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getting laid with thai ladyboy

How To Get Laid With A Ladyboy In Thailand

There are many Thai ladyboys available for sex in the red light areas around Thailand. But there also plenty of ladyboys that offer intimacy and companionship who aren’t prostitutes.

It’s quite common to meet ladyboys working in restaurants, shops or on dating sites. And most are open to the idea to have a sexual adventure or a relationship with a foreign man.

The good thing about meeting transgenders outside the red light areas is you get to experience how sweet and loving they are. Instead, ladyboys selling sex are hardcore and mercenary.

Probably you won’t be surprised if I tell you that ladyboy’s femininity is often more prevalent than genetic females. Meaning you’ll feel more desired and pleased sexually from a trans than a girl.

No wonder why so many men travel to Thailand to hook up with a ladyboy.

If you are considering the idea to hook up with a Thai transvestite, probably you are wondering how to go about it and how much it’ll cost you.

In this article, I’ll show different ways to get laid with ladyboys in Thailand, and the advantage and disadvantages of each method.

But first, let me answer a common question…


Do Thai Ladyboys Have A Penis Or A Vagina?

It isn’t easy to distinguish between girls and ladyboys, but by looking at their hands or neck, you can figure it out. Also, many ladyboys act overfeminine.

However, you never can tell if a ladyboy has a penis or a vagina. They know how to hide the “banana” very well.

So, the only way to find it out is to ask about it and you might be surprised by her/his reaction.

But don’t walk up to the first ladyboy insight and ask about it. That’s is disrespectful, unless you are in the red light areas.

For example, a ladyboy in Walking Street in Pattaya won’t mind answering private questions. But if you ask a ladyboy working in a beauty salon in Bangkok, you can expect a rude reply. So, the context matter.

Having said that, 95% of ladyboys in Thailand have a penis. And the few ones who have a vagina usually are prostitutes.

This means if you want to have sex with a ladyboy with a vagina, you should try your luck in the red light districts.


Best Places To Hook Up With Ladyboys In Thailand

Some places work out better to engage the services of prostitutes while other places are better to hook up with everyday ladyboys.

For example, if you want to get laid with a prostitute, then you should head straight to the red light areas.

But if you prefer to hook up with an everyday ladyboy you should look in places where most luckily you’ll find one: beauty counters, salons, in fashion, and on ladyboy date sites.


Ladyboys In The Red Light Districts

If you are after only sex with a ladyboy in Thailand, a prostitute offer just that.

In the red light areas, you’ll find ladyboys working in bars or walking the streets…

Pick up a ladyboy from a bar is less risky then pick up a ladyboy in the streets. Street ladyboys are known to steal and scam tourists.

Yet, it’s more expensive to engage the service of hookers in the bars. A street ladyboy would ask for 1.000-1.500 baht while a ladyboy working in the bar cost 1.500-3.000 baht.

Having said that, if it’s your first time in Thailand, opt for ladyboys in the bars so you’ll not have to worry about your belongings.


Everyday Ladyboys In Thailand

When you want to experience intimacy and companionship with a ladyboy, avoid the red light areas. Trans working as prostitutes are mercenary and hardened by their profession.

Instead, you can meet plenty of ladyboys working in salons, beauty centers, or cosmetics departments. It’s only a matter to start a conversation and ask for their contacts.

Then you can meet after she/he finish work for a meal, and get back to your room for some intimacy.

Another option is to use a popular dating site with several ladyboys like Thai Friendly or a hookup site like TSDates.

Just create a profile with a photo, and you’re ready to go.

Once a ladyboy accept to meet you for a date, with some patience and convincing you can easily do her/him.


What’s Your Best Option To Get Laid With A Thai Ladyboy

The best and cheapest option is to find a ladyboy outside the red light districts. While hiring a prostitute is easy, it’s costly and the sexual experience is pretty lame.

Kathoeys whoring in Thailand are money-oriented and don’t care about your pleasure. That defeats the purpose to have sex with a ladyboy entirely.

On the other hand, everyday ladyboys are sweet and loving. Not to mention they are eager to please. But the best part is you don’t have to spend thousands of Thai baht to get laid.

To conclude, if you’re a confident man with social skills, chat with ladyboys in everyday situations, otherwise use a ladyboy dating site.