How To Meet Filipina Girls Even When You Are An Introvert

How To Meet Filipina Girls Even When You Are An Introvert

Meeting girls can be stressful and time-consuming, especially if you are an introvert. Knowing how to approach women isn’t an art, but can be taught and learned.

I know first-hand how frustrating meeting girls in a foreign country can be.

When I first started traveling to meet foreign girls, I would spend more time staring at girls than I would actually talk to.

I would do anything to avoid talk to her, even convincing myself that she isn’t anything special. But the truth is, I was TERRIFIED to get REJECTED.

My mind fills with many excuses to avoid meeting girls:

  • “No one wants to talk to a weirdo like me.”
  • “What if other people see me?”
  • “What if she rejects me, so embarrassing.”
  • “She is with her friends”.
  • “She doesn’t want to be bothered”.
  • “It’s too late, I missed my chance”.
  • “I don’t know what to say”.

I felt hopeless and miserable. Thinking about approaching a woman in my hometown, made me sick. Let alone meeting a Filipina during a holiday.

Anytime I tried to say something, my heart rate would skyrocket, and felt breathless. The pain was unbearable.

So, instead of trying to talk girls directly, I would ask my friends to pick up and introduce her to me. A kind of primary school attitude. It never worked. I was stuck.

Until the day I read this:

Approaching girls isn’t about you. It’s the way that makes the difference.

That’s when I realized that I need a system for meeting Filipina girls that I could use over and over again in any social situation.

I master a simple 5 steps approaching process that allow me to overcome my fear of starting a conversation and get multiple dates FAST.

Let’s get started, should we?


Step 1-  Lie To Yourself

The first big obstacle for anyone trying to approach a girl is to overcome FEAR of rejection. That’s why, when you see a beautiful girl walking down the street, you FREEZE.

In fact, you can’t think anything besides What should I say to her?”.

The solution to this problem is SIMPLE; Lie to yourself.

What does that mean?

Don’t think about her as a stranger, but instead as your best friend. When I see a girl in a coffee shop which I like, I go to talk to her imaging she is my best friend.

“Hi, I was just sitting over there having a coffee and I saw you”.

This phrase can be used to open a conversation with either your best friend or a perfect stranger. When you meet your friends, you’ve always something to say.

Use it to your advantage.

Start brainstorming situations and write down the conversations. Remember, they don’t all have to make perfect sense at first, practice is the key here.


Step 2 – Practice Online

Now that you’ve imagined a few possible scenarios, take the conversation in the real world.

Before taking the step to meet Filipina in real life, practice online where you feel less pressured having a conversation.


Dating online remove common problems:

  • Surrounding; No other people can see you interact with the girl.
  • One to one engagement; No her friends, boyfriend or mother staring at you.
  • Different agenda; In real life, she might want to talk to you but she is going to work.

In the Philippines, hitting girls in clubs or street is considered rude, posing a challenge if you’re planning to get laid with good girls. Not to mention that the average Filipina is shy.

So, take the challenge to meet girls online where Filipinas are ready to meet you.

It’s simple:

  1. Upload your photo and a brief description about you.
  2. Search for girls who are “online”.
  3. Form an opinion by reading their profile.
  4. Associate her with any of your female friends that share similar characteristics. By doing so, your mind will start to elaborate on possible conversations that you’ve used in the past. It’s called “conversation by association”.

Three simple steps to create your conversation with ease:

  1. What interest in common do I have? What about the topic? Write down some of the possible conversations both of you would have as friends. Write down 10 possible conversations.
  2. Narrow down 3 phrases – Remember, narrow down a list of 10 phrases to 3 phrases is MUCH easier than thinking of only 1 good phrase to open your conversation.
  3. Ask an open question – After writing your opener phrase, don’t forget to keep the conversation going. The best way is to use an open question; “What movie would you like to watch today?”. Keep her engage in the conversation; Filipina girls need to be constantly stimulated.


Step 3 – Practice In Real Life

Before visiting the Philippines, get some real world practice in your home town. While out for your daily routine, approach any girl and start a conversation.

Keep in mind she is your friend; it’s just NATURAL to say “Hello“.

It’s important avoiding girls which you have a long time emotional attachment. For example, the hot coworker working in the marketing department.

The reason is your brain can be tricked only in new situations where there isn’t any emotional attachment.

Some conversation will play out better than others, but you shouldn’t worry. Have fun by talking to girls; it’s all a new world out there.

And honestly, who give a fuck if she doesn’t want to interact with you. The next girl is going to be better anyway.


Step 4 – Meet Filipina Girls

Believe it or not, step 2 and step 3 are the hardest steps in this process.

The sweet time to go for your holiday has arrived, and you’re ready to approach confidentially any Filipina girl in any situation.

Philippines beaches are wonderful, and the Filipina girls even better. Have FUN!

By now, you would have a solid contact list of Filipina girls looking for meeting you. That’s fine.

However, meeting Filipina girls face to face, it’s a challenge. The reasons are:

• Filipina girls are very shy; Keep the conversation simple while speaking “softly.” Don’t expect much of a conversation at first. They don’t know what to talk about with a foreigner.

Be helpful in carrying the conversation as you did online by asking questions.

• They walk in groups; Filipina are very social, and wherever they go, the friends go with them.

You’ll face the challenge to speak at a group of girls while trying to get the number of a particular girl. They are naturally curious, so expect a lot of questions. Answer with a smile, you are a rock star.

• Work Hard; The Philippines as other Asian countries, working hours are outrageous.

When it comes to girls you date who have jobs, most of them are working twelve hours a day, six days a week. Be ready to create a small harem for yourself by seeing multiple girls in rotation.


Step 5 – The Easiest Filipina Girls To Meet

I recommend to start with bar girls, so you get comfortable with their culture and different ways of expressing emotions.

Bar girls are easy going and eager to meet you. They love your money. Sorry to be bland, but is true. Then again, use it to your advantage so that you can practice the steps learned above.

But where to find beer bars and Ago-Go Clubs?

Good question.

Here the answer; you can find a list of locations and venues in the Philippine Guide For Single Men, plus all my tips and tricks to get you ahead of the game.