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What I Have Learned by Dating Asian Women Online


How I get Laid For Free

“You’re going to discover exactly why online dating is a crazy, beautiful world… for having free sex”

I got into dating sites years ago while searching for an easy solution to meet attractive women while traveling around Asia.

The classic/old system to pick up women at bars, clubs and malls wasn’t producing guarantee results (having free sex) and wasting my precious vacation time.

It was demoralizing.

Some night I was just getting drunk and head back to the hotel alone, sometimes with a phone number and a promised to hook up the next day.

I felt devastated, and my morale was getting low, affecting my single man vacation spirit.

While speaking with a friend of mine about this problem, he told me to use an Asian dating site to meet with local women. I was a bit puzzled.

“Dating online is only for the looser, isn’t it?”

“No, no, no…” he quickly assured me – seeing my skepticism – “This isn’t like online dating in Europe. Not at all. Online dating in Asia is different”.

That day I discover a new way to meet with beautiful girls and get laid without the need to pick up.

I’m going to show you all that I’ve learned in dating Asian women online…


Why Dating Asian Women Online?

Over the years, I have met so many girls that I have lost the count.

It is fun and thrilling to meet new girls with ease and by filtering a selection with a click.

Furthermore, online dating sites give you an incredible advantage in searching for the perfect match, only takes a click.

searching girls online dating sites

It is so easy that sometimes I feel ashamed of myself, but it is better than getting drunk lonely in a club, right?

I get emails from my reader‘s concern about their age and appearance, and I can guarantee that the rules are different in Asia than in the western world.

Asian women looking for a nice guy, that can speak politely and cares about his woman, age and appearance are of secondary importance.

I want to share with you, some of my favorite girls and their profile because it is so funny.

These girls are so lovely and sometimes a bit naive and surprisingly very open.


Malasyan girl

Britney is a lovely girl in her twenties. I found interesting her title “Someone who is loyal and caring. 🙂 Someone who loves traveling and spending time with me.”

She was perfect for me because I love to travel. I wrote to her; “where should we go this weekend?”. She immediately replays and after a month, we met in Kuala Lumpur.

I stayed with her for two days and after I moved on to a new gal. She was sweet and love caring, I felt like to be her Teddy Bear.


Bangkok Girl online

Gi is looking for a good man to share her life together, unfortunately, she met me first.

She was a bit hard to convince to share my hotel room and took two appointments to close the deal.

However, she was worth the effort.

We had a great time together, dining in some good restaurant as we are both passionate about food. She was an excellent tour guide around Bangkok, very sexy indeed.

On the third day I explain to her that I’m not looking for a relationship, at first, she got pissed but eventually, she understood, and we still keep in touch.


Cambodian girl online

Eva is Cambodian on her 25, but she looks younger.

The first time I chat with her, I felt in love immediately (it lasted only a few minutes). She speaks perfect English, and her manners are so feminine and genuine.

She came to Phnom Penh’s airport to pick me up in her car, which was a great surprise.

I spent 10 days with her traveling to Angkor Wat, visiting the most famous temple in Asia and Sihanoukville, relaxing by the beach.

It was sad to say goodbye, but I couldn’t stop my mission around Asia.


How to Get The Girls Ready To Have Sex With You

Asian girl ready for sex

Just tell them! Seriously

Is that simple? Yes, it is.

Many men feel nervous about proposing to have sex, and it is understandable.

Keep in mind an Asian woman can be disappointed if you don’t ask to have sex with her because she might think that you aren’t attracted to her.

With a simple change of mindset, will be just natural for you to lead the girls to your bedroom.

Regarding having sex with women you meet online, the first step is to ensure that once you meet her for real, she will open her legs to you.

You don’t want to spend hours online chatting with her only to find out that she is a virgin, and she will let it go only after marriage.

Few simple steps to make your first date a sex-success:

1. Let her see you are a good man. If she thinks you’re desirable and everything she wants in a great guy, half your work’s cut out for you already.

2. Let her know you like her. Most Asian women aren’t confident, so they need to hear from you that you like them. Time to time during your online chat, tell her your feelings and how happy you are to have met.

3. Talk dirty. I stop you immediately, you should talk dirty to her after the third chat, not before.

It’s important to get the spark build up and let her know that once met, and sex isn’t an alternative. Talk about her lingerie, what color she likes and what she would like you to buy for her. Now we go to stage 4.

4. Buy some kinky underwear. I always travel with my luggage full of underwear. I love to see the girls wearing it and the girls love to show me.

It is a win/win situation. This will clarify the obvious, let’s have sex.

5. Invite her to your hotel room. You’ve built the sexual tension already. She knows you’re not just a friend, and she knows you’re attracted to her already.

Never show affections in public places in Asia, do all behind the wall. She might seem shy at first, but trust me, she will rock the bedroom.

These simple steps will put you forward to have sex with your online girls; it is a simple but yet powerful formula. Make sure to follow all the steps before meeting your date in real life.


How Do I Know If She Really Likes Me

Not all men are interested in only sex, they also want to build a relationship with feelings, long conversations, understanding and love.

The best way to find it out is by listening. Let her talk about herself most of the time, her dreams, future, present and past.

These conversations will give you an understanding of who you are dealing with.

So, pay attention to her talks, there is so much true surfacing when you let women talk freely.

Her past is crucial, learn what she has been doing in the last years and you will understand in great details what she is after.

– What does she want from a relationship? Love, money or family.

– Can you offer what she wants? If Yes, she will like you.

You are a man, a man is a provider in the Asian world, and if you can provide her, she will love you. Full STOP.

After your holiday is over, if she tries to contact you online without asking for money, then there is a good chance that she is into you.

If she calls you because she needs money, usually the stories vary from mama is sick and I lost the phone, just delete her from your online profile and move on to a new girl.

I have noticed during my years of online pickups that every 5 girls you will find one hidden gem.

So, if you are looking for a serious relationship or marriage, I would recommend you to meet at least 5 women during your trip to put chances in your favor.

asian women dating

There you have it, date an Asian woman online, chat her up and have sex with her… Or build a relationship on steroids to move the relationship forward faster with your exotic woman.

I used to meet women as I go on my vacations because was much more “adventurous”, but the system was extremely unreliable.

Online dating is an excellent and practical way to connect, offering excellent results. I have met some really wonderful women online.

If I can, you can too.

I got an email from Bill that is getting married after meeting a 20 years younger girlfriend.

I want to say getting a young Asian wife is easy. I was on a dating site for 1 month and a hot 22 y/o from the Philippines messaged me we started talking and we are engaged now. I am 42. I will be there on March 15 and we plan to be married in September. She is a model.