on this island and some of them aren’t looking for all that getting laid stuff.

You need to know how to spot a hot woman from the one that isn’t into it.

First of all, a girl who isn’t getting loose here is most likely not going to get laid, like the one swimming in full clothing.

Simply put, your eyes need to be wide open for whatever looks off in a girl.