How To Pick Up Phuket Girls And Get Laid

If you want to find girls in Phuket and get laid, there are plenty of Thai ladies craving to meet a foreign man. There are also couples interested to have sex with single men.

Phuket women are feminine, slim, have petite bodies, and are hot for action. The best part is you don’t need to play games or do silly things to pick up girls because they are very friendly.

The only downside is the numerous whores on the island. Prostitutes aren’t confined to the red light districts, and when they are off work, they look like everyday girls. They wear little makeup, dress conservatively, and act innocent.

You might pick up a girl in a grocery store, and find out she is a prostitute the next morning when she demands a tip. That’s annoying.

To be clear, in this article I explain how to get laid in Phuket with everyday girls. If you want to pay for sex, I recommend reading the Phuket Guide for single men.

Now, you might have several questions that need an answer: is it easy to pick up girls in Phuket?… Where to find girls?… How to get laid in Phuket?… Etc.

Let me give you some answers…


How Easy Is It To Get Laid In Phuket?

Getting laid in Phuket can be easy or hard, depending on the situation and the way you approach the matter.

If you treat a Thai girl in a way she has never been treated, she starts to believe that you represent an opportunity for her to have the love and respect she deserves.

For example, if you treat a bar girl with respect and act as if you are not at all interested in getting in her pants, she is going to fall in love with you. The reason is all the men she met before, treated her like a whore.

If you meet an attractive woman in Phuket who is used to have men at her feet, but you treat her like a whore… Your chances to score are high.

Phuket women, for the most part, want to sleep with you because they are strongly attracted to foreign men.

hooking up in phuket

If you have ever used a popular dating site in Thailand, you might have noticed how responsive girls are to your messages.

Usually, it takes no more than two dates to get laid in Phuket. They are more aggressive sexually than you can imagine. They aren’t worried about the emotional or religious baggage of sex.

When they feel horny, they are down to fuck. Meaning girls in Phuket don’t overthink about getting laid if you make them feel comfortable.

The answer to your question: “How easy is to get laid in Phuket?” It’s easy, but you need to meet them in the right places.


Best Places To Get Girls In Phuket

If you are wondering how to find girls in Phuket interested in foreign men, these are the best places…


 1. Online

If want more than a nightstand, you should pick up girls online.

Just imagine enjoying the company and intimacy of an open-minded girl in Phuket…

meet girls in Phuket online

And without having to deal with the drama of a regular relationship. It’s all about enjoying the sex first, the rest is of secondary importance.

You can use a site like Asian Match Mate if you’re just looking to hook up without emotional baggage. There are many horny Thai girls looking for a foreign man.

Alternatively, you can use a popular dating site like Thai Friendly if you’re looking for something more than just sex.


2. Nightclubs And Bars

When in Phuket, you can meet girls out at night in the clubs and bars. There are a lot of sexy girls, but most are prostitutes.

Phuket nightlife revolves around Patong, which is also the biggest red light area in Phuket. If you want to get laid without paying for it, you need to do some severe screening.

The best pick up joints in Phuket are:

  • Catch Beach 
  • Café del Mar
  • White Room
  • Illuzion Club

Café del Mar is the best pick up bar in Phuket thanks to the vibrant atmosphere and friendly girls.

Usually, girls who pay for their drinks aren’t hookers. So if she asks you to buy her a drink, you can bet she is a prostitute.


3. Beaches And Malls

hookups in phuket beach

If you are confident enough for cold approaches, beaches and malls are hunting places.

In the malls, girls are working in restaurants and shops that are more than happy to go out with you. Mind they are conservative, and it takes a few dates to get laid.

At the beach, you can meet Thai girls coming from all over Thailand for a holiday in Phuket. They are usually wealthy and self-independent. If they like you, it’s an easy laid because they are open-minded forwards hookups.


How To Get Phuket Girls Interested In You

picking up girls in phuket

Now that you know where to pick up girls in Phuket, a few essential points to successfully pick up girls and get laid fast…

  • Smile, Smile, Smile

Thailand is the land of smiles for a reason: friendliness. If you don’t smile when hooking up with girls in Phuket, you have already failed even before speaking a word.

  • Simple and Stimulating Conversations

Phuket girls are not overly complicated, so they don’t want to hear about your fancy job and how much is in your pocket. Try to keep your conversations simple and stimulating.

  • Compliment her

Compliments are a big thing not only for Thai girls in Phuket but all over Thailand. They love to feel wanted. Throw a few compliments here and there, but don’t overdo it.

  • Never Choke

Phuket girls love direct and confident men that can hold their masculinity. Some lady might speak inappropriately, but you keep your cool.

  • Ask For A Date

Do you see a hot girl somewhere? A few words and then get her phone number. Meet her again and close the deal. The same applies online, don’t talk much but ask her out.

If you followed the steps to perfection, you would most definitely get their attention.

I’ve given you tips on how to get Phuket girls and the best places to meet singles. Now is your time to make a move, and I want you to have an excellent time!