Subic Bay girls

7 Best Places To Pick Up Subic Bay Girls


Do You Enjoy Going Out At Night and Getting Laid With HOT Girls?

“If yes, then you’re going to love this mini guide focused on the best bars and nightclubs to meet sexy girls in Subic”

Girls in Subic Bay are crazy for foreigners and HOT for action.

This small town once had a US military base and the soldiers left a good impression about foreigners.

If you’re like me, you love to pick up naughty Filipino girls wearing short skirts and walking around in high heels. Gosh, they’re so addictive!

There are two types of girls that most luckily you’re going to meet in Subic Bay:

  • Party girls who are out for fun and are into a nightstand;
  • Freelancers; Local girls ‘in the game’ who are looking for customers and money;
  • Bar Girls working in the numerous girlie bars in Barrio Barretto town.

Looking for good girls? Well, your best bet is to use a Filipino dating site.

The Philippines is a strict Catholic country still conservative, and most good girls don’t go out to hook up with guys.

However, most girls you meet at night are ready to get laid with you.

You’re going to sleep with a different girl almost every night in Subic Bay.

That’s why Subic Bay has become my all-time favorite place to party and pick up Filipino women in the Philippines.

Most tourist worship Angeles City nightlife because is packed with bikini bars, but they don’t know what they are missing out down to Subic Bay: cheap booze, hot girls and a friendly atmosphere.

Yes, Subic Bay has an easy going atmosphere compare to Angeles City besides being much cheaper overall.

So, If you love to party and want to know where to pick up Filipinas, then these are my favorite 7 bars and nightclubs to hook up with Subic girls…


1. Bar Lollipop

This is the biggest bar in Subic Bay. It’s located in Barrio Barretto (a small beach town) with all the other Subic Bay girlie bars.

There is a central stage where the girls dance to get your attention.

During weak days and low season there are only 2-3 girls dancing but in high season as many as 10 girls dancing in two sets.

What I like most about Lollipop bar is the friendly attitude of the girls and their big boobs.

There is a pool table by the stage where you can play for free while chatting up the girls. It would not hurt to buy them a drink to get the party going.

All in all, it’s an inexpensive cozy place with a friendly atmosphere.


2. Hot Zone Bar

It’s a small bar but a place where you can have a lot of FUN!

The girls aren’t the youngest in Barrio Barretto but definitely the naughtiest.

What I like most is to sit down at the counter around the dance floor and enjoying the girl’s ass in my face.

Yes, the girls are dancing on the counter where you place your drink. That’s is what I call “close action”.

When you buy them a drink, they will start pressing their asses in your face, and they will let you feel it.

If you’re a naughty dude, you’ll love Hot Zone Bar, and if you’re also adventures, they even have a snake show 😉


3. The Office Bar

It’s a well establish girlie bar in Subic Bay with a handful of young and beautiful girls. There aren’t many girls in the Office because they try hard to keep up the standard.

Basically, they are doing the hard job for you in selecting only the finest Filipino girls.

When I visit the last time, I’ve counted 18 girls in the bar with a two-set rotation of 5 girls on the stage.

Also, I’ve noticed the girls have a great attitude while they love having fun.

Ask mamasang (the girl manager) to assist you to choose a girl, she is very helpful and knows what the girls are like behind closed doors.

The office bar open at 5 pm, but the hot girls walk in around 7 pm. So, the best time to bar fine is between 7-9 pm.

4. Tropical Rose Bar

It used to be known as Rosie’s Tavern till 2016. Besides the name, not much is change.

There are drop-dead gorgeous Filipino babes who are eager to please.

I recommend visiting the place between 7-9 pm, which is when all the girls are in the bar and the happy hours time.

The party mood is usually in full swing starting from 11 pm until late.


5. Crazy Horse Bar

In Crazy Horse bar they know how to party.

The girls are fun and the owner know how to keep up the momentum.

When you walk in, the girls take you to sit while giggling and playing with you.

If you offer a lady drink, they are going to be all over you.

Don’t go there too early, but don’t miss out the happy hours which is between 5-8 pm.


6. Nocturnal Disco

This club is a new addition to Subic nightlife, which was much needed for many years.

The club has a spacious dancing floor with a DJ every night and the occasional band playing local as well as international hits.

The atmosphere is great, being international, while the girls are eager to talk to you. 

You’ve got a better chance to approach local girls, especially after they had a few drinks.

All it takes to pick up here is for you to make eye contact, smile, introduce yourself, and make small talk.

The local girls I’ve met here, they offered a wonderful girlfriend experience while I stayed in Subic Bay.

She was so good, that I took her with me to Angeles City and Manila.

Beside local girls with day jobs, there are also freelancers that most luckily will smile at you waiting for your first move.

If you are looking for something kinkier, you will also find many ladyboys at the Nocturnal Disco.

Keep an open mind, go with the flow, and have a great night.


7. Club V

The club is merely 100 meters down the road from Nocturnal Disco, and it is popular with friendly locals.

It is a perfect club for group parties, though the tiny dance floor will force you to find another club if you want to go dancing.

There are several VIP lounges on the side of the club and upstairs but you have to buy a bottle of whiskey to gain access during the weekends.

Club V has an international feel to the ambiance with laser lights and huge screens, and you can party the night away with some of the hottest Filipino girls in Subic Bay.

Don’t look for hookers in Club V, you’re better off at Nocturnal Disco.


Let’s Wrap Up Subic Bay Nightlife Guide – Are You Ready To Party?

These are the ultimate places where to pick up women in Subic Bay.

The only annoying thing is when you walk in a girlie bar which isn’t busy, the girls jump on you like wild cows trying to milk you a few lady drinks.

The only thing you can do is to tell them that you want to drink alone for the next 10 minutes and maybe later you’ll pick up one or two girls.

One more thing to make things clearer.

If you prefer to spend the nights in the girly bars, it’s better you stay in Barrio Barretto. If you prefer to spend the night in the nightclubs, then it’s better you stay in Olongapo.

In case you want to do both night activities, stay in Barrio Barretto because the area is foreign friendly and take a tricycle taxi for 150 Pesos to go clubbing.

Here is a review of the best girl friendly hotels in Subic, either you are on a romantic trip with your date or you plan to have a different girl every night.

Have fun in Subic Bay.