Govenment Worker in Thailand

6 Reasons To Marry A Government Worker in Thailand And 3 Reasons Not To

There are several ways to go about marrying a Thai woman.

You can simply rent a wife if you want a hot lady to stay with you 24/7. But for those men who prefer an attractive, caring, and independent woman, I recommend going for a government worker.

Why is that, you might ask?

So here are the pros and cons of marrying a lady working for the government …


1. You Will Get Free Healthcare, Almost

One of the biggest benefits of being married to a government employee is that you are also covered by her medical insurance.

You can receive treatment at government hospitals with referrals to private hospitals for MRIs and other specialised care if needed. However, it depends on what scheme the public servant is in.

Due to cost-cutting measures, newer staff might not receive the same family privileges.

So I’d recommend casually asking what her healthcare insurance covers.

The good news is that even after retirement, she only has to pay an annual premium of around 36,000 baht, which is far cheaper than what expats typically pay.


2. There’s Always Someone to Take Care of You

Thai Women Making Meals for Her Husband

When it comes to marrying a government worker, nurses are the Holy Grail and should be your top priority.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the majority of the nurses I’ve met are incredibly attractive and sweet.

Probably because they understand the importance of nutrition and take care of themselves and others.

So for those men who need special care, this is a great option. But even if you can’t find a nurse, Thai women in general are quite nurturing.

When they’re not working, they will make sure to satisfy you in bed, prepare your meals, and basically treat you like a king.

But before actually getting married, it’s wise to discuss your expectations. Ask her if she’s up for doing the things you’re looking for.

Because some working women may have a different mindset and might not be interested in fulfilling traditional roles.


3. Life Generally Becomes Much Easier

Government workers have several privileges besides health benefits.

For example,  a flash of their government ID can get them out of a traffic stop or speed up some bureaucratic hurdle.

Whether it’s getting a driver’s license, dealing with immigration, or handling other paperwork, officials help each other out.

Everyone else has to deal with the hassle. It might be unfair, but it’s definitely convenient. They also receive a big payout when they retire and a decent pension based on their job level (more on that later).

These things matter especially if you’re planning to settle in Thailand for a long time.


4. Age Is Not a Problem for Them

The great thing about Thai women is that age is often not an issue for them. They’re frequently open to giving older men a chance.

You can find a hot 25-year-old government worker even if you’re over 60.

Imagine a young woman spoiling you in her tight white uniform, it’s like a dream retirement…

If you don’t believe me, check out this video of Odin, a 71-year-old man, sharing his story with his 31-year-old girlfriend, Nann.


5. She’s Not Entirely Dependent on You

I’m not saying that if you marry a government worker, you won’t have to spoil her and take her out on shopping sprees.

She will have certain financial expectations from you, too. But the good thing is she won’t be entirely dependent on you.

She earns a decent salary, so she won’t entirely depend on you to feed her whole family, which I often see in a regular marriage in Thailand.

Plus, government workers get a big payout from their retirement fund along with a decent monthly pension.

The pension amount depends on how high they climb in their careers since it’s a percentage of their final salary. But it’s usually enough to live a good life.


6. You Can Eventually Get Thai Citizenship

I’m not saying it’s easy, but if you marry a Thai national, you can apply for citizenship.

There are of course, other requirements, but having a Thai wife definitely makes the process easier.

And you will get priority in government offices because of your wife’s white uniform.

Hot Thai Government Worker in Her Tight White Uniform

You can better gauge whether applying for citizenship is worth it or not. But I’m just putting it out there that it becomes an option.


3 Reasons to Not Marry a Government Worker in Thailand


1. She Might Heavily Be In Debt

One thing you have to be careful of is loans. Government employees, especially teachers, are often heavily in debt due to the cheaper loans they can access.

For example, when a government teacher gets her certification, she will automatically qualify for roughly a 1.4 million baht line of credit with the teacher’s credit union.

Most of them run it up to the limit very quickly and end up in huge debt for the next 30 years.

It would be wise for you to bring this matter up before marriage and confirm her particular financial situation.

A friend of mine befriended a teacher who was only interested in finding someone to pay off her extensive outstanding loans.

Fortunately, he realised this in time and bailed out, but not everyone is that lucky.


2. If You Want a Fulltime Housewife

Thai Woman Fulltime Housewife

The thing about government workers is that they need to work 40 hours a week.

If you’re expecting your wife to be there to bear and raise a few childrens, you might need to adjust your expectations.

Sure, she will be there to take care of you, but that will be after she finishes her work or on weekends.

But if you’re lucky, then she will at least take care of you, because like I said earlier, by nature, Thai women are very feminine. They love taking care of their partners.


3. Stress and Social Image

Government positions can be stressful and demanding, which might affect her mood and energy levels at home.

The pressures of her job could spill over into your personal life and there might be days when she’s cranky and fights over every small thing.

On top of that, being married to a government worker might come with certain social and professional expectations.

You might have to attend formal events and maintain a particular social image, which might not align with your personal preferences.