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Sex In Pattaya: Asia’s Most Sinful City


The best city in Asia for indulging the devil on your shoulder


What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Pattaya?  It’s the Pattaya sex right? You’re not the only person to think this;

Pattaya sex is legendary!!!!

There is nowhere else on earth where guys of all ages, looks and personality can have sex on tap.

To put it in simple terms – Sex in Pattaya is guaranteed for everyone.

Let’s be honest, the average mature western guy doesn’t have much luck with gorgeous, twenty-something girls with fantastic tight bodies, back in the Western world.

Unless of course they have a large wallet which unfortunately for the majority of guys isn’t the case.

Pattaya girls are attracted to older Western guys and whether it’s for the gifts they can provide or their personalities it doesn’t matter.

Everyone will have the time of their lives.


Pattaya Sex on the Plate

Pattaya beach hookers

Pattaya girls beach raod waiting for customers
500-800 Bht is the going rate for a pop. The selection is for all the taste and you can meet them anytime of the day. In the night, you count 400 girls on the beach offering honey experiences.

Pattaya girls aren’t like girls back home. If you’re out at a club and want to chat up sexy girls, they are putty in your hands.

The eventuality is that you will soon be back in your room having mind blowing sex. You just need to do a little groundwork.

Don’t be tight with money. In Thailand, you don’t need to because it’s so cheap, and you just need to buy a cute girl a drink and she will happily spend time with you.

If you are drinking in a beer bar then the chances are,  you are after sex with a bar girl.

It’s the girl’s job to make you want them. If they don’t, they won’t get paid.

For this reason, the girls will do all the pursuing. You will have a great night, sitting drinking in a bar, where the sexy young girl is making all the effort to attract you.

Go-Go bars in Pattaya are different from strip clubs in your home country. The girls are basically the same but you won’t get sexy time at home.

The girls at home want you to pay $30 for a 2 minutes dance.

Pattaya girls want to give you the time of your life for the same price.

You might get served by a sexy girl at the bank or the market. Ask her out.

What’s there to lose? Sex is so much easier to come by in Pattaya and you can have it every day.

So many retired guys come here and it’s for the Pattaya sex.

There is nowhere on earth that a 60 year old guy can have sex with beautiful girls every day apart from Pattaya.


How much to pay for sex in Pattaya


  • Location

When one guy says you can’t get it for under 2,000, he is probably talking about attractive, 20 year old, high demand girls at go gos. Another guy might be getting short times with 35 year olds on Beach Road for 500 baht.

There is even this place in the woods on the hill overlooking Pattaya with homeless girls who will give you sex and a blow job for 200 baht. So while Pattaya may not be a huge city, as the mongering capital of the world, the list of places to find girls and have sex is endless.

There are Pattaya freelancers on Beach Road and Walking Street, there are girls in the malls, there are massage shops, there are an array of different freelancers in the discos every night of the week, there are close to 1,000 bars of all types, most with girls, there is short time, long time, the soapies there is internet, there are non-pros looking for boyfriends or giks, etc. etc.

It’s a whole universe of pussy out here.

Pattaya, in general, is a very cheap place to pay for sex, still one of the cheapest in the world despite many complaints to the contrary.

The girls that work in the go gos could make $1,000 a day or more in America for example.

So whether you are on the cheap end of the market getting 500 baht short times or at the top end paying 5,000 baht for the knock out girls, either way, you are getting very good value for your money. Always keep that in mind.


  • What kind of Thai girls you are targeting

This is a very important factor in how much you are paying for sex in Pattaya. With the girls here, just like everything, there is supply and demand.

Some girls are in very high demand, have 5 sponsors, endless short time customers and make a fortune (for Thailand).

Other girls are in very low demand, some so much so that they can’t make it in Pattaya and go back home.

So if you are the type of guy that likes cute looking, young spinners or long-legged beauties, the type that work in Go Go bars, you will be paying a lot of money for that.

These girls are of a limited quantity and in very high demand.

If these are the girls that you consistently go for, expect to be paying more for sex, regardless of other factors.

However, many guys have different tastes. While I don’t mind cute spinners, I don’t necessarily go out of my way for them.

6-7 years ago when I first started coming here, cute young spinner girls were a dime a dozen and I’d spend many a night with one.

But with Pattaya’s increasing popularity and so many of these girls getting taken off the market by marriages and sponsors, they are not so common anymore.

But this isn’t my problem as the sexiest girls to me are farm fresh, busty girls with a little bit of junk in the trunk, the kind of girls that Arab men and Black guys often like.

When I go to Walking Street, this is what I am hunting after and in fact places like go gos are not good places because they often can’t get employed there, so I go to the discos where one is more likely to find them.

If I somehow end up with a cute spinner, she is what I’d be settling for.

Now the busty girls generally are not in high demand since most mongers like small, thin girls.

They also often have self-esteem issues and are often very happy when a monger hits on them over so many other “prettier” girls around.

They are also eager to please and they don’t charge as much as other high demand girls.

Thus being my first choice of girls, I am very lucky that they are in low demand and the 1,000 baht rule still works for me.

If you like MILFS, you won’t be paying much for sex. If you don’t mind a girl that is a bit odd or ugly looking or has stretch marks, etc., you won’t be paying much.

If you like big curvy girls like me, you won’t be paying much. But if you demand cute, 20-year-old, spinners or “stunners”, the ones that are in most demand, you will be paying a lot. So your tastes in women are a very important factor.


  • What Approach Do You Take When Mongering

Everyone has different approaches and strategies when they go hunt for girls. I have a friend who likes the types of girls that work at Ago-gos.

The problem is he is a big cheap charlie (he has money, just doesn’t like spending it) and he also hates Ago-gos bar in general and the mercenary environment.

So how does he get Ago-gos girls for 1,500 baht or under, the price he is willing to pay? He waits until 5 am and goes to Insomnia. By this time everyone is pretty drunk, including many go-go girls off of work.

He finds a very drunk one and takes her home, pays her his price in the morning, simple as that. Does he have problems sometimes with this approach? Yes, but it works for him in getting the girls he wants at the prices he wants.

My approach is to look in the discos and never discuss price up front. If the girl is discussing price asking how much you pay me, I usually ditch her and go on to another girl. By not negotiating it I keep it about having fun in the disco, not all about business.

I give them a good time and have no problem buying drinks or buying food afterward.

In the morning I give her 1,000 baht, and they never complain because I treated her well and usually we had a good time.

Other guys with huge amounts of time on their hand can cultivate a network of girls on their phone, a “roster” so to speak, whom he can dial up anytime for sex either LT or ST.

They are girls he knows and he likes and that he can get away with paying 1,000 to 1,500 baht.

The girls are happy to do this in their free time when their live-in boyfriend is out or the sponsor is out of town.

Basically, it is a no fuss, no muss quick transaction.

Both parties don’t have to spend hours and many a baht on drinks on Walking Street to find each other, they just call each other up. Its a win-win for both parties and it’s often why the guy can get away with paying a low amount, even for a knockout, high demand girls.

If his roster is big enough he never has to pay a bar fine again if he so chooses.

The problem is too many guys take the wrong approach. They get obsessed with one girl over the thousands that are out at night, they go up to her and ask “how much” which is a huge turn off for the girl anyways, then they pay whatever the girl wants. The girl knows this guy has been salivating over her all night and its no wonder she says “4,000 baht”.

So your approach in finding girls, negotiating the price, etc, plays a big role in how much you are paying for sex. This is not to be confused with “game”, its just more business like common sense.


  • Seasonal factor

This is pretty cut and dry. If you monger during high season you will be paying more for sex than someone who mongers in the low season. Also the time of day matters. If you monger during 11 pm – 1 am at night and expect to be at home and tucked into bed and asleep by 2 am (read a lot of older men), you will be paying more for sex. 12-1 am is the peak time when mongers are out, so demand is at its highest while the supply is low.

Many girls are night owls and don’t even go out until 2 or 3 am, by which time many mongers have gone home and are asleep (or are pissed drunk and incapacitated). Therefore, if you are a night owl and can go until the wee hours of the morning, you will be paying less for sex than other mongers. 

Hunting during the daytime (4pm-6pm is great), in the beer bars, beach road, the markets and malls, can also be a good time for cheap short times, even with hot Ago-gos bar girls before they start work.


  • What You Bring to the Table


This gets far too much attention as far as I’m concerned and is the least important factor. Mongering in Pattaya is more about the who, where, when and how, it is not about you so much.

This is why many of us come here in the first place because it was very hard to find girls in our home country where the women are demanding and expect every man who bones them to be a male Adonis.

Whatever deficiencies you consider yourself to have back home, too old, too fat, too skinny, too ugly, too white, too black, too geeky, too boring, too awkward, none of those things apply here.

In fact the very things you thought were liabilities could be considered beautiful or attractive here (fat guys are like teddy bears or mini-elephants “chang noi”, pasty white guys have “kow suay” beautiful skin, big noses are considered beautiful because they all have small ones, shy guys have “jai dee” good heart, black guys are “chocolate man”, effeminate men are considered very attractive in Thailand, short guys don’t have a problem because most Thai guys are pretty short, older men fill a “daddy” void that exists with so many of these girls and besides age is considered a virtue in most Asian cultures).

Also, some of the things that western culture considers attractive in men like facial hair (too dirty) or huge muscles (too scary) are often disliked by Thai women.

The only thing that they expect of you it takes care of yourself and be clean (cleanliness is very important in Thai culture). So if you can’t apply the minimum standards of grooming, don’t expect much.

Here is a newsflash. Western culture is critical of everyone and everything that is considered to be outside the norm. Things that make us unique as individuals are considered “flaws” in the west, whereas in many Asian cultures they cherish individual differences.

The whole saving face thing has a good side to it in that people don’t put each other down, at least not to their face, so people are much more comfortable being themselves.

The tolerance level of everything, especially in Thailand, is completely unlike what you are used to in the West.

To them a ladyboy is funny (in a playful sense, not in a hurtful mocking sense) and often considered beautiful.

In the West they are mocked and outcasts and live in urban ghettos among other “freaks”. The same goes for gays, prostitutes and mongers.

This tolerance and acceptance of individual difference are one of the greatest things about Thai culture, and I suspect a big reason why many of us come here but don’t realize it. We really are all sexy and handsome men in the Land of Smiles.

Now back to mongering and how much you pay for sex. What you look like is not an important factor in the game out here.

Thai women naturally value all men as human beings on equal status with themselves, not like western women. More important to a girl than your looks is having a good time, which they can do with anyone. “Sanook” comes very naturally with them, and they don’t need you to entertain or impress them like sullen western women might.

Thais are very good at being bright and playful in any situation. Lacking “game”, or being shy is not the hindrance that it is in the west (I know because both apply to me). Thais enjoy the moment and can have a good time very easily. As long as you can smile, lighten up, treat them well and go with the flow, that’s all the game you really need out here, the girls will do the rest.

And think about what you are compared to and what they are familiar with, Thai men from the villages. They are not exactly the model male citizen of the world. Yet Thai women still love them and Thai wives put with abusive, alcoholic, cheating husbands for much of their lives. The bar is already set very low for us.

Furthermore, I think we all have strengths as individuals, which the girls will notice.

So what you are paying for sex in Thailand depends on many factors, the least of which is your looks or personality. Here you can be yourself, you can pay what you want for sex, and have a great time in the process. This is why it really is paradise on earth.