Javanese Girls Beauty of Indonesia

The Ultimate Guide To Javanese Girls: Beauty of Indonesia

The Javanese people are the main ethnic group in Indonesia.

They live in the Central Java, Jogjakarta and East Java Province.

The Javanese girls are tanned skin, slim and sweet.

The main destinations for a sex holiday are :

  • Jogjakarta
  • Solo
  • Semarang,
  • Surabaya
  • Malang

Jogjakarta, Semarang and Solo are the main city where Javanese girls are performing the traditional dances.

Imagine having a date with a Javanese dancer or playwright performers (sinden) after their show.

These girls are happy to meet up a foreigner and have a good time together.

This would be the perfect girlfriend experience with a beautiful Javanese girl.


Red light district in Jogjakarta

Javanese girls in Jalan Pasar Kembang
Javanese girls in Jalan Pasar Kembang

Besides that, in Jogjakarta you can visit the most famous Javanese prostitution area located in Jalan Pasar Kembang (sarkem).

Javanese girls here are young, with age range between 18-25, beautiful and hot.

Keep in mind don’t visit the place during Ramadam because the Yogyakarta’s red light district will be desert and the few girls available, will charge crazy money for their services.

Yogyakarta is served by Adisucipto International Airport which connects the city with some other major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Makassar, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, and Pontianak.

It also connects the city with Singapore (operated by Indonesia AirAsia) and Kuala Lumpur (operated by AirAsia).

The Jogja, Semarang and Solo girls are sexy, slim and tanned but they are not really as much horny as Sundanese girls.

They are conservative and shy girls, not easy to approach but they are really good having sex with.

They prefer traditional cowgirl than doggy style positions so they can engage in romantic foreplay.

They are not really busty as Sundanese girls but their vagina is really tight and make it up for a great sex experience.

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