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Korean Girls VS Thai Girls

Korean Girls VS Thai Girls

If you are wondering who offer the best erotic experiences and how Thai girls differ from Korean ladies in other aspects, you’ll find answers here.

So, let’s start with…

Sex & Relationship

korean girl

Korean girls are shy and conservative. So don’t expect to flaunt open relationships with other people.

Whereas in Thailand, you’ll meet more friendly girls who would love to converse over a drink. And won’t mind walking down the street to your hotel if you can insist so.


Looks Matter!

Korean Physical Features: Long legs, nice faces, beautiful white skin, and hair color that range from black to very light brown.

Frankly speaking, Korean girls have ravishingly striking features that are peerless to anywhere in Asia. They call it the S-line which is a delight for westerners who might not find anything similar to that back home.

You would love those long legs while their Kelly Brook like hips is simply amazing. With appearance to delight men, these sexy Korean girls can flaunt their features better than anyone and have the clout to sway every heart that catches a glimpse of them in their prime.

Thai Physical Features:

–        Province girls (Isaan)

Dark skinned, mostly short but some tall, skinny, muscular body, rounded asses and long black hair. Mostly hairy pussy. Get to know the Isaan Girls, the hidden beauties of Thailand.

–        City girls

White-skinned, tall and slim. MMosthave flat asses and loose bodies.

Asian girls from Thailand on the other hand, are very varied in looks compared with Korean girls. But being Asians they have a strange charm which is well complemented by their assets and is a great deal better than other Asian girls.



Beautiful and desirable by all means, Korean girls make up well in bed, but for having your way with them, you have to play it hard.

They would expect you to stay in touch all the time, whereas the Thai girls aren’t really that demanding. They understand that you would leave them once you’re done with them.

However, a Korean girl might want to spend her life with you if she lets you get into her pants. They understand that you would leave them once you’re done with them.

You must maintain a low profile and give your Korean girl some time before going private with her, whereas it’s more of a “talk and walk” scenario in Thailand.

Both Thai and Korean girls would love you for your wallet, but it is a Korean girl who would bring more value to the table than an average Thai girl.

Korean girls are more willing to speak their minds, let their intentions be known. Instead, Thai women are less straightforward and this might be an issue from time to time, as her expectations are unspoken.

Korean girls are more willing to speak their minds, let their intentions be known. Instead, Thai women are less straightforward and this might be an issue from time to time, as her expectations are unspoken.

There is much more to learn about Thai women that are essential in understanding their way of thinking.


A Little Deeper Into Their Psyche

Korean society is still obsessed with class, status, and race, so it’s your background that matters a lot here. Thailand is similar in the high society, but you can get away if hung out with province girls as they are looking for a better future, that only a foreign man can provide.

Most Korean men won’t take a girl as their wife who has shared her bed before. Virginity is still persistent among Korean girls but that’s changing now. So keep it simple and make sure you clear your intentions to her: that will save you time.


Things To Know About Thai And Korean Bar Girls

Korean bar girls come at a premium that you might regret after paying, but they are worth your money. They have amazing bodies and silk skin. You’ll love them for their meat and be thrilled when they stir rollicking under you.

Korean girls perform the best in bed among others in East Asia but Thai girls offer tough competition to their Korean sisters, who are as passionate lovers as them. They might not have bodily features similar to the sexy Korean girls, but they won’t let you lay easy in bed until you plead mercy.


A sexy Korean girl in Seoul can be yours for a long time at anything around 300,000 won which is translated to around US$300, whereas in Thailand, you can bang bar girls at anything between 1000 -3000 baht which convert to around US 35 to US$100.

You also need to tip these girls after having your way with them and anything around 1000 baht will make the Thai girls smile. On the other hand, a Korean girl might expect you to tip her as much as 100,000 won.

Kickass in bed, Thai Bar Girls cost much lower as per western standards whereas Korean girls are quite insanely priced. Thai girls might not be as beautiful as a hot Korean girl but choices are plentiful in Thailand and the price is a far cry from what you would pay in Korea.

Both day and night games work in Korea but you got to be a night lover to have your way with a Thai bar girl.


Why Do Travelers fail to have Amazing Vacation with Thai & Korean girls?

Travelers who ask me, “Rocco, why I feel Asian girls want only money from me?” are always (not sometimes) those who are not prepared, informed and don’t understand how Asian girls (especially bar girls) think. Behaving and acting like a two weeks millionaire, instead of embracing their masculinity and being a humble male.

If you think to get respect from Asian girls showing money and give whatever they ask you, you will naturally get cheated. It’s just the way it goes. If you want to be respected, and get an amazing sex vacation, you have to change your thinking.

These days, many travelers fail to have amazing sex experiences because. The reason is a lack of information. Not all Asian sex destinations are the same and girl’s culture forward sex is different.

Travelers often fail the sex vacation even before embarked on the airplane because the destinations don’t offer what they are looking for.  What? If you are looking for anal experiences, Korea is the last country you wish to visit.

There are entertainments and sexual behaviors in Asia that travelers have never experience in western countries. Travelers fear to experience new sexual activities in a foreign land, mostly because they don’t feel safe, thus they avoid great sexual experiences never tried before.

Be a playboy night work in the US, but not n Asia. Playboys don’t get attention from Asian women, well, actually they do, they attract all the gold diggers. (don’t complain if they ask only money).

Asian girls in popular tourist destinations, they know how to play the game. They might look like poor and innocent, but in reality, they are great salespeople. They will sell themselves to you and push you hard to spend money on them.