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How To Get A Bali Girlfriend For A Week Or Two

If you are looking for a Bali girlfriend for a week or two to get lost in long conversations and longer nights of passionate sex, I’m going to show you 3 practical ways to get one.

Bali has amazing restaurants overlooking the sea, romantics sunset, and amazing beaches to offer the time of your life… If only you’ve someone to share it with.

Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to meet and date women in Bali, but watch out for gold diggers and prostitutes. Bali is the biggest sex tourism destination in Indonesia after all.

While the nightlife scene in Bali is appealing, there are better places to meet great girls to date, especially if you’re looking for more than just brief hookups. And don’t feel ashamed to rent a girlfriend in Bali, it’s a common practice.

Having said that, the first way to find a holiday girlfriend in Bali is…


1. Scout For A Girlfriend On A Dating Site

There are plenty of civilian girls on dating sites that dream to meet a foreign man. Some of them work in shopping malls, some in bars, and some are students. They are great girlfriend material for a few days or weeks…

a week with bali girlfriend

You get to know her online, you build up excitement and anticipation, and when you arrive in Bali you have a great time.

It’s easy to get in contact with Bali girls on dating sites. Search for girls in Bali, blast out a bunch of introductions and ask if they are interested to meet up.

Invite a few girls for an interview near your place and pick the one that gives you the best impression. Treat her for a good meal or give some gifts or money so she’ll stick with you for the duration of your holiday.

The good thing about having a temporary girlfriend with a regular job is you have free time to roam around alone. But if you prefer to have a Balinese girlfriend 24/7, you better…


2. Hire A Sugar Baby

bali girlfriend in hotel room

If the typical dating routine isn’t your cup of tea, or you only want the finest and most elegant lady, one that speaks English very well and knows how to charm a man, consider hiring a Balinese sugar baby on an arrangement site. They are really beautiful and smart.

You can dine and wine while enjoying her company… And have great nights with a lot of sex.

If you don’t like the idea to meet Bali ladies online, you can…


3. Find A Girlfriend At The Mall

If you are a confident man, you can meet girls in the shopping mall. Have a short conversation, ask for her contact and arrange a date after work.

girls working in beauty center in bali

Indonesian girls working in beauty or health centers are the hottest ones. Excellent girlfriend material.

Girls working in the shopping malls haven’t much to do besides waiting for customers. As you are a customer, they aren’t intimidated to have a conversation.

If they like you, they don’t mind give away their phone number and see you after work. Of course, this process works well if you are in Bali for a couple of weeks or months. And if you have the time to go around to flirt with the girls.

Keep in mind that Bali is part of a Muslim country. So, approach girls with discretion without being too aggressive. You don’t want to offend anyone and get in trouble.


Make It Easy For Yourself

One final point that I want to make is to get a girlfriend in Bali is really easy when you have a good system.

Most guys don’t plan ahead of their vacation. They only book the hotel room and flight, but they leave the search for girls for the last minute. They hope to get lucky once in Bali.

Unfortunately, most times they spend their holiday with a hooker instead of a genuine Bali girlfriend.

The right approach is to get in contact with the girls a few weeks before your trip to Bali. So you have enough time to learn about each other and to build attraction.

When you do that, she’ll crave to meet you… And get intimate the same day you land in Bali.

Preparation is the key to find a Balinese girlfriend for a week or two. Don’t live this essential task to the last minute, the hotel room and flight ticket can wait. Instead, the search for the right girlfriend in Bali can’t wait.