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How to Get a Massage with Happy End Without Paying for It

How to Get a Massage with Happy End Without Paying for It

Sex Massage; Get Away with Free Happy Ending

Have you ever been to one of the massage parlors in Thailand? Don’t lie to me. I know that you have been there, or that you at least dreamed about going there. Nearly every single man who embarks on a sex trip through Asia comes to the point where he lands in the arms of a beautiful and sometimes even talented masseuse.

Am I right when I say that you don’t want to go there because your back hurts or because you want to experience a relaxing time with hot stones on your back? Don’t worry, I won’t judge you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to those places in search of a happy ending. Even if nobody talks about it, nearly every man does it.

I also don’t have anything against paying for sex or for a handjob. If that’s what you want, more power to you. It’s just that I have never been interested in paying for sex. However, I have been interested in experiencing a massage with happy ending.

I simply couldn’t travel all over Asia without experiencing at least one special massage. Once I landed in Bangkok my curiosity led me straight to a massage parlor near Soi Cowboy. While I stood in front of the massage parlor I asked myself how I can combine the promise I gave myself to not pay for sex, with my curiosity to experience a happy ending.

Then I had the idea. What if I could seduce the masseuse, so that she would give me a handjob without taking any money for it? This idea sounded crazy and impossible enough to give it a shot. As I came out of the massage parlor with a happy smile on my face I couldn’t believe what I have just done.

In case you also want to experience a happy ending without paying a single dime for it, you should continue reading.

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Choose the Girl Who Gives You „The Look“

I know that it is not easy to get off in a massage parlor without paying for it but if you follow a certain routine it is possible. It all starts with the moment you enter the massage parlor. If you make a mistake at the beginning you can forget it with your free happy ending.

Usually there are a few girls you can choose from. Take your time and look at each girl. Observe how they look at you when you smile at them and become aware of the sexual energy that they send out to you.

There are always too types of girls who work in a massage parlor. On the one hand, there are the girls who don’t want to work there. If you have a closer look you will see that they hide in the back and that their smile is not real. On the other hand, there are the girls who love their job (I know one of those girls. They do exist). Those girls will stand in the first row and give you that look that says “I want to have sex with you now!”

Those are the girls you have to look for. Choosing a nymphomaniac is a big advantage.


Flirt With Her

Of course she will be a little bit disappointed when you only book the cheap massage without happy ending but that shouldn’t stop you from flirting with her the whole time. Make her compliments. Tell her how beautiful she is. Look deep in her eyes and show her that your deepest desire is to undress her.

By doing all those things you build up sexual tension. The secret to a happy ending without paying for it is to pretend that you are in a completely normal dating situation. Look up and down her body and tell her that she has the most beautiful body you have ever seen.

Treat her the same way you would treat a model that you are on a date with. If you see her as your date instead of your masseuse, she won’t see you as her customer.


Get Naked

I don’t care if you have just booked a back massage or if she should only massage your little toe. Now it is time to get naked. Use the time while she gets the massage oil and the towel and get rid of all your clothes.

She might get a heart attack when she comes back because she didn’t expect you to get completely naked but that’s completely okay. When she tells you that you don’t have to be naked you simply have to tell her that you can relax better without clothes.

As long as you regard it as completely normal to be naked, she won’t have a problem with it. As long as you don’t get nervous and get weird about it, she will accept your decision to enjoy the massage being naked.


Show Her that She Turns You On

Remember that building up a sexual tension by flirting with her is absolutely essential? Good, because nobody said that you should stop with it once she is massaging you. Continue to shower her with compliments and make her smile.

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Whenever she smiles because you said something flattering you can touch her. However, don’t just grab her ass and think that she will give you a handjob. This can work but the chances are very low.

Start to touch her very subtle and in a way that she doesn’t even realize. Touch her leg, touch her hand and when you see that she is comfortable with it you can even start to caress her arm while she massages your back.


Lead Her Hand to Your Dick

At one point you have to risk the determining next step. Once you already caress her arm and maybe even touch her legs and her ass it is time to introduce the final step. All you have to do now is to take her hand and to lead it very slowly to your dick. At this phase of the massage you probably already have a boner or at least a half mast. She will know that she drives you crazy and she will love it.

I don’t want to lie to you. Your attempt of getting a handjob might fail the first time you try it but that doesn’t matter. If she pulls her hand back just pretend as if nothing happened and continue to caress and to touch her while she is massaging you.

After you have created a little bit more sexual tension you simply try it again. This time she will follow your lead.


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