Pattaya Vs Phuket

Sex in Thailand
Pattaya VS Phuket for single men

Thailand’s Men Vacation: Pattaya Vs Phuket

Pattaya or Phuket For a Sex Vacation?

Phuket is renowned for being one of Thailand’s most expensive and most popular tourist destination.

Beautiful beaches beside a vibrant nightlife, Phuket has been home of many movie’s productions.

Pattaya is known to be the sin city of Asia with the biggest red light district in the world.

Pattaya offers the wildest party atmosphere with the best value for money.

So, is it better Phuket or Pattaya for a sex

I have reviewed the three most important factors for a sex holiday – Prices, Nightlife, and Beaches.


Pattaya vs Phuket in Price War

I have been to Pattaya many times and Phuket a few and personally, I’d say Phuket is 30-40% more expensive than Pattaya.

In Phuket bottles of beer in a lot of bars are 100 baht, whereas in Pattaya you shouldn’t pay more than 70.

Pattaya girl prices are lower than Phuket girl prices.

There is a huge selection of girl friendly hotels in Pattaya creating a cheap environment favoring the tourists.

You can get a basic room with an en suite bathroom starting at 600 baht per night, whereas in Phuket is going to be a lot harder to find rooms for that price.

So, price wise is better Pattaya or Phuket?

All depend on your budget…

…Pattaya is suitable for people with a tight budget and the clamor Phuket for people that love to spend money on the finest things.

Apart from better beaches, restaurants and hotels, Phuket nightlife establishments offer much more than Pattaya.

They’re better decorated, better maintained and have much prettier girls…

Phuket girls vs Pattaya girls

On the left side bar girls in Pattaya and on the right side a gogo dancer in Phuket.

The price of drinks in some beer bars exceeds what you pay in the most expensive Pattaya gogo.

A Pattaya residence would have a heart attack after examining the drink price list in Phuket.

The beer bar girls of Bangla are a step up from what you find in the beer bars in Pattaya.

They’re younger, hotter and often suck you off better.

Isaan girls dominate the bars scene in Phuket as in Pattaya, but there are a few Southern girls among them only in Phuket.

That is a refreshing change.


Nightlife: Pattaya vs Phuket?

As for nightlife in these places – Pattaya has a reputation of having the best nightlife in South East Asia – there are apparently over 1.000 bars and a handful of reputable nightclubs.

Phuket does have a number of bars, but they are generally more expensive and the nightlife closes down at 2 am.

Sex massages in Pattaya can be found from 1.000 baht all included, in Phuket expect to pay 1.500 baht+ for the same service.

Everything is more expensive in Phuket, and it is more costly to get there.


What About Beaches?

Phuket’s Patong Beach, with its increased tourist population of bare-busted European women, is adding to the sexual appetite and, some say, growing business for the local Patong Beach prostitutes.

This phenomenon is said to be leading to increased prostitution prices in the area and to the cost of living in Phuket.

The coconut beach bar in Pattaya is the biggest bar in the world.

Two kilometers of front beach petrol by Pattaya freelancers at any time of the day and night. You can get a short time for as little as 500 baht.

Both Pattaya and Phuket beaches have many hookers around with the difference Phuket has an upper hand on cleanness and coral water.