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I’m Off to Manila to Cream Pie Some Pinay


I Had An Unexpected Double Creampie In Philippines

Hi Mongers, Rocco went to cream pie some Pinay girls this month just to get out from the usual routine.

I have worked too much lately, and I needed a short holiday of fun, sex and relaxation.

So I thought, where can I go to cream pie some hot Asian girl with ease? Manilaaaaaaa


Getting Ready For My Trip

If it is a while you read my blog, you know that preparation is king, so after booking the flight ticket, I got stacked into my dating site’s account to meet some hot Manila girl.

I searched for 20 to 25 years girls in Manila metro, the searched just blows me away. So many SEXY girls!

I wanted a “busty” chick, it was a while I didn’t stick my dick between a pair of busty tits, and some memories came to my mind about years ago when I met the hottest Manila girl of my life, super slim with gigantic tits. Still today I have wet dreams about her.

I wanted her again, or the sister, LOL.

So, I focus my research by scrolling through the pictures, exclusively slim and huge tits. I short down five girls and started to message them (Here my technique to message girls that get results).

I decided to go with other preparations while waiting the next day.

Next day I opened up my PC and three girls already responded and were eager to know more about me. Set them up for a Skype chat and after a week I was landing in Manila.


Manila Here I Cum

Landed in Manila I was so excited and ready to meet up with two girls during my 4 days visit. I select 2 of the 4 girls that contacted me on Pina Love because they were promising to blow my panties off, literally.

I love dating Manila girls, they are outgoing and ready for any sexual fantasies, and I was ready too. I brought with me some hot lingerie just to spice up the moment. But more of this later.

So, I check in Makati’s hotel by noon and my first date was at 3 pm. A quick shower, confirm the appointment with the gal at least three times, you know, with Filipino women is better to confirm multiple times to avoid disappointments.

When I arrived she was already there, sitting with a tight skirt, huge titties and high heels. She looked just hot.

It was so hard for me to keep focus, I was already in a state of mind imagine eating her asshole while getting a boobs massage for my little Johnny.

Shit! I repeated to my self several times “Rocco, stay focus”, at least for the first five minutes so I don’t pass by as a pervert. I started the conversation relaxed, I felt confident and talkative. She was interested and intense about my posture.

She is a real player, excellent English, strong high contact, basically a panther waiting for the opportunity to assault the prey.

But not with me baby, I know that strategy of domination to intimidate men, but with me, the effect is the opposite. I get aggressive, and I wanted to bang her in the doggy style, hard, and hard again. You bitch.

After 30 minutes of conversation, I had enough, those huge tits in front of me were hypnotic, I couldn’t focus on the conversation but just look at her breast. That isn’t polite and was getting frustrating for me.

I stopped the conversation, and said: “Come with me” and she replies “Where?”. “To my hotel room, I have a gift for you”.


Twenty Minutes Later In My Hotel Room

She was so happy to wear that purple underwear I bought for her, she runs in the toilet to get ready. I felt so excited, like a baby going to eat candies, actually one big candy.

I was impatient, I wanted to stick my face on those huge tits. After 5 minutes, nothing. After 10 minutes, no sign of her. After 15 minutes, I knocked on the door… and she came out.

Fuck me, I almost fainted.

That purple mini dress on her brown skin looked great, she was a real panther. She even had the lipstick with the same color (not by coincidence, during my skype conversations I notice her preference forward that color, so I bought the underwear to match. Remember, small details make the big difference with a woman).

She stuck her tongue into my mouth and went straight for my cock. YES, BABY! I love aggressive sexual games.

I had to feel her pussy, I couldn’t hold myself. She was so wet and hairy. YUMMY, I love like that. She was moaning like a crazy bitch.

I pulled out my boner, I wanted to feel her hot tongue on me. I pushed her down and she went insane, sticking all my cock in her mouth. What a great feeling, total domination.

I had to get her away from my little Johnny, she was sucking me dry. Ok, my turn. I went down and was pleased to wash my face between her legs, felt so creamy, I loved every moment.

She was loving my hard work down there, she was pushing my head down between her legs so strongly that I could hardly breathe.

I went for her pussy with my hard boner, so small, so hot.

We went on for a few minutes till I couldn’t old anymore, and I cream pie her all over her stomach. It felt so good! What a bitch.

What I liked about this girl was her aggressive nature. It turned me on. She really could enjoy sex, in all the forms; physically and mentally.

Most women need to be stimulated by clitorides to get an orgasm, but not this one. She had multiple orgasms with violent percussion only by banging her pussy. No extra stimulation needed.

Most of the girls need clitorides stimulation before reach orgasm, it is uncommon to meet girls can reach orgasm by any means.


She Hadn’t Enough

There is more, she wanted more, and I wanted too.

She grabbed my cock and start to suck me off until I got hard again. We went on with multiple positions and acrobatic acts, we couldn’t have enough of each other.

I loved to bang her in doggy position: beautiful curves and holding her huge tits while penetrating her pussy deeply till my balls.

I had to see her on top, I could feel she would have performed.

While she was enjoying the ride, I gently took my Johnny out for a pause, but after seeing her disappointment, stick it on the second hole and notice on her face a feeling of accomplishment and pleasure.

My second cream pie of the day in her tight ass was just what I need on my first day in Manila. The energy was there, we had a mutual connection and sex-energy so strong, that we wanted more and more.

Many times I had this energy with other girls, and all come down to feeling out each other.

In most cases, when the communication is fluid and feels the other person has the same interest, passion and intensity, things just work out.

For me used to take hours to feel out a woman, not anymore. Now will take no more than 15 minutes and I’ll know if she is worth a fuck.

This came with years of experience, moving on to new girls all the time until I got a similar pattern of women that works fine with me.

Every man is different, so you need to work out what type of Filipino girl best suit your sex-energy.

Maybe the shy one, or the aggressive or the slutty one. You need to find your natural connection, the one that increases your sexual energy.

And please, throw away that fucking Viagra, it is all on your head. Viagra is been invented because men can fuck the wife after 20-30 years of marriage, that is just insane and against nature.

When you will meet up with some Asian cuties, magic will happen and you will not need any pill to get hard.

Thanks for reading and see you in Manila.