4 Reasons Why You Should Dating Indonesia Women

Are you looking for dating Indonesia women? And you might be wondering if those Muslim women living in Indonesia are worth the effort, right?

Yes, they are worth all the hustle for traveling to Indonesia because Indonesian women are feminine and respectful, besides being a lot of fun.

dating indonesia woman muslim

All started 8 years ago when I first traveled to Jakarta visiting a local girl met on an Indonesian dating site. She was beautiful, well mannered, educated, and religious.

I’ve to confess that I was anxious to meet her because it was the first time I dealt with a Muslim woman. Little I knew it wasn’t going to be my last time to date a Muslim.

To cut the story short, I went, I had a great time and we did some really dirty stuff behind closed doors.

However, what really struck me was the way how Indonesian women treat men: kindly, respectfully and patiently.

I’ve found out that they are nothing like our disrespectful women in the western world.

They are as ambitious as the Western women and most of them know what they want, but instead of being self-centered, they devote themselves to their man.

During my trips, I always enjoyed my stay in Indonesia and the women there.

That’s why I’m suggesting you visit Indonesia if you are looking for a girlfriend or marrying an Indonesian woman.

Here are my top three reasons why you should consider date Indonesian women:


Reason 1 – Women Are Beautiful, Sexy and Hot!

Beauty is of course in the eyes of the beholder, but Indonesian women are pretty hot either in hijab and modern version.

Indonesia has 15.000 islands and it’s very big.

That’s why there are many genetic mixtures with different skin tones and body shapes to choose from.

There are golden brown skin and petite girls, fair skin and tall women, and so much more given what you prefer in an exotic woman.

In other words, Indonesia offers a rich variety of women that is impossible not finding the right one.

Other than this, Indonesian women take great care on how they look.

First impression matter, so not only they dress well but enhance facial features like their chink eyes and enhanced lips.

I don’t know about you, but I get turned on from that. Nothing beats seeing a girl with carnal lips and beautiful eyes.

Oh – and before I forget, 2 more things:

  • First – Women in Indonesia tend to be naturally hairless. I don’t have to tell you how HOT that is, right?
  • Second – Indonesian women have the biggest boobs in all Asia. That means extra activities and fun for you.

But there is more… Not only you can meet extremely beautiful girls but they can hold an intelligent conversation.

This brings us to the second reason why you should fly to Indonesia…

Reason 2 – Intelligent Women

Feminists and the media want to make you believe that these women are not educated, religious weirdo, and out to steal your money.

But the reality is there are plenty of educated women and not only farmers playing games to get money.

All in all, I had a wonderful time over the years chatting with educated Indonesian women besides enjoying their pretty faces.

Another good reason is to…

Reason 3 – Get Respect

Indonesian women are brought up to be great listeners and respectful to everyone. Even career and independent Indonesian women are so feminine in whatever they do.

Whether you are looking for a short-term fling that will last the entirety of your vacation or a long-term relationship you too must have proper manners.

Most women will not agree to meet you at your hotel for the first time, and they expect you to take them out.

No need to be anything fancy like dinner, a coffee or watching a movie to the cinema will do.

If you find girls that are open to meet you at your place and have sex for the first time, they most probably are prostitutes or gold diggers who are there for your money.

A proper woman in Indonesia will only agree to meet in a public space where she can have a conversation with you.

They are interested to see if there is a mutual connection between the two of you before letting things escalate.

dating indonesian woman

Reason 4 – Fun & Outgoing

Whether you are looking for a down to earth girl or those women “in the game”, one thing is for sure: they love to have fun.

When I landed in Jakarta the first time, there was a lot to take in and I could not wait for the jetlag to wear off.

I found a country full of women who are ready to travel, party, and love having wild passionate intimate sessions.

Having said that, Indonesian women have a great balance in that they have traditional wifely and motherly sides as well as the wild and energetic ready to go attitude.

Also, they do not let a few dark clouds ruin their day; they accept things as they are and look for a silver lining in every dark cloud.

That’s why they are always smiling and happy to see you having a good time. It’s all about YOU. I’m not kidding – this is what makes them HAPPY! For real!

They like westerners because they are direct yet respectful and polite with an open mind.

In contrast, their local men cower behind religion and culture for treating women in old fashion ways.

This puts you at an advantage and all you need is a plan and they will be down for whatever, as long as it doesn’t embarrass them in public.

fun and outgoing woman in indonesia

It has been 8 years since I went first in Indonesia.

I have been there 7 more times and discovered a side of Indonesia women that I did not know every time.

Turning up to the red-light district to meet your future wife isn’t a great idea. Instead, use an Indonesian dating app to start talking to quality girls.

If they do not get you off as you expected, you can always walk the streets once you land in Indonesia.

Whatever way you’re going to choose to meet local girls, I’m confident that you’re going to have a great time in Indonesia.