Patong beach in phuket - girls bar fine and beers

A Cherry Trip To Patong Beach In Phuket Island

Six Days Cherry Trip In Patong Beach


Night 1 – Patong Beer Bar Girl

Got all settled in about 9pm and hit Bangla.

Started off in Suzy Wong’s as I read it was one of the better gogo’s. There were about 6 girls on stage and ~5 mingling with customers.

Maybe 2-3 were 8/10 the rest were ok.

Got a nice lap dance from a young skinny girl with surprisingly nice boobs, but as it was my first night and my first bar I was determined to keep moving.

I have to say Patong bar girls are every bit as pushy as people say, almost the first thing out of their mouths is “buy me drink!”.

Next up was Lions Bar.

I was being a silly first time traveler and didn’t have a proper cash management system in place.. pulled out a bundle of mixed 1000s, 100s, 50s.

The mamasan’s eyes lit up and she called over what was likely one of their top girls.

She was young, fit, light-skinned and very grabby.

I haggled with her for a bit and the lowest I could get was 700bf 2500LT.

I finished my beer and wanted to leave with her but she said if she stayed 10 more mins she would get another 100baht.

This tweaked by alarms a bit so consulted with my mate (who is a cheap charlie) he said “NO WAY!” and that was enough to get my senses back.

After a lot of wandering around and drinking at random bars we ended up at a little bar in Soi Sea Dragon just before Devils Playground, and I met Pok.

She’s a dark, tall (5’8″), figure 8 lady who I’d put at late 20s-early 30s.

After a round of LDs she gives me a kiss and almost bites my lip off. That’s when I knew I found my girl for Night 1.

Back in the room, she was a complete freak. We showered together and had an awesome shower smash session (I’d never rooted in the shower before).

She actually tried to guide me in uncovered and almost tackled me when I went to get condoms.

Water was splashing everywhere and we were both slipping all over the place. Then we jumped on the bed soaking wet and continued the craziness.

I left my curtains open so my mate across the way could see what was going on (later he worshipped me as a god!).

This freaky boom boom went on for hours, popped on her face and in her eye. After a short sleep (I was badly jetlagged) had some more boom boom in the morning.

All up I did this girl 7 times and the next day she was visibly exhausted.

Man oh man what a start to my cherry trip


Night 2 – Crazy Freelancer

I was super pumped after the first night and feeling like a king.

It started raining heavily so we were stuck in Soi Eric for a bit. Had a walk around and wasn’t too much that grabbed my attention.

Also my LadyBoy radar was working overtime.

Some of the post ops here looked amazing, way hotter than actual girls, so I had to work hard with my visual inspections!

Popped into Suzy Wongs again because my mate wanted to check out a nice girl he saw the night before.

In no time flat had a hot 18yo named “Anna” giving me a lap dance and kissing me with her tongue stud.

I figured “what the hell?” and bar fined her ST with 2 pops. Took her back to the hotel and she went dead fish, wouldn’t even shower, looked like she was about to fall asleep.

So I threatened to take her back and complain to the boss (girls can get fined 5k for running/not performing) and this got her awake. Negotiated for 1 pop and she refunded me 1k.

Man that was one of the most awkward boom booms of my life.

I mean she was young and hot but I was pissed off at the attitude. Did her in a view positions for the visuals, popped and kicked her out.

I calmed myself down, got changed and headed for Hollywood disco in the hope of some freelancer action.

There are a few things that Thailand has over Aus: 1) you can smoke virtually anywhere, 2) the abundance of staff means venues and toilets are kept very clean, 3) the bone crunching massages by the dudes in the toilet.

Hung around for a while and danced with a few nice Phuket girls.

Then I spotted my girl for Night 2. It was as if the spotlight was shining directly on her, and she was giving me the look.

Then some drunk began walks in front of me and I wondered “is she giving him the look?” but he moved on and she beckoned me over.

Woof was her name, she was a small (5’1″) slim, Japanese looking Thai girl in a tight red dress that kept riding up and exposing her undies every time she danced.

This girl did not grind, she hard humped your leg, and I was happy to reciprocate.

She talked a lot of shit which I couldn’t hear due to the loud music, I just nodded and smiled.

She bought me a drink and introduced me to some friends and after an hour or so we left for my hotel.

This girl was talking some loopy crap, about her triplets (body was immaculate), how she jumped off a 5 story building when her English boyfriend left her (no obvious scars) and the whole time I was thinking about the ways I was going to smash her.

Eventually, it was on, her riding me with all her gusto, me annihilating her in doggy, this went on all night.

Early in the morning (still jetlagged) I’d wake up every hour with a hard-on, grab her tits and she knew it was boom boom time.

I must have pumped this girl 8 times. Apologies for the bad quality, its on my phone and I was pumping at the time.

When I woke up proper that day at about 1pm my balls were so drained I actually felt like I was going to die from exhaustion and empty balls.

It was a really weird feeling.


Night 3 – Attempted Rest Night

With my exhaustion kicking in and my mate (who is very good looking) having terrible luck with the ladies, I decided to have a night off and be his dedicated wingman.

He likes discos so I took him to Hollywood and the look on his face was like I just walked him into heaven.

The music was good, the girls were hot, and the drinks were flowing.

I tell him “pick any girl you want” and he decides on the alpha bitch of the hottest group in there.

These girls were not here to work, they were buying 1300b bottles of champagne. To top it off the girl he wants has a wedding ring!

But man was she fine. Fit body, plump ass, nice hairstyle but a few too many tattoos.

Eventually, she taps him on the shoulder and wants to chat, so I spend the night entertaining her friends so that she doesn’t feel awkward about being the only one at the table with a guy.

He eventually tapped her a couple of times at the hotel and sent her on her way the next morning without paying. ie she was a “madam” = well off lady who picks up guys for free

What was meant to be a restful night hurt me bad. I woke up the next morning with an empty bed and a head-splitting hangover.

Then I remembered back at the disco my dream girl that I’d spotted earlier in the night with a Korean bloke (assumed they were together) had tapped me on the shoulder and offered herself to me.

I had to decline because I wanted to be a good wingman.


Night 4 – Crying Game

By now we’d figured the disco freelancer scene was the way to go – gogo girls were too expensive, bar girls just weren’t good looking enough, freelancers looked to be the balance between value and quality.

We adjusted our schedule for the 2am disco peak – dinner at 10, then find a nice spot to watch Bangla go by and have some cold beers.

Saw the FL from Night 2 walk by on the street, as we were on elevated seating she spotted me and stared the entire time as she was walking past.

I caught the look but I was determined to stay butterfly so did not acknowledge her.

Checked out the new Tiger bar complex, 3 rows of about 10 bars each. Hotter girls towards the front, quality dropped off dramatically as you got towards the back.

I tried to walk past a grabby bar girl but she pushed up against me and felt my boner growing so she knew she had me and would not let me pass!

She looked OK but when I found out barfine was 1000b I quickly lost interest.

The entire complex looks completely geared towards tourists, and it does attract them – on a few nights I saw full nuclear families hanging at the front bars, young kids & all.

The disco upstairs seemed popular, with some very hot dancers on the front stage. Although it was a large area the layout made it hard to get around the bar.

So we found ourselves back in Hollywood.

I ended up picking up a Phuket girl with pretty light skinned girl with long straight black hair. After an hour of dirty dancing and grinding, we ended up back in my hotel room.

She only produced a copy of her ID to reception, which I thought was odd because every other girl had their actual ID, but was too drunk and horny to worry about it.

When the action started she seemed to be visibly drunk, I thought “great, maybe I can slip some 3hole action here!”

Had a look at the butt and it looked well used “good sign, not a 3hole virgin!”.

I lubed up and got in there.. then she started to go cold, and mumbling nothings. I asked her what was wrong but only more mumbling.

Then as I lay down next to her trying to figure out what was wrong the combination of the drinks wearing off and the full lights shining on her face highlighted the rough skin complexion that I’m not used to seeing this close.

And it hits me – I’ve taken home a post op!

She was still mumbling and acting dazed, and I’m thinking this girl is messed in the head.

At that point I had an epiphany – trannies have to be messed in the head to want to undergo a sex change op in the first place.

Lesson learned: no matter how hot a post-op is, they are fucked in the head!

Anyways I’d had enough of this, shook her out of her daze, got her dressed, got myself dressed, get her into a cab and got my ass back to the disco.

I arrived just in time to stop my mate from going off to a party with 2 gays and a seriously hot Thai girl who was way too tall to be a girl.

At this point it was 4 am and the quality had pretty much filtered out, then I spot her up on the pole, the girl from Night 2, Woof.

She’s drunk as hell, gyrating like some sexual mirage, and looking right at me. Once again this girl is going to save my night.

So I dance with her a bit, I feed her at McDs, then took her back to the room. She had this drunken mischievous look on her face as she tried to guide me in uncovered, but she was obviously too pissed to do it.

She wanted to ride so I let her hammer away on top of me until she was drenched in sweat. Then I flipped her over and tried to slip it in her ass but she wasn’t that pissed.

Then I smashed her in doggy until I was drenched in sweat and felt like my back was going to give out.

She’s so small and light I threw her around for my 2 pops worth before bed. Then another 3 pops in the morning.

I remembered her telling me about a black guy trying to pick her up – “I dancing with a chocolate man, he wants me to suck him, but he too tall”


Night 5 – Young but Shy

As this was my last night I thought I’d pay a visit to Pok the freak from Night 1, since I’d promised her I’d buy her a drink as she was leaving my room.

I walked by about 7 pm but her bar was still empty.

Walked by the hairdresser next door and saw crowds of girls getting their hair done for the night ahead, plus more sitting outside having dinner.

Walked past the only BJ bar in Patong (Lolita Lounge) which is in the back of the last bar in SeaDragon, but it doesn’t open until 9 pm.

So I sat at a bar opposite from the entrance to SeaDragon to hopefully catch her on her way to work.

She still hadn’t arrived by 8 so I thought I’d do another walk by. Turns out her and the 2 other girls at that bar (and I’m guessing the mamasan too) live upstairs.

Had a chat to them all, bought them all a drink (mostly because the other two girls weren’t young or lookers).

Pok wanted to go with me that night, but I didn’t want to ruin the memory of the first night. I’ve found when something is that good, it’s never as good the 2nd time around.

I decided I wanted to grab something from Soi Eric, since there were so many bars but we’d never really spent much time there.

My mate spotted a nice girl at PittStop(?) where the girls wear racing outfits.

That is where I spotted Ni, young girl with an amazing body and a very Japanese anime typeface.

When she stuck her hand under my shirt and wiped my entire torso with a wet towel I knew this was the girl for my last night in Patong.

Ni was young and cautious but my mate took another girl from the same bar (older but sexier) who made her feel comfortable.

This girl had an amazing body, fit and tanned with curves in all the right places, the only drawback was an infection on her belly from when she tried to do her own belly piercing.

She was also really shy – all the lights had to be off except for the TV, all the curtains had to be drawn, and she was freaking out about the tiniest gap between the 2 curtains.

I eventually calmed her down and got on to the fucking.

She rode well (apparently she does a lot of it with older guys) then I flipped her on her back so I could get a look at that face and body as I pounded her.

She really enjoyed my hard doggy as she doesn’t get it much.

Alas, the combination of sleep deprivation, drinking every day, and having way more sex than I’m used to made the 2nd pop really hard to get to.

My fingers got a good workout that night. Managed to somehow get a 2nd pop that night, and another in the morning before she left.

She told me something interesting about her customers:

-Older guys are nicer, always asking if she is ok/hungry but she does most of the work when it comes to sex.

-Young guys give her better sex but are rude and won’t shower because they figure they will get sweaty during sex and don’t bother.

I think overall she prefers older guys.

How Much I Paid for Girls in PhuketGirls

Bar girls were 1500-2000 LT depending on how hot she was and how flashy the bar is. Really young/hot girls at nice bars would ask for 3000 LT.

Gogo girls wanted 2k ST 4K LT, I only paid for ST.

Freelancers were 1500-2000 LT depending on how hot she was and what time of night.

Really hot FLs would score 2x STs for 2k each, then come back at closing time to pick up another punter and a bed to sleep in for 2k.

Barfines ranged from 500 (small bar) to 1000 (Tiger bar/gogo).

However, Phuket girls price depend on the way you interact with them, where you pick them from and what time at night.