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getting girl in Thailand

How To Get A Girl In Thailand

Getting girls in Thailand is pretty simple when you know where to hang out and how things work here. And I’m not referring only to Thai prostitutes, but also everyday girls like students.

When foreigners brag about how easy is to get girls in Thailand, most of the time they refer to semi-prostitutes like freelancer girls.

Yet, all the civilian girls you see working in restaurants, shops, and in the metro aren’t that hard to date.

There are basically five options to find a Thai girl:

  1. you pick up girls in the streets, bars or nightclubs (nightstand)
  2. you rent a Thai girl (temporary girlfriend, holiday companion)
  3. you meet Thai girls on a dating site and go for a date (permanent girlfriend or wife)
  4. you hook up with horny girls on adult sites (nightstand, fuck buddy)
  5. you get to know Thai girls in everyday circumstances (friendship)

Every option had pros and cons, different costs, and outcomes. After reading this, you’ll know exactly which one suits you the most.


1. Pick Up Thai Girls

This can be the easiest or the hardest way to get girls in Thailand. I already wrote how to pick up Thai girls, and basically you have two options which are the extreme opposite: pick up prostitutes or pick up everyday girls.

If you plan to pay for it, there are plenty of working girls at night in any major tourist destination around the country. But there are also everyday girls interested to meet foreign men.

It’s easy to get a prostitute, just pay her fee. Instead, it takes some effort to pick up civilian girls.

Obviously, get laid with a prostitute isn’t the same to have sex with a civilian Thai girl. Actually is pretty demoralizing for one self-esteem to use the services of working girls.

Yet many tourists who visit Thailand choose the easiest way.


2. Rent A Thai Girl

In a country with an average salary of only 150 US$ per month, renting a Thai girl isn’t that expensive.

And thanks to the cultural openness of Thai people forward relationships with benefits, it isn’t that hard to get a temporary girlfriend or female travel/holiday companion.

It’s a great way to find a Thai girl for company and intimacy without having to commit to a serious relationship.

For example, you can get a university girl as a temporary girlfriend. But once she finishes her studies or you find another girlfriend, the relationship ends without broken feelings.

Meaning you don’t have to deal with drama, nagging or restricted freedom but you can enjoy all the benefits of a relationship like intimacy and companionship. And the best part is no one gets hurt.


3. Meet Thai Girls On Dating Sites

Thai girls who are interested to get into a relationship with a foreign man use dating sites like Thai Friendly.

There are all sorts of Thai girls from different walks of life like students, nurses, teachers, and even career women. Hardly you won’t find a Thai girl that suits you on a dating site because there are so many ladies online.

Some of the girls look for friendship, others for a foreign boyfriend and some for a husband.

You can find my review of the 3 most popular dating sites in Thailand here.


4. Meet Thai Girls On An Adult Site

If you aren’t interested in dating girls and you don’t like the idea to have sex with prostitutes, you can simply meet horny Thai girls on an adult site like Asian Match Mate.

It’s an open-minded community where people find sex partners without strings attached.

Most of the members are located in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket. But there are also Thai girls from the provinces.

Even though the primary reason why people use this site is to get laid, you can build some interesting friendships.


5. Meet Thai Girls In Everyday Circumstances

There are plenty of beautiful everyday girls working in restaurants, shops, etc. And most are single and looking for a relationship, especially the young one.

If you start a conversation they talk to you without any prejudice, no matter your age.

And you’ll notice they might giggle nervously. They do that because they are nervous talking with a foreigner and shy about their English skills.

But with a lot of patience, a translator on your phone, and a few visits at their workplace, you can get their contacts and meet up when they are off.

The easiest girls to approach are the ones serving foreign customers. For example, girls working in money exchanges or hotel receptions.


Best And Worst Girls In Thailand

The best girls in Thailand are university girls and the young ladies working at the 7/11 store.

But if you have the option, for uni girl…

found Thai girl in university

Those girls’ only interest is to finish university and make their parents proud. Meaning they still don’t think about serious things like to start a family or have kids, but only want to have fun.

As far as you treat them with respect and kind words, they’ll give you an awesome time in Thailand.

The worst Thai girls you can get are the bar girls. They are money minded and mercenary, and quite boring to have a conversation. What can you expect from uneducated girls?

And they aren’t even that great in bed as many claims. They might do naughty things because you pay them to do it, but not on the same level as those civilian girls who do it because they love it.

In conclusion, stay away from bar girls and instead go for uni girls or ladies working in 7/11 stores.

If you’re confident and speak some words of Thai, you can meet Thai girls in everyday situations. Otherwise, use dating or adult sites to get a girl in Thailand