Phnom Penh Tour

A day with Khmer girls and palaces

Phnom Penh Tour: A day with Khmer girls and palaces


Five Days Mongering Sex Trip: The Beauty of Khmer Girls

After a good sleep (alone), time to take the camera gears and go for an early exploration looking for some breakfast.

Cocktail 043

The city is crowded early in the morning and the annoying taxi driver are awaiting behind each corner. Walking down the Pasteur (51) street near the independence monument, a wide choice of restaurant and tour operator catering for tourist.

We sat in a beautiful Boutique hotel and ordered an omelette for 4$. Good presentation and taste, but  small for my hanger.

There are many good accommodations around the city and the service is great.

Time for a tour around the city hoping to get some excellent photo shooting. Despite the beauty of its colonial architecture, the street and its parks around Phnom Penh, its boulevards are filthy with mounds of rubbish and dreadful smells.

Never anywhere on this earth have I felt that no-one would blink if you discarded rubbish on the sidewalk. Cambodia makes Thailand look positively rich.  Poverty is widespread and many are doing it tough.


But not everything is so bad after all on my way to the Palace, i manage to spot a lovely Khmer girl riding her bike. Dress in classic Cambodian outfit and beautiful long hair, made my heart in peace for a moment.

Sexy Khmer Girl

I found the Khmer girls aren’t as smiling as the Thai sisters and not easy to approach. Be aware of appearance; when you manage to establish a friendship with them, i found them to be more genuine and honest of Thai girls.

The architecture of the city is fascinating, i couldn’t miss a picture of the King’s Palace. Lucky for me, a lovely Asian girls was appreciating the moment.

A kiss of khmer girl

Expats in Cambodia seem to be more respectful to the locals, and the locals seem to be nicer to the expats.

That’s a big plus over Thailand. I met a lovely Khmer girl that she escort me around Phnom Penh for three days and she was happy me to pay her food and drinks. I doubt in Thailand you would get the same privilege.

Khmer girl

I suspect she was well taking care of from some foreigner but I never asked.

Friendly, willing to take care and not pushy. I think Cambodian girls are a better option for marriage between the Thai and Pinay girls. Maybe poverty isn’t bad after all or maybe they have some more values.

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