Thailand girls guide

Guide To Meet Thai Girls In Thailand

If you want to meet Thai girls but you don’t know where to get started, this guide is for you.

It covers in detail how to find friendship, romance, sex, and a relationship with a Thai woman. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an expat living here or you’re planning only to visit the country on holiday… I’ve something for you.

The majority of foreign men meet only prostitutes and gold diggers. Sometimes by design but often by accident. And that’s unfortunate because there are many nice Thai ladies craving to meet a foreign man.

So this guide is designed to make people aware of the dating culture in Thailand, how to meet Thai girls inside and outside the red light areas, plus useful tips. In short, It shows how to meet/date/hook up with Thai girls.

This Thai Girl Guide was last updated on 30 July 2020




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Intro To Dating Culture in Thailand
General information for expatriate and foreign men who want to meet Thai girls

Best Places To Meet Single Girls In Thailand
Meet good Thai ladies

How To Date University Girls In Thailand
Best ways to meet and date friendly Thai university students

Where to Find Thai Nightlife Girls And Get Laid
An overview of the best places where to pick up Thai girls

How To Get A Girlfriend In Thailand
Find a Thai girl for a relationship

Tips To Date Thai Women
Don’t waste time, get results with women in Thailand


Intro To Dating Culture In Thailand

Thailand is world-famous for its sex tourism. Ther are countless red light districts in the country with thousands of working girls selling sex and companionship.

Yet, the majority of foreign men are unaware that Thai girls outside the red light areas are conservative.

It’s pretty easy to start a conversation, but it can be hard to hook up if you don’t understand how the Thai dating culture work.

The first thing you should be aware of is there is no hookup culture in Thailand. Meaning that Thai ladies go for a date with the intention to get into a relationship, not to have a nightstand.

When a Thai woman accept to go for a drink or dinner with you, what she really wants is to become your girlfriend. And if she has sex with you on the first or second date is only because she hopes to get you interested in her.

However, there is to make a clear destination between Thai girls in Bangkok and the ladies from the other provinces.

Thailand girls

On the left side Thai girl in Bangkok while on the right side a Thai woman from the province.

Generally speaking, girls in Bangkok are more open-minded forward hookups and sex in general. Instead, Thai women from other cities and towns are more prudish.

If you date a province girl, expect the first time she’ll bring a girlfriend with her. That is her way to let you know that she needs more time to know you before getting intimate.

On the other hand, Bangkok girls rarely will show up with a girlfriend. But keep in mind they are more confident and not so easy to convince getting intimate at the first meet up if they want more than a casual relationship.

In conclusion, girls for sex in Thailand are easily available in the red light districts across the country. But if you want to hook up with a civilian girl, Bangkok girls are more open-minded than Thai girls in other provinces.


Best Places To Meet Single Girls In Thailand

There are basically only a few places where you can meet good Thai ladies. And they aren’t the red light areas, bars or nightclubs.

Thai Girls In Everyday Situations

The best way to meet Thai girls is to approach them where you can have a normal conversation. Places like the gym, yoga classes at the university, coworking spaces, and so on.

Forget to approach Thai women in the streets or the metro unless you can speak some Thai. Not only Thai girls are shy to be approached in public, but they aren’t comfortable with their English skills.

When at the restaurant, 7-11, or a coffee shop, the girls smile always. Don’t assume they smile because they like you, but it’s just how Thais show kindness.

However, if you’re a regular customer, you can start with small talks and over time they’ll warm up to the idea to meet you after work.

Thai Girls On Dating Sites

A less awkward way to meet single Thai girls is to use a dating site. There are plenty of girls interested to meet a foreign man.

Most Thai girls on dating sites want a serious relationship, but in popular tourism destinations, there are always some Thai chicks that want to meet foreign men just for sex.

Anyway, just create a profile with a photo and you can immediately start to talk with Thai girls online.

You can find an overview of the best dating sites in Thailand at the moment here.


How To Date University Girls In Thailand

If you’re looking to meet and date Thai university girls, I’m going to show how to do that.

Having the opportunity to enjoy the company of a young and intelligent Thai girl is an experience any man should try, no matter his age.

Just imagine have a uni Thai girl…

Thai university girl

Enjoy time together and enjoy each other company.

Most uni girls in their early 20s are naive and inexperienced. So it’s up to you to educate them on the intimacy side. But they are loyal and dedicated to making you happy in any way they can.

If you’re in your 20s, you can date college and university girls on any popular dating site like Thai Friendly. There are plenty of young girls craving to meet young foreigners. Just search for girls between 18-23 years, and meet up.

But if you’re older then that and really hard up for Thai girls studying in universities, the best place I can recommend is Seeking Arrangement.

Young Thai girls that can’t afford their studies use arrangement sites to find a man that can support them.

I wrote a review about Seeking Arrangement where I explain how relationships with benefits work.

To conclude, students are the best Thai girls you can get. If you’re in your 20s simply use a dating site to contact college and university girls. Otherwise use an arrangement site to rent a Thai student.

I wrote about the cost of Thai university girls here.


Where To Find Thai Nightlife Girls And Get Laid

If you want to party and pick up Thai girls at night, you should focus on these five popular tourist destinations: Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, and Chiang Mai.

Nightlife Girls In Bangkok

Girls in Bangkok are open-minded about hookups, and I’m not referring only to hookers.

There are areas like “RCA” and “Thonglor” where you hook up with young girls, and most are university ladies. Of course, you should be in your 20s if you want to have any chances to score.

And then there are the red light areas along Sukhumvit Road where you can pick up girls in bars, nightclubs and even in the streets.

Read More: Guide To Girls in Bangkok

Nightlife Girls In Phuket

You’ll find the majority of Phuket girls in Patong which is the center of the nightlife on the island. The usual pick up places are nightclubs, gogo bars, beer bars, and nightclubs.

And because Phuket is a sex tourism destination, you won’t find nice Thai ladies out at night. They don’t want to hang out among hookers for obvious reasons.

If you want to hook up with nice Thai girls, use a dating site.

Nightlife Girls In Pattaya

Pattaya is a sex tourism destination like Phuket. Meaning you’ll find a lot of nightlife girls selling sex, but rarely any opportunities to hook up with genuine Thai girls.

All the town at night is a party place, with the bars in Jomtien closing early while Walking Street and Soi Buakhao open until late in the morning.

You can pick up girls anywhere at night in Pattaya, but if you’re looking for the cheapest and hottest girls in Pattaya, read my guide to freelancers in Pattaya.

Nightlife Girls In Koh Samui

There are two main areas where to meet girls at night in Koh Samui: Lamai and Chaweng.

In Lamai, you’ll find for the most part massage and bar girls in their 30s-40s. Whereas in Chaweng there ladies in their 20s working in the bars or freelancing in clubs and the streets.

Nightlife Girls In Chiang Mai

You can pick up girls in popular hot spots like Zoe In Yellow and Spicy Club. Then you have the girlie bars in Loi Kroh Road and don’t miss out on the Chiang Mai Entertainment Complex.

If you prefer to pick up street girls have a walk around Tha Phae Gate after 9 pm


How To Get A Girlfriend In Thailand

When seeking a Thai girl for a relationship, you want to make sure to find someone with a genuine interest in you. Someone to experience intimate and romantic moments together.

The majority of foreign men end up with a bar girl or freelancers only interested in their money. And that’s a shame when there are so many nice Thai girls interested to meet a foreign man for affection.

Just imagine spending time with a beautiful and sincere Thai girlfriend…

Thai girl in the shopping mall

You and she enjoy companionship, friendship, and intimacy.

The thing is hard to get to know nice ladies if you don’t work in Thailand or you have a social circle of Thais.

Forget trying to meet girls in bars and nightclubs, you won’t find a good Thai girlfriend in those places. But only gold diggers and prostitutes.

The best way to find a proper girlfriend in Thailand is to use a dating site like Thai Friendly. There are plenty of single girls craving for attention and love.

It’s only a matter to create a profile for free and send out a message introducing yourself. Unlike in the West, dating sites in Thailand work.

And if you prefer a casual or temporary girlfriend, another option is to rent a Thai girl.


Tips To Date Thai Women

Now that you know where to find Thai girls, it’s time to go for a date. And you might be wondering: “where should I take her?” or “what to do while dating a Thai girl?”

In Thailand, they say “don’t overthink” and go with the flow (Sabai Sabai). And the same applies when you date women in Thailand.

You can go for a romantic drink on the roof of a sky bar or a simple buffet meal in a Korean or Thai restaurant. It doesn’t really matter, Thai girls aren’t that hard to please unless you date a hi-so girl (high-class Thai lady).

Yet, an important thing is you should decide where and what to do. Women in Thailand expect the man to lead in every situation. So avoid to ask her where she wants to go.

The usual Thai dating venues are restaurants, cinemas, sky bars, and visit a landmark like a famous temple.

Avoid the shopping malls like the plague because if the girls might like something and you don’t buy it, she might get turned off. And a romantic walk at the park isn’t well-received either.

Make sure to date her nearby your place, so after whatever activity you have chosen, you can take her back to your room to watch a movie or drink some tea. This is the easiest way to get laid with Thai women.

And don’t forget that online dating in Thailand is popular, so take advantage of it.

This the end of this guide to girls in Thailand. Have fun!