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My Trip in Thailand; Not Only Sex

My Trip in Thailand; Not Only Sex

A Guide to Getting the Most Beautiful Girls in Asia

The story of Grahame travelling around Asia

Grahame and Cat

Grahame and Cat

Though I was excited about the prospect of doing business in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, sex travel in Asia wasn’t far from my mind. I also had no idea that I would come to love and respect the people and culture of Asia. And I hadn’t even begun to imagine what pleasures it would bring to the table. My amazing journey began the moment I stepped off the plane in the city of Taipei, Taiwan. I just knew I was going to love this place. And you should too. I can almost a guarantee it. It was equally surreal yet so absolutely perfect. Coming from South Africa it was my first trip to Asia. Later I also went on to take in the delights of Thailand and Cambodia. But that’s another story. I shall talk to you about that too in a moment.


My Thai Girlfriend

At the time I was already a seasoned traveler having had numerous adventures in Africa including Morocco and Egypt as well as most of Europe but nothing came close to that of Asia. It was simply mind altering. It blew me away in the nicest possible way. Initially I wasn’t even thinking about the beautiful Asian girls here but that was all going to change. And that change came sooner that expected. If change can happen to me, it can happen to you too.

Perhaps by reading my article you will gain some valuable tips on just how easy it is to find and bed tons of gorgeous girls who are only to willing to please. Hopefully it will also encourage you to grab every single opportunity that cums your way. Whether you come to Asia to conduct business or not you cannot deny the sexual pleasures that awaits you in Asia. And if you’re smart enough you may want to incorporate some business acumen into your itinerary even if business is not your core intention. You’ll be surprised how doing a little “business” can open a whole lot of doors you may not have thought possible. But I’ll get to that later.
Here’s hoping you will take the plunge and if you do there will be no turning back. Here’s wishing you all the very best.


Sex Travel in Taiwan

As I said my journey began when I stepped off a long haul flight bound for Taipei Taiwan from Johannesburg South Africa on board China Airways. Now while most travel related adventures you read on the internet today comes from America, it’s not often you get to read a real story from a South African born kid. (well maybe I’m a little older now) I have travelled on many different airlines but because I wanted to get a first hand inkling what Asia would possibly be like, I thought why not start my adventure on an Asian airline.
China Airlines is not an air carrier I use often as it would seem that 95% of passengers are from one or other Asian country. Well this one was for me. Somehow it can be a little challenging. I love to chat but my limited knowledge of Mandarin is lacking.
Nevertheless I was allocated an isle seat and sitting next to me was one of our local South African working girls (prostitutes) and her about ten year old kid. No conversation was coming my way throughout the flight as this girl was somehow attached to a Japanese guy sitting with his mates in one of the center rows of the craft. The kid had a Japanese appearance but spoke his mothers tongue. An African language known as Afrikaans. I speak neither Afrikaans, Japanese or Chinese so there I sat with my lips sealed. That wasn’t going to stay that way if I was going to help it.
Having being born under the Chinese astrological sign of the Dragon, the Fortune Dragon Hotel in Taipei seemed like a fitting place to stay. As I took in the view from the hotel’s side street on the 9th floor I could clearly see a huge curved sign that read “Africa”.
Could I not get away from where I had just come. A phone call to reception got me a new room with a view overlooking the city. Much better.
Next morning after breakfast I was picked up by a Chinese colleague I had made contact with before leaving home. Having the right connections in a foreign country has its advantages. Business was conducted during the day and very professionally I might add. But as the day ended and evening began, things were about to change that would take me on a journey of sexual pleasure not known to me before.
My business partner introduced me the the night life scene that was all to prevalent in a city such as Taipei. I was inducted into a magical world of sex with some of the most beautiful girls on the planet. So much so I was loath to leave.
First port of call was an exquisitely upmarket karaoke bar, cum nightclub, cum entertainment playground. I was later to find out that some Karaoke Bars in Thailand were not quite the same as the ones in Taipei and Hong Kong.
Nevertheless admiring all the beautiful hostesses here as we entered the sexy establishment, took my breath away. There was nothing more I could have wished for. I was in heaven. Or should I call it paradise. We were ushered into a private room complete with comfy furnishing and a big screen TV. A lot more was still to cum. Enter two of the most stunning girls you could ever wish for. I was gobsmacked.
These girls made sure our time there was nothing short of amazing. You just gotta get a real taste of China in ways like no other. In circumstances like this you don’t want the night to end. Ever. And best of all the entire evening didn’t cost me a single dime. Nothing, zilch, nada, naught. In summery fuck all. My colleague paid for everything. Cannot get better than this. But it did. That was just the first night of many many more pleasure nights to cum.
After my introduction into Taipei’s exotic beauties, I was hooked on hookers. Even the street hookers were something to be admired and desired. My eyes were all over the place. It was hard not to keep my emotions in tact. Every night just got better and better. I made new friends wherever I went and spent every night with a new girl. Yes I had to pay for some of the girls. I didn’t expect my host to pay for everything.
My new found friend Wayne (Chinese) would pick me up at the hotel and after something to eat would take me the one of the barber shops in town. And there were stacks of them. Recognized by their distinguished  blue, white and red barber poles these barber shops were no ordinary places where you’d expect a haircut or shave.
Hey man if haircuts and shaves are your thing, you can have that too. Each room had a barber chair like the ones you find in barber shops from the good days of old.
You would be ushered into a room, asked to undress, sit comfy on the leather seat and then get the best attention in town. Whether it’s a hand job, blow job or the full monty. And whatever position you could get yourself, herself or the chair into. With a TV attached to the wall you could request a blue movie too. I for one was much too attached to the exotic girl on hand to have to worry about watching porn on telly. Besides I was far too captivated with what was in front of me to get turned on by some slut I couldn’t touch.


Sex Travel in Hong Kong

Having sampled the delights of Taiwan, I left Taipei and headed for the bright lights of Hong Kong. I couldn’t wait to see what other bustling Chinese cities had to offer. Hong Kong at this time was still under British sovereignty but it was all soon to change back to Chinese control. It makes no difference whatsoever who rules. The girls are all the same, sexy, surreal and downright gorgeous.
First things first, I checked into my hotel, plonked my belongings down and headed straight to the hotel’s spa for a massage. What an experience that was to be. Have to say it was the best in the world. But without bothering you with all the aspects of my first Hong Kong massage, if you so wish you can contact me for more specific details by simply contacting me via my website
My name is Grahame and I have a lot of experience of sex travel in Asia should you need any advice and most importantly, all the tips on men travelling solo in Thailand.

My China Girl

I have to say my massage education in Hong Kong wasn’t quite be the same as my soapy massage encounters were in Thailand but nonetheless a massage in Hong Kong is not to be missed. It’s all about the different experiences you cum to get. And that’s what makes it so great. At the end of the day you can compare notes and pass them on to your envious mates.

Anyway it wasn’t long before I got to get my first real girlfriend experience in Asia right here in Hong Kong. Heck I was only in the country for little over a few hours. As it happened I got to date my masseur. I called her my China Girl. Check out her pic below. For the next few days my China Girl chaperoned me around the city but during the same time I met up with a number of other Asian beauties. There wasn’t a moment to loose. And with all these Chinese delights around I wasn’t about to waste any of my valuable time.
Next day after a brief business meeting I took a tour of the city and found myself befriending the tour guide who without hesitation, arranged to meet me after his shift ended. That night while my China Girl was on duty at the spa, I took the opportunity to take in the Hong Kong night life with my new found friend, At this point I just want to point out that it’s so easy to meet new friends and pick up gorgeous girls no matter where you go in Asia.
Be confident, dress well and speak in a slow but clear voice. You’ll be surprised just how easy it is for you to get any girl you want. It’s a lot easier here than in the west. What the heck, if the first girl should turn you down, don’t stop there…go for the next one. It won’t take long before you get the swing of things. Just remember if you miss one bus, there’s soon to be another one coming your way. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If it works for me, it will work for you. Put your best foot forward and just go for it. Soon doors will be opening up everywhere you go.
I spent the night away in a Hong Kong Karaoke Bar. Cannot quite remember the bar itself but what I can remember is getting a private glass booth from which I could see all the comings and goings in the main arena. One girl entered the booth after another until I decided on the one I wished to spend the night. Don’t ask me her name.
To many things to take in. My head was spinning with delight and before I could say another thing, I was singing in Chinese, though I have no idea what I was saying. Heck it didn’t matter. It was the drink singing. After my night out at the karaoke bar, it was time to take my lady friend back to the hotel. Nobody at the hotel stopped me from taking my other China girl back to my room. But before that she asked if she could have something to eat. Though Hong Kong never sleeps, it was late. However we got the hotel restaurant to stay open so that we could order some food. At the time it was about 4 in the morning.
I wasn’t hungry, only sex was on my menu. She ordered me a meal anyway. A half pineapple with vegetable curry which I took back to the room. We shared her meal but when we where in the room she asked me if she could eat my meal too. It was so juicy it spilled onto the carpet and on the bed too. Oh! what a mess it made. I got her to fetch a towel to mop up the juice left behind on the furnishings. Sheets and all. The next morning I got to see the true horror the pineapple stains made.
Too late. While having a night of sex on stained sheets, my Chinese lover let out the most passionate of screams. We were simply lost in time. But at one stage I had to cover up her mouth because I was concerned about the neighbors in the room next to ours. Would they be listening to our sex escapades. Somehow it really didn’t matter. I was having the time of my life and I couldn’t care. It would appear that my Hong Kong girl was sharing the joyous occasion too. We were living the moment and it’s moments like this that you just want to stop time. And this was only my second day in Hong Kong. And there were still more to cum.


Grahame and CatMy name is Grahame and I have a lot of experience of sex travel in Asia should you need any advice and most importantly, all the tips on men travelling solo in Thailand.