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It can be hard to know where to start when planning your dream trip. What’s the first step? What’s the second? Third? Fourth? 
However, on this website we always start from the girls, because we travel only to meet, date and sometimes fall in love with them.

On this page, you’ll find a curated list of the best articles on this site related to dating, pick up tips and anything you need to know to get laid during your vacation.

Asian Match Mate Review

Kinky Asian Hookup Site For Open-Minded People When you don’t know anyone to have sex with, it can seriously be depressing… And with the urge of wanting to get laid, your only solution is to...
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14 Sexiest Nationalities In Asia

Some countries have sexier girls than others – there’s no avoiding that fact. There are numerous surveys confirming it. Yet, most surveys didn’t elaborate on the definition of the word “sexy” as it seems pretty...
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How To Rent A Wife In The Philippines

Renting a wife or girlfriend in the Philippines is a simple process that left many men happier than they were when they started. You’ll find Filipina offering you their companionship, friendship, intimacy, going with you...
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How To Seduce Bangkok Women

If you are wondering how to seduce women in Bangkok so you can easily have sex with them, you’ll find the answer in this guide. Thailand has its own culture and dating customs, and Bangkok is...
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Are Filipino Dating Sites Right For You?

I’ve heard all kinds of myths, theories, and fabrications about Filipino dating sites. Some people seem to think only hookers, scammers and easy women go there… Others believe that only goody-two-shoes hang around. Personally, though,...
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How to Seduce Any Filipino Girls

You don’t have to visit the red light district to meet Filipinas. Actually, you shouldn’t cause it’s pretty easy to seduce everyday girls. There is an incredible amount of beautiful girls that are hot and...
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Smooci Review: Escort Booking Site

Smooci has been introduced in Bangkok as an escort booking site in 2016. Since then, it expanded to Manila, Cebu, Angeles City, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, and in other parts of Europe....
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How To Meet Cambodian Girls Online

More and more guys are interested in meeting a Cambodia girl for a few good reasons: they are beautiful, well mannered, feminine and easy-going. Girls in Cambodia are quite polarizing, they are generally conservative or...
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How To Meet Asian Women

The most logical step to meet Asian women would be to move to Asia. But that isn’t always possible or practical. The good news is you don’t need to go anywhere if you want to...
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