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Travel and meet asian women

Can I tell you a quick story? (that’s my storytelling face)

When I was in college, I used to date different girls and never spend more than three months with the same one. For some reason, I couldn’t find the right lady for me in my own country. 

I ended up traveling during school breaks, and dated the local women. They looked and felt different, it was exciting. At that moment, I knew traveling and women were something I wanted to explore further.

Since then I’ve dated hundreds of Asian women and been in most Asian countries. 

But enough about me…

I’m guessing that if you’re reading this you’re probably pretty frustrated with the women in your homecountry, and you love traveling. That’s good!

If you’re frustrated, it means you’re passionate – and we can work with that. DreamHolidayAsia is a guide for single men that love to travel and Asian women.

Every article that gets published focuses on method, proven tips and resources to meet women in Aisan countries.

I will help you with:
~ Meeting Asian women for dating, marry or just a quick one.
~ Attracting women in any situation.
~ Planning adult holidays to Asia.
~ Getting laid, experience erotic adventures and fulfill your fantasies.

Hi Rocco!

I must say that I never imagined your email tips to be so very informative.

What I like the most is that you write it how it is and your own specific experiences rather than other websites that write about ladies they’ve never seen and countries they’ve never traveled to. – MARTIN

How To Navigate

If you aren’t ready to join the team then feel free to check out some material that will hopefully help you with your dating life and inspire your next trip:

~ Dating; I’ve created this section with an easy 4 steps process to help you successfully meet and date Asian girls. 

~ Sex Travel  Guides; Here you’ll find a collection of travel guides written specifically for men.

The travel guides include an overview of the destination with tips and places to visit, what to do, but all with a focus on local girls.

~ Main Blog; All the articles to help you to meet local girls, get laid and places to visit around Asia. 

~ Travel Resources; My favorite companies which I use to travel and engage with local girls. 

But Wait… Do You Want To Meet An Asian Girl Today?

If you aren’t much of a reader but you prefer to get the result immediately, you might learn more about how to meet Asian women quickly by just reading this mini guide.


Thanks, your excellent travel guides that helped us, 2 guys, in Thailand. We just returned to Prague from 3 weeks in Bangkok.

I had so many adventures.I came to Thailand as a 68-old elephant and came back home like a young horse.

Guys of my age, go there, Thailand is not a paradise only but also an elixir of youth. 

V. M., Prague CZ

It’s been awesome reading your articles and I must confess I have already been in serious daily contact with over 20 girls from the Philippines even though I am yet to go there.

I actually recently separated with my girlfriend and I thought it’s a great idea to travel to Asia especially the Philippines and Thailand for some explosive sexual experiences just to format my mind off the past with my ex. That’s my main agenda for this trip.

I will keep you posted regarding my experiences. So far your tips have proven wonderfully amazing.