How To Pick Up Girls In Thailand

Picking up girls in Thailand isn’t that hard when you know how to approach the matter.

Maybe you want to pick up an everyday girl for short-term dating, or you just want a one-night stand. Whatever your intent, I’m going to explain how to do both.

See, a lot of guys who head out to Thailand know that’s easy to pick working girls in nightclubs, bars and on the streets. But when it comes to everyday girls like students, the matter gets more complicated.

Not only you need to know where to hang out if you want to avoid prostitutes, but you need to understand how to make a Thai girl interested in you.

By the way, also when picking up working girls you should behave like a good manner man. I’ve seen several men that come off as rude and creepy in the eyes of a Thai girl.

As you can see in this video, this guy is talking to a Thai working girl as if he was trying to buy a cow at the market.

No wonder why working girls ask ridiculous money to certain types of guys and charge almost nothing to others.

In other words, the result of having a great time or a horrible experience comes down to how you approach and talk to the girls. No matter if she is a hooker in the street or a civilian girl in the club, it’s all about how you make her feel.

So, whether you’re looking for girls to date or to pay for play, by the end of the article you’ll know exactly how to pick up girls in Thailand.


Tips To Pick Up Thai Girls

For pick up girls in Thailand, there are a few fundamentals to follow. Some are universal while others are related to Thai culture.

For example, looking at a girl in the eye while speaking to her shows that you are a confident guy. Any girl in the world is attracted to confident men. This is universal.

Another example is when you approach a Thai girl you should speak softly and gently. This is a cultural thing.

Thai society gives a lot of importance to politeness, and no matter how good looking or rich a guy is, even a girl working the streets won’t spend the night with him if he isnòt polite.

Having said that, here a few tips that make the difference when picking up Thai girls:

  • Speak slowly – Most girls feel shy and uncomfortable to speak in English. Help her to understand you better.
  • Learn a few Thai words – If you speak only three words of Thai, that’s enough to make her curious about you. Sawadee Krap (Hello) – Soae (beautiful) – Jub (kiss)
  • Make her laugh – Thai girls love to have fun and laugh.
  • Don’t touch her in public – In Thai culture display of affection are creepy acts.
  • Smile – If in the land of smiles you don’t smile, girls will see you like a creepy guy.

Those basics are enough to get you started, now let’s have a look where to pick up civilian girls and working girls in Thailand.


Where To Pick Up Civilian Girls In Thailand

You can either pick up civilian girls during the day in the BTS train stations and the malls. Or pick up Thai girls at night in nightclubs outside the red light areas.


Picking Up Thai Girls During The Day

If you’re looking for a nice Thai girl to date and have sex with, pick them up at the BTS train stations or at the mall is still an option. But you’ll need to be confident and conversational.

Speak to a Thai girl during the day is pretty easy, the hard part is to keep the conversation going. First, Thai girls aren’t used to be stopped by men just for a chat. Second, communication can be a real struggle.

Anyway, to increase your chances to pick up Thai girls during the day, use the classic tourist opener: ask for direction.

Here an example in this video…

Once she gives you directions, follow up with a nice compliment about her dress or hair, and ask if she knows a nice place to have a drink. And of course, ask her to join you.

Is she late for work? Ask for her phone number.


Picking Up Thai Girls At Night

Thai girls love to party and hook up with guys.

And the best place to pick up Thai girls who aren’t prostitutes is to visit a nightclub outside the red light areas…

picking up thai girls in nightclub

But you should bring a friend with you because it’s hard to start conversations if you are alone. Thai people party in big groups, so a solo guy is a rare sight.

That all said, your chances of picking up a Thai girl in a club will improve a lot if you can speak some Thai.

In my experience, girls in Thai nightclubs speak moderate English but they’re not fluent. Therefore, it’s also a good idea to smile a lot to keep the situations as relaxed as possible.


Where To Pick Up Thai Prostitutes

Just visit the tourist areas in any destination, and you’ll find Thai prostitutes all over the place.

For example, in Bangkok go to Sukhumvit Road, in Pattaya go to Walking Street and in Phuket go to Patong.

Yet, every area has different kinds of hookers and prices.


Pick Up Bars

It’s common knowledge that if you want to pick up a bar girl, you should head to a bar. Yet, there are two types of bars: gogo bars and beer bars.

Gogo bars are close venues with aircon where you’ll find sexy Thai girls dancing semi-naked or fully naked.

It’s pretty easy to pick up a girl here. Just order a drink for her, and she’ll come over to chat with you. No much effort needed because she’ll try to sell herself.

On the other hand, beer bars are open bars without privacy. Meaning the girls have to wear dresses.

As in the gogo bars, here you can pick girls by simply pay the bar fine to the bar and the rate to the girl.



When you visit a nightclub in a tourist area, 95% of the girls are Thai Freelancers.

Unlike in the bars, it takes more confidence to pick up working girls in the nightclubs. You can’t simply buy her a drink, but you have to start a conversation in a confident manner.

Say something like “Hi, my name is Rocco. What’s yours?”. And from the have a talk and a few drinks together.

When you are done partying, take her back to your place.



Walk down any street in a tourist area and you’ll find plenty of Thai girls and ladyboys…

picking up prostitutes in Thailand

It’s a sort of human market where every girl has a tag price. You simply need to say “Hi” and start a normal conversation as you would do with a friend. And soon you’ll be asked if you want she goes with you.

Yet, picking up Thai girls in the street can be a scary experience for the first time traveler. However, it’s safe to do so unless you pick up a ladyboy.


There Are Better Ways To Hook Up In Thailand?

Yes, there are.

Meeting Thai girls in the streets, bars, and clubs is totally possible but you need to know how to approach girls without coming across as scary.

Instead, using a dating site is a more natural way to hook up with Thai girls because you don’t need to approach anyone, but simply send a message.

It’s a less stressful way to communicate and build that attraction necessary to make a Thai lady eager to hook up with you.

Just imagine talking with a beautiful Thai girl online waiting for the moment to meet her in Thailand…

pick up thai girl

How is going to be your first time when you and she are behind closed doors? You can bet she’ll be all over you.

In conclusion, you can pick up Thai girls anywhere but make sure to let them know your intentions as soon as possible, and be confident.

But if you can’t stand the pressure to talk with girls face to face, get to know them on a dating site and meet up once you arrive in Thailand.