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sex holidays in Indonesia village tours

Holidays In Indonesia: Villages Tour

Indonesia consists of a lot of ethnic groups which approach sexuality in different ways.

Indonesian girls from different groups not only exhibit different beauty features, but have different body shapes and have different sex skills.

Planning a village tour isn’t an easy task. But your sex holiday success depends on it.

So, today I’m exposing the quality of girls from different ethics groups and beast areas in Indonesia for a village sex tour.


Ethnics, Girls & Sex in Indonesia


Sundanese Girls – West Java

Sundanese is the main ethnic group in West Java province and home of the sexiest Indonesian women.

The popular places for girl hunting in this province are:

  • Bandung
  • Bogor (Cipanas)
  • Cianjur (Cibodas)
  • Sukabumi (Sukabumi town, Pelabuhan Ratu etc)…

The Sundanese girls have been known for their beauty from centuries.

In fact, during the Colonial period, many Sundanese girls became sex partner of Dutch official not for coincidence.

They have light skin (white-yellow), sexy shaped body, and are sexually stimulating having a narrow vagina and big breast.

They are also wild in bed by performing movement like riding, hand job, blow job and they do not hesitate to try new sex variations such as tit job, doggy style, reverse cowgirl.

When you have sex with a Sundanese girl, you will get a lot of pleasure.

The natural landscapes of West Java mostly consist of mountains…. romantic view… where you can have sex with village girls in the tea garden, waterfall, forest and mountains.

The villages girls can be found in:

  • Bandung (Ciwidey, Pangelengan, Soreang);
  • Cianjur (Cilaku, Warungkondang, Pacet);
  • Sumedang (Valley of mt Tampomas);
  • Garut (Papandayan);
  • Sukabumi (valley of Mt. Pangrango and Mt. Salak).

In those places, the village girls are still natural and uncontaminated by the rest of the world.

The girls know many positions to have sex to prevent pregnancy.

In conclusion, you can have sex with village girls in their natural place: waterfall, mountains, tea fields.


Javanese Girls – East Java

Javanese girls are as not sexy and beautiful as Sundanese, but they have brown skin and skinny bodies which feel good.

They are really soft when having sex by massaging you gently, kissing and hugging.

They aren’t as aggressive as Sundanese girls during sex.

You can find Javanese girl in:

  • Jogja;
  • Malang;
  • Semarang;
  • Solo;
  • Surabaya.


Malay-Indo Girls – Sumatra

They are a multiethnic group having different color skin across Sumatra region.

Most known beautiful and sexy Malays girl live in Riau and Palembang…

They have white skin like Sundanese girls with a skinny body, big breast and narrow eyes similar to Chinese.


The Most Used Sexual Words In Indonesia

The most used words for sex transactions are:

  • saya masukin: I insert my Penis
  • Kocokin kontol saya: please do handjob
  • Isap kontol saya: please do blowjob
  • memek: pussy
  • kontol/ titit/ burung: cock
  • semprot peju di mana: where should I cum shot?
  • semprot di dalam: in my pussy please
  • you ride my cock please: kamu tunggangi kontol saya
  • saya jilat memek kamu : i lick your pussy
  • saya mau keluarin: I wanna ejaculate
  • saya remas toket kamu: I squeeze your tits
  • toket/ tetek: tits


Just to Recap…

If you are planning a village tour to have sex in Indonesia, the best places to visit are:

  • West Java;
  • East Java;
  • Sumatra.

In West Java the main ethnic is Sudanese, you can find the most sexy Indonesian girls there.

They have light skin, a curvy body, and are sexually stimulating having a narrow vagina and big breast.

East Java is home of Javanese girls. They aren’t as beautiful as Sudanese women but they are gentle, sweet and love caring.

An excellent choice if you are looking for an Indonesian girlfriend. And last Sumatra girls. They have a small body with big breasts and know how to please a man.

That’s all for Indonesian sex village tours. Have fun!