Hi Rocco,
I am finding your tips extremely useful.

I’ve just returned from that trip and had the time of my life. The trip was a 69th birthday present to myself, and in 28 days I scored with 26 different partners, which is not bad considering there were 5 no-score days.

Whilst I’ve had several trips abroad that involved a few sexual encounters, this was the first one primarily aimed at mongering.

I just want to say a big thanks to you. – Peter

Hi Rocco,
Thank you so much for your well-guided tips. In fact, I have utilized your guides to travel to manila and Makati in February and then to Bacolod in October.

In both these travels, I found your tips to be more valuable and rewarding.
I don’t wanna mention how many girls I banged but the experience is unbelievable. All achieved through tips I learned from your guides.

I can’t thank you enough Rocco, you are doing a marvelous job and for those intending travelers looking for pleasure, I highly recommend Rocco’s guides.

Thank you. – James, Papua New Guinea

Rocco, I just came back from Indonesia. Stayed with a Muslim woman whom I met online.

She was specifically looking for a man from the United States. I fit the bill.

She grew tired of dealing with Muslim men and their attitudes toward women. We had been conversing online for about three months prior to my visit. She is an educated woman with a good job.

We had a great time. She wants me to come back again soon to meet her family.  Needless to say that I am planning my next trip to see her.

Thank you for your advice – Tony, USA

Wanted to know how to meet girls and get laid in Indonesia. I will be going on holiday there in June. It is my first time in the country.

Your articles on where to go meets girls and where to stay have been very helpful. I have three women online who want to meet me.

One had offered to stay with me my entire time in the country. She has even offered to pick me up at the airport.

Thank you for your articles – Jeff, UK

It’s been awesome reading your articles and I must confess I have already been in serious daily contact with over 20 girls from the Philippines even though I am yet to go there.

I actually recently separated with my girlfriend and I thought it’s a great idea to travel to Asia especially the Philippines and Thailand for some explosive sexual experiences just to format my mind off the past with my ex. That’s my main agenda for this trip.

I have planned to stay in the Philippines for 42 days and Thailand for 7 days. Besides all these, I might possess be open to a real relationship with the  potential right person, but on the primary it’s about all the sex I can get (3 somes, 4 somes, etc).

I will keep you posted regarding my experiences. So far your tips have proven wonderfully amazing. – Dickson

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