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A Go-Go Bar In Pattaya: A night with a university School Girl

My story of a night in a Go-Go bar with a Thai student girl

I couldn’t imagine that university girls would work in go-go bars during school holidays. My story will uncover the connection between school, go-go bars and Thai culture.

I meet up with some mate for a chat in a restaurant near Walking Street. Finish dinner, walking Street looked lively as always. What better of a visit to the infamous go-go bars in Walking Street for chillout?

go go school girls pattaya

During the Thai school holidays, is common for university girls to go to Pattaya working in a Go Go bars for a short period of time. Visit Pattaya in May-June if you want to meet student girls.

Walking in the colorful street surrounded by beautiful girls, cheering me and trying to pull me inside the go-go bars.

Something was different than usual, what could be?

My friend, a few days earlier, communicate that in this period of the year veteran Agogo bar girls go back home to visit the families.

Many universities are closed for the holidays, offering an opportunity to a hundred beautiful students to make some money in Pattaya.

I could notice now, so much young meat in the street ready to be slotted.

I stop by the best “equipped” go-go bar in Pattaya; IRON go go bar. Walk throughout the long corridor and pass by the first stage featuring all the young and coyote girls. Coyote are girls witch dance dressed, usually don’t get bar fined and make money with lady drinks.

Carry on in my path, my destination was the last stage with naked dancers performing great shows. Drinking my beer, I was admiring those sexy angels on the stage namely Ago-go bar’s girl. Beautiful body and sexy movement make the Thai girls the most wanted lady on the planet.

Nothing was of my taste, so I moved on to the coyote stage. Suddenly I got grabbed and seated by a beautiful girl.

I notice immediately the huge breast and lovely smile. I was so happy to be taken in captivity. I start to play the tourist game, pretending I was new in Pattaya and showing to be shy. Yelp, Ago-go girls love to play with young and shy boys.

She just arrived in Pattaya for a short time, during the school holiday. Right, she is 20 years old, super-hot and also a university girl.

This must be my night; I love school girls and even more if they dress slutty. She was all over me and could feel her excitement.

Just to make the conversation fun, I told her: want to go with you to university. She was so happy and agreed, saying she will give me the phone number.

Well, thought classic bullshit bar girl story. She spoke to the friend nearby asking if she could give me the phone number. I was shocked; she is really new in Pattaya. She explains that she will go to the toilet and write down the number for me.

Wow, great, I could have a chance to bang her at limited damage. In iron gogo only the bar fine is 1500 baht before 1 am and 1000 baht after. The usual price of gogo girls in Pattaya is usually between 1500-3000 baht for all night.

I couldn’t afford to spend such a fortune; I am still a virgin. She asked for the second drink, I couldn’t refuse her but told her to get a beer.

We drunk, had fun and spend an excellent time. The bar girl nearby explained to her that with beers, she will not get the customary 50 baht for the lady drink.

She didn’t believe and took out the lady drink ticket. It was right; a 0 baht was displayed in big. I felt sorry for my action, swiftly I took out 100 baht and gently put in her breast. With this action, she wouldn’t lose face in front of another bar girls that new the fact.

She was so glad about it and expresses her wish to meet me after work to have some fun.

Left Iron gogo bar with pride and self-accomplishment. Here in my room waiting for the moment to come……

A night story by Rocco