Sexy Girls in Thailand

Best Places to Meet Sexy Girls in Thailand

If you are planning to visit Thailand, you might be searching for the best places to meet sexy Thai girls.

That’s exactly what I will show you today.

There is no better place in the world than Thailand for a sex holiday – The beaches are wonderful, the food is great, the cost of living is low and girls are hot!

If you have been to Thailand already, you know how easy is to get laid in the red light districts. But what makes Thailand like heaven is the fact that you don’t necessarily need to pay for sex.

There are plenty of everyday Thai girls open to the idea to hook up with a foreign man.

These girls are feminine and aren’t been ruined by Western fast-food diets – and it shows in the tightness of their bodies, the respect shown forward men and the need for submission.

You are going to enjoy an experience with a Thai girl – and I’m about to show you the best ways to meet them, starting with…



online girl in Thailand

On the other hand, with the girls you meet on dating sites is possible to create a deep sexual connection.

When you have a deep sexual connection with her, having sex is going to be natural, exciting and intimate.

Just imagine feeling her wet panties because she is craving to feel you inside her.

Instead of spending money on hookers, you can pay 600 baht for membership on Thai Friendly and meet immediately several Thai girls.

There are all sorts of motivation for girls to be on a dating site. Some enjoy hookup while others clearly mention on their profiles that they’re looking for a serious relationship.

So, you can meet Thai girls for a nightstand or for a long-term relationship.


Pick Up Girls in Nightclub & Bars at Night

pick up sexy girls in Thailand

Nightlife in Thailand is alive and kicking… Any other day of the week is party time.

The 3 best cities for nightlife are Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, where you can meet sexy girls that love to have fun, party hard and get laid.

Thailand nightlife is a bit different from most other countries in the world because there is a huge number of hookers freelancing in nightclubs and bars.

It’s difficult to understand who is who – hooker or regular girl?

Often happen to flirt with a girl thinking she isn’t a pro only to find out the next morning she wants money from you.

Picking up girls in nightclubs and bars in Thailand is definitely a challenge for the first time travelers who can’t distinguish between girls.

Most people think is easy to pick up Thai girls at night, but because most tourists visit only the red light districts while in Thailand.

If you really want to pick up sexy girls in Thailand, you should know how to talk to girls… Or you will not get laid.

Hot Thai girls know their worth and are attracted only to confident men like any other woman in the world. And again, I’m not talking about hookers here but regular girls.

I recommend choosing wisely the bars and nightclubs where you want to hang out, there are places with more working girls or more regular girls…


Day Game

Guess where the hottest women in Thailand hang out all the time?

Yes, in shopping malls.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because sexy Thai girls love to dress well, so they can attract the guy’s attention.

Also, shopping malls are the best places to escape from the hot weather.

If you are a confident guy that know how to attract women, just pay a visit to any shopping mall after 3 pm and you can pick up as many sexy girls as you can handle.

Thai girls are receptive to flirting and respect a man that can make the first move to talk to them.

In touristic areas, your chances of scoring are much higher than in provincial cities.

The reason is city girls have better English skills, making the conversation possible.

If you speak a few Thai words, that is a great advantage because Thai girls love to hear foreigners speak some of their languages.

The sexiest girls in Thailand hang out in the “brand shopping malls” where you can find dresses made by international fashion designers like Gucci and Prada.


To Recap…

Your best options to meet sexy girls in Thailand are:

  • Online
  • Bars and Nightclubs at Night
  • Day Game

If you prefer to meet Thai girls avoiding embarrassment or rejection, take advantage of Thailand dating sites to scout for girls.

If you are a confident man that doesn’t mind to get rejected and know some basic Thai language, day game in the malls or in the clubs at night.

Now that you know the best places to meet sexy Thai girls, it’s your time to make a move.

Have fun!