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How To Find Sex In SG

Most men who want to have sex in Singapore search for the service of prostitutes. And that’s a pity when there are so many Singaporean women looking for casual sexual encounters.

The benefits of having sex with civilian girls are pretty obvious but it’s worth repeating them. You can have intimate moments, safer sex, fulfilling sexual adventures, and feeling proud of not paying for sex are just a few of the upsides.

Many men end up having sex with prostitutes only because they think it’s time-consuming to hook up with open-minded women or hard to get into an open sexual relationship in Singapore.

But is it?

Singapore is an international hub with all sorts of possibilities when come to sex.

For example, there are several bisexual females in Singapore that want no string attached sex.

We know that bisexual women have enhanced sexual drive and prefer open sexual relationships as per many studies on the subject (Van Anders, Hamilton and Watson 2007). It means if you want a fuck buddy in Singapore, you should search for a bisexual woman.

Then you have couples who search for a sex partner. Usually, they look for a male who can satisfy the wife’s fantasies. But there are also couples into swinging activities.

You’ll find most people living an open sexual lifestyle to be professionals with quality jobs that understand respect and privacy. So, even if sex is your only interest, you can make good friendships throughout your sexual adventure.

It might sound hard to believe that Singaporeans are open-minded forward sex. After all, when you interact with them they seem reserved.

The reality is that it is how they have to behave in public to conform to their social norms. In private they are more relaxed and outgoing.

So Singaporeans are open to the idea of having casual sex, but they prefer to look for it online away from indiscreet eyes.


Where To Find Sex Adventures In Singapore

Before the popularity of smartphones, men and women used to hang out in bars, nightclubs, or place ads in classified. That’s old school.

Nowadays men and women in Singapore arrange their casual sex adventure by using adult apps and sites. Meaning they go online to search for sex.

The reasons are simple: convenience and predictability.

It is a matter of fact that using adult dating sites save time and money to find a sex partner. You don’t have to go out in social places to meet with strangers, but only create an account and you are good to go.

For example, when you go clubbing, you need to prepare yourself, take a taxi, try to talk to people there and hopefully have a conversation that leads to a phone number. Hardly you’ll get a nightstand in Singapore.

So, it takes a full evening just to get a contact of a girl in a nightclub.

On the other hand, on an adult dating site, you can talk to several women without having to dress up or even go out of your door. Actually you can do it at work between tasks or when you feel bored.

Yet, the real value of adult personal websites is they allow you to seek individuals who are interested in the same type of sexual activities.

Unlike other dating sites, adult websites let you add explicit sexual photos and expectations. Meaning it’s easier to find the right match for you.

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Having said that, sex dating sites aren’t always the best option to get laid in Singapore.

For example, if you want to find a fuck buddy for the weekend or you would like to get into a threesome with a couple, a sex community like Asian Match Mate would be a better option.

Adult communities are built for individuals interested in a short-term sexual tryst and seek other individuals who may be interested in the same type of activities as themselves.

In conclusion, looking for sex online in Singapore is the fastest and most convenient way to get laid.

Simply because people on adult websites aren’t there just to socialize, but to find sex partners. So, you don’t have to guess their intentions like in nightclubs and bars.


Who Search For Sex Online In Singapore

You’ll find many young girls seeking sex with older men, middle-age career women that need a regular fuck buddy, and professional couples that want to explore their sexuality further.

The reason why young girls prefer older guys is that they radiate stability and prosperity. Young women feel attracted to men who are confident and have their life under control.

Further, an older man should have more experience in bed. That translates into a young women’s mind as a more adventurous and interesting sexual experience.

Then you have career women in their 30s and 40s that are still smoking hot.

These women aren’t interested in a serious relationship because too busy with their work. Yet, due to their high sex drive, they need a good fuck.

Contrary to the young and inexperienced girls, career women in Singapore usually prefer younger guys. They like the idea to take on the role of a sex teacher.

It might sound perverse but in reality, it makes perfect sense. Middle-aged women are mature and at the right point in life to become mothers.

Yet, they have chosen career over family, so they select a younger sex partner to nurture.

Another interesting thing is due to their higher sex drive and openness, you’ll find many career women to be bisexual.

Meaning you can enjoy a no string attached sexual relationship that might offer the opportunity of a threesome if she finds a temporary girlfriend.

And at last, you have several couples in Singapore that are looking for sex partners.

The majority of couples search for a guy to satisfy the much younger wife. It isn’t unusual to see an age gap of 10-20 years between him and her.

The husband doesn’t always participate in a threesome. Sometimes he simply watched or wait in the other room until you are done with his wife.

Anyway, all this sort of detail gets discussed earlier so everyone feels comfortable with the situation.


Why There Are So Many Singaporean Girls Using Online Casual Sex Dating Sites

Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world. The average salary among the population is $67.152, and women bring home a cool $61.653 per year.

As a result, Singapore women are successful and independent almost like their male counterparts. It means that women in Singapore aren’t dependent on men for their needs so they can choose the type of sexual lifestyle they desire.

In researches about successful women and casual sex, it’s emerged that successful/career women have higher levels of testosterone and also happen to be bisexual.

Testosterone is a prevalent male hormone that increases sex drive and desire to seek out more opportunities for short-term sexual encounters. It means they prefer and engage in ‘no strings’ casual sexual encounters.

The thing is career women in Singapore are too busy working and don’t have the time to socialize in traditional ways, so they go online to search for sex partners.

Also, the majority of females on adult dating sites happen to be bisexual women. This is consistent with research that found bisexual women seek out more opportunities for short-term sexual encounters.


How Safe Are Casual Sex Websites In Singapore?

When people think about dating sites or sex apps, they are afraid to have to deal with fake profiles.

The fact is, dating sites are more vulnerable than adult communities. Adult communities have the majority of members with several photos and videos that vouch for their authenticity.

Instead, on dating sites, the majority of profiles have only one or two photos that are easy to fake.

For example, on Asian Match Mate there is an active community in Singapore of people that regularly upload explicit photos and videos of themself. You can find members with dozens of content, and that’s impossible to fake.

The best part is members of adult communities are very outgoing and love to have conversations and share their private sexual lives. This helps to build trust and sexual attraction.

In conclusion, adult sites and communities in Singapore are safer than most dating sites out there. You only need to use your common sense and don’t give information that you wouldn’t share with a stranger.