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Guide To Dating Chiang Mai Girls For Single Guys

If you are wondering where to meet single girls in Chiang Mai, this guide is for you. You’ll learn the best hookups places to meet and date women in Chiang Mai during the day and at night.

I’ll start with the nightlife, exploring the best nightclubs and pick up bars. Next, I’ll cover day games and then, online dating.

Let’s begin with…


Chiang Mai Nightlife for Singles

Chiang Mai nightlife is exciting any days of the week, but the best nights out are on Friday and Saturday. Loi Kroh Road is the most famous nightlife area in Chiang Mai for expatriate and tourists alike.

However, it is not the best place to meet single girls or taking a date since Loi Kroh Road is a red light district area. There you can find girlie bars, massage parlors and clubs.

If you want to meet proper girls in Chiang Mai, you better off to Nimmanhaemin Road and the night market area as they are popular with university girls and office women.

To give you a better overview of Chiang Mai nightlife, I’ll start by covering the best pick up bars, which are the early night spots to meet girls, and then, the hottest nightclubs to pick up horny locals.


Best Pick Up Bars In Chiang Mai

In this list, I don’t mention Spicy Club and Zoe in Yellow Bar because are places to hook up with freelancers and hookers. I review only the best spots to pick up single girls.

  • The Warm Up Bar
    The Warm Up Bar is the best choice if you want to meet university girls.
  • Rush Bar
    There is a local band playing live music which attracts large groups of Thai people. Plenty of cute and young Chiang Mai girls.
  • Boy Blue Bar
    Great place to pick mature women on their 30s and 40s and to listen to Jazz & Blue music.


Best Nightclubs To Hook Up


  • Sound Up Club
    Great music and friendly Thai and Chinese girls searching for hook ups with foreigners. 
  • The Infinity Club
    It is one of the largest clubs in Chiang Mai. It is the best place to pick up the young, the beautiful, and the bold.
  • Differ Chiang Mai
    No foreigners in this place, only Chiang Mai girls. The place gets going after midnight.


How To Meet Women In Chiang Mai During The Day


Shopping malls are the most common areas where you will meet Chiang Mai girls during the day. Not only Thai girls love shopping, but the shopping centers have all the comforts including air con, restaurants, bars and more.

There are also hundreds of girls employed by the shops who are easy to approach, get the phone number and ultimately date them.

The good thing about picking up shop assistants is that they must talk to you, making the start of the conversation less awkward then chatting up regular girls shopping around.

The only downside is that many girls working in the shops can’t speak proper English. So, speak slowly and use simple words to get their phone numbers.

The best way to get a date is two visits to the shops a few times, find out what the girl like and buy a small gift for her.

Below is a list of the most popular shopping malls to meet Chiang Mai women:

  • Central Plaza Airport Chiang Mai at Mahidol Road
  • Maya Lifestyle Shopping Mall at Huay Kaew Road
  • Central Festival Chiang Mai
  • Promenade Resort Mall Chiang Mai
  • Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Mall at Huay Kaew Road


Chat With Single Girls Online


One common thing you will realize after landing in Chiang Mai is that the majority of Thai girls are not in a position of expressing themselves in fluent English.

If you can’t communicate, it’s hard to convince the girls to give you their contact details, set up dates and ultimately getting laid.

To make this matter worst, Chiang Mai babes are very shy when approached in public, causing rejections for embarrassment even though they would like to know you.

The simple solution to overcome those challenges is by using popular Thai dating sites where most girls can at least write in English and are less prone to shy away from you.

Girls on dating sites are there not because they want to go out party with friends or shopping around, but because they want to meet and date you.

When a girl chats with you online, that means she is open to the idea to date you. Once you go out with her, the next natural step is having sex.

There is no better way of getting laid without fearing rejections or awkward situations and wasting time by trying to pick up girls around Chiang Mai.


Tips For Single Guys In Chiang Mai

Ok, now you have got an idea about the best ways to meet singles in Chiang Mai, here a few tips to successfully hook up with local girls if it’s your first time in Chiang Mai.

For a great nightlife in Chiang Mai, consider staying around Nimmanhaemin Road where most nightclubs, bars, and malls are located.

You can easily meet English-speaking single women around Loi Kroh Road, but they are mostly prostitutes.

Considering that Chiang Mai is in Thailand and the local girls speak basic English, learning a few words in Thai will be more stimulating and interesting for the conversation.

Don’t forget to dress well – Self-respect and appearance have a great effect when meeting singles in Chiang Mai. Most foreign men dress likes, well, tourists. So, you can get ahead of them by simply wearing a pair of trousers, a polo shirt and shoes.

Another important virtue in Thailand is “patience”. A good Thai chick won’t rush to meet you, but by keeping the conversation going, she’ll eventually get interested in you.

When a Thai girl accepts to go out with you, she is already open to the idea of having sex. Don’t be surprised to get laid in Chiang Mai at the first date, things develope quickly with Thai women.

The next thing you might get married… And wondering how you got there 🙂

And finally, choose your venue wisely, and this depends on the type of girl you want to date. If she is a classy girl that value style and fine things from life, don’t take her to eat in a mall restaurant, but rather a fine dining restaurant in a hotel.


Enjoy Dating Chiang Mai Girls


Hope now you have a better idea of the best places where to meet single Chiang Mai girls and how to date them.

Chiang Mai is a good place to live with splendid natural beauty and a great cost of living, making it an attractive destination for foreign men.

However, the strongest reason you should consider moving there is the beautiful women and easiness to hook up.

The day date options in this city are endless while Chiang Mai nightlife has plenty of spots to pick up Chiang Mai girls hot for action.

Get a leg in the door before visiting the city by using dating sites to set up dates, that way you don’t arrive empty handed but you get the ball rolling immediately.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Enjoy your time in this city!