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Over the past few years, this blog has detailed my Asian’s journey in different countries. I had the pleasure to meet lot of cute girls along the way, sometime falling in love and sometime just having rough sex.

I love travel and girls, and Asia is been a great place to do both. I want to inspire you to take on a new journey making things much easier. Below some of the most helpful articles for your pleasure. 


Trying To Figure How To Meet Asian Women?

I love Asian girls, but I confess: in my first year of traveling around Asia it was hard to understand Asian culture.  

I got stuck in this rut for months, and it was frustrating. I’m always been successful with Western women, but I couldn’t figure out why I had an hard time to get along with Asian women.

There are a few things you should know before meeting/dating Asian girls that will make your life a little more easy. 


Meet Girls Online

I’ve met girls in clubs, on the street, online, in the red light district, by friends, in the mall and the list go on and on…

But the best way is to meet the girls online for 3 simple reasons:

~ 1 Convenience; meet and chat from the comfort of my bedroom.

~ 2 Wide Selection; there are thousand of girls online. To fit all these girls together, imagine 20 nightclubs full with only girls.

~ 3 State of Mind; Girls sign up on dating sites are there to meet/date men.

Maybe you just want to meet a girl for a chat, make new friends or you are looking for a serious relationship, whatever your reason, what I’ve learn over the years will benefit you, click the photo below;

what i have learnt in meeting girls online

Wait a Minute, You Want To Know More About The Girls 

Not all Asian girls are same and they come in different flavors. To help you to figure out more about Filipino Girls and Thai Girls (my readers ask me about these two nationalities most), I wrote a simple guide to stir you in the right direction.

I’ve met a different variety of girl’s type, and I know can be confusing sometime to pick the perfect woman for your goal. 

Not only that, but places and approach isn’t the same for all the girls, I lost many opportunity because I didn’t get it at first. 

Filipino travel guide - meet local girls

Thai girl's guide Ebook

If you want to get yourself hooked up with an Asian girl in 4 simple steps, don’t procrastinate but start now

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