filipina girlfriend in the Philippines

How To Find A Filipina Girlfriend

You can find a young and beautiful Filipina girlfriend no matter your age or look, and you don’t have necessarily to fly over the Philippines.

The majority of men travel to the Philippines with the hope to find a girlfriend only to end up with a bar girl. As a result, they leave the country with broken feelings and an empty wallet.

I’ll never get tired to say this: it’s easy to find a Filipina girlfriend but don’t take what seems the easiest path. This means you should stay away from bar girls, girls online who ask for money and avoid introduction services.

There are plenty of everyday Filipinas like students and girls with a decent job who dreams to get into a relationship with a foreign man. So you have the choice, a lot of good choices.

Of course, you won’t find your future girlfriend in the red-light district or in a nightclub, those places don’t suit a Filipino girl with morals and good values.

In this article, not only I’ll give you useful tips to find a Filipina girlfriend, but also show you the best places where to find one either you’re in the Philippines or abroad.


Do You Know Who You Want As Girlfriend? 

No point to look for a Filipina girlfriend if you don’t have in mind who you’re looking for. 

Most men simply think that once the right girl will appear, he’ll know she is the one. It doesn’t work that way.

Like most things in life, finding a girlfriend is a process. First, you need to determine the qualities you’re looking for in a Filipino girl, and only then look for her in those places where most luckily you’ll find her.

For example, if you would like a girlfriend who is easy going, naive and playful, you want to look for a girl between 18-24 years old in the Filipino provinces.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a woman who is strong-minded and with life experiences, you want to look for a girl in her 30s living in big cities like Manila.

Basically it’s all about creating an “ideal girlfriend persona” and look for her in places where most luckily that kind of girl can be found.

Use the below ideal girlfriend map, and be brutally honest about what type of Filipina girlfriend you want in your life…

ideal filipina girlfriend relationship map


Where To Look For A Girlfriend In The Philippines

You don’t need to be in the Philippines to look for a girlfriend, actually, that should be your last step.

You can simply search for a girlfriend by using a popular dating site and once you’ve found the right one, fly over there to meet up or fly her to you.

But which cities and towns in the Philippines will you find her?



Girls in Manila are the melting pot of the Philippines. You’ll find a great variety of girls in this city.

Plenty of young students who move here to study and strong-minded women looking for better opportunities in life.

Manila is the right place to look for a girlfriend if you value self-independent, intelligent and strong-minded women.

Don’t expect them to be over affectionate or caring like their sisters in the provinces, but still, you’ll get plenty of loving attention.

And if you only will consider the most beautiful and elegant Filipino girl as your girlfriend, Manila is definitely the place for you.



Cebu is a big city but it doesn’t feel like one.

The girls are easy-going and educated, but not as driven and independent like Manila’s women. Plenty of young girls studying in the city’s colleges and universities, and many workers in the numerous call centers.

In Cebu, you can find a very sweet girlfriend that understands your needs, but she isn’t too naive like the girls in the provinces and not too confident like girls in the capital…

Girls in Cebu are a kind of crossroads between city and province girls. Meaning they are quite easy-going but not too stiff.


Other Provinces

There are countless smaller cities and towns around the Philippines. There you’ll find loving girls that take care of their man very seriously.

They’ll cook for you, massage you and make sure you’re treated with the utmost respect.

You’ll never feel alone or sad, but you’ve to deal with their tantrum from time to time. They are pretty jealous because they lack self-confidence.

Physically speaking, province girls are very slim due to their minimalistic diet. Hardly you’ll find a fat girl out there.

So if you like thin girls, search for a girlfriend in the Filipino provinces. In this video, you can get some more insight about their good qualities…


What’s The Process To Get A Filipina Girlfriend

Now that you have an idea about what type of girlfriend you want and the place where you most likely will find her, it’s time to join a dating site whether you live in the Philippines or not.

Create a profile by uploading some of your photos, a short description about yourself and what type of girlfriend you’re looking for.

You can either search for girls by age, education, and places or keep it general if you still aren’t sure.

Read the girl’s profiles to get a better idea if they are suitable for you, and then message them.

When I write a message, I always refer to something the girl has written in her profile or ask a direct question about her town.

For example: “I noticed that you’ve studied at college, what was your major?” or “How is the weather today in Cebu?”

By personalizing the message she knows that I’m not one of the many guys that send random messages to several girls. That let her know that I’m a serious guy and I’m interested in her.

So, take your time to contact the right girls and personalize the first message if you want to get noticed.

Rember, the hard part is to get the first reply. After that is only a matter to carry on the conversation and learn more about each other until the day you feel ready to meet her.

In conclusion, use the “ideal girlfriend map” to get an idea of what type of girlfriend you want. Think where she might be living in the Philippines and contact the girls by using a dating site.