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Guide To Dating Pattaya Girls For Single Guys

If you are looking for places where to meet single girls in Pattaya, I’m going to give you all the answers. By the end of this guide, you will have some ideas about the best hook ups to meet Pattaya girls, 24/7.

I’ll start with the nightlife in Pattaya where I cover the best nightclubs and bars to pick up girls in town. Next, we get into day games and finally online dating.

I’ll also give in a few tips to successfully date and get laid with girls in Pattaya.

Let’s start with…


Pattaya Nightlife for Singles 


Pattaya nightlife is a must for every single guy, whether you’re in this city for a weekend or an extended stay.

The epicenter area that is puzzling with bars, nightclubs, restaurants and more is Walking Street. Yes, the most infamous red light districts in the world.

The thing is this stretch of road it isn’t all about sex for money, there are a few Western-style nightclubs where you can find local single girls.

During the weekend, there are girls from Bangkok coming down to have fun and getting laid. It can get very tricky to understand who is who because good girls are mix up with hookers in the clubs.

If you want to avoid prostitutes all together, there are two major clubs in north Pattaya with many hot girls but you need to speak a few words of Thai.

It can be hard to break in the groups to pick up girls, but if you feel adventurous, give it a try.

Let’s check out the best Pattaya pick up bars, which are the early night areas to meet Thai women. Then, I’ll talk about the best nightclubs to finish the night in style.


Best Pick Up Bars in Pattaya

  1. Horizon Bar
    In addition to being the best place to meet classy girls, Horizon bar also gives you an excellent view of Pattaya city. 
  1. Candy Bar Walking Street
    It is a popular bar in Walking Street where girls warm up for the night.
  1. Red Car Pub in Walking Street
    Red Car is a disco pub with pool tables. It’s easy to pick up girls because most of the time you have to share a table with someone as the place is crowded.


Best Nightclubs To Hook Up

I didn’t mention Insomnia and Lucifer because 95% of the girls are freelancer prostitutes. If you want to have high chances to score with regular girls, check out:

  1. Hollywood
    So many hot chicks every day of the week but you must speak basic Thai.
  2. Mixx Discotheque
    If you want to meet Russian women beside Thais, this is your club.
  3. The Pier Disco Club
    The club has a great light system, techno music and busy with office girls on the weekends.
  4. 808 Nightclub
    Mostly hookers, but there are a few singles in the mix.


How To Meet Women in Pattaya During The Day

Do you want to meet beautiful Pattaya girls during the day? Of course, your answer is yes, that is why you are reading this.


The first place to meet Thai women during the day is the shopping mall. Here, you will find both working and shopping ladies that are easy to chat up.

However, before approaching, make sure you can start a conversation with confidence and do it discreetly.

The most popular shopping malls in Pattaya to meet hot girls include:

If Thai girls aren’t your thing, you can meet Russian girls in Pattaya mostly on the beaches like:

  • Jomtien Beach
  • Pattaya Beach
  • Wong Amat Beach
  • Naklua Beach


Chat With Single Girls Online

Picking up girls in Pattaya at nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and bars is fun, but it easier to meet them through online dating.

Why work more when you can get more dates by doing less?


There are a few popular Thai dating sites packed with local girls in Pattaya eager to go out with you. They are on dating sites because they need intimacy.

Just upload a few good pictures of yourself, write what you are looking for and get ready to be contacted by 20-40 girls per week. You are going to be busy to set up dates for your next trip to Pattaya.

That helps you to get the ball rolling once you land, you can even ask the girls to meet you at the airport in Bangkok. Imagine starting making out while traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya, isn’t that a fun way to start your trip?

Tips For Single Guys In Pattaya

Having covered the best places to meet singles in Pattaya, now it is time to show you how to get ready for your first hook up.

There are high chances of making your first time in Pattaya as a single guy the last if you’re not well prepared… Or worst, end up sleeping with a hooker because you can’t get laid with a quality Pattaya babe.

First, avoid staying in a hotel during your vacation as that scream “sex tourist” in the mind of any decent Thai girl. Just get an apartment on Airbnb where you can take your dates to “Watch TV”.

Make sure to book a place close to Walking Street where most single women hang out at night. In that area, there are many quality eateries that don’t necessarily break the bank, so they are the perfect place to hook up with your dates.

Keep your conversations with girls in Pattaya as simple as possible, they can speak basic English but shy away if you over complicate things.

Don’t forget to bring your own condoms as the size in Thailand can be very small.


Enjoy Dating Pattaya Girls

pattaya girlfriends to date

This is your typical tourist beach town so coming up with a game plan isn’t that hard, just talk to the girls and see how it goes.

Pattaya girls are known to be having a certain appeal that makes every foreign man find them so desirable. Probably because they know how to please, a by living with so many foreigners all around, they get accustomed to a different culture.

Recruit a few girls on dating sites weeks before visiting Pattaya to get the ball rolling once you land so you don’t need to run the roads searching for girls.

What else? It is time to put these tips into practice for a great dating experience as a single guy in Pattaya.