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Bar Fine Guide – What It Is And How Does It Work



“Bar fine is basically a service fee” A bar fine is the payment made by a customer to the operators of a bar (particularly hostess bars or go-go bars) that allows a bar girl, dancer, hostess or some other employee of that bar to leave work early.

A bar fine may also be required in order to take the employee to a more secluded part of the same establishment, such as a short-time room or for a long period such an holiday.

The bar fine amount and whether sexual services are included in the bar fine or have to be negotiated separately are both subject to local custom.



The bar fines are defined by the length of stay and can be divided in:

Short Time

Short time bar fines are usually found only in Thailand and it mean that you have agreed to go with a bar girl for a short length of time. This varies from bar to bar and girl to girl so be sure to ask your girl, but generally it is for 1 to 2 hours of her time.

Long Time

Long time bar fine are generally for the night but can be extended to several days (if you like a particular girl and want her to stay with you during your holiday). If you take a girl “long time” for a number of consecutive nights you will have to arrange this with the bar first and pay the appropriate bar fine for all the night she isn’t there.

Of course you will incur all additional costs for your excursion such food, accommodation, gifts, etc and pay the girl for everyday she spends in your company.


Bar Fine Paid – What’s next?

You are having a great night in the bar or a go go and selected the girl for the night. Paid up drink and the bar fine. To release the girl from her bar duty, so what do you do next? You own her now and you can do whatever you are pleased with her and she must stay with you, for the short or long time as per agreement with the bar.




 Thailand Bar Fine

In Thailand, a bar fine is a payment made between the customer and the bar owner or manager. It serves as security for both parties.

The bar fine protects both the customer and bar personnel. If the girl changes her mind during the night, the bar fine is returned to the customer. The girl is under no obligation after a bar fine or not to engage in sexual intercourse. The deal is privately between you and the girl, have nothing to do with the bar owner.

Thai short time bar fine If you agree to go short time, your bar girl will either take you on the premises rooms or to a short time room to a nearby hotel.

Don’t worry, the hotels that provide a short time room service have an agreement with the bars and the bar fined girls will take care of everything.

Cost: You will be expected to pay for the price of the room, bar fine to the bar and short time fee to the Thai girl for her services. A short time hotel rental will set you back between 300 to 400 baht (10$-15$). Your Thai bar girl also needs paying for her short time and typically this will be between 700-2500 baht (15$-70$).

Tips and hint.jpg2There is always a little room for negotiation. Most Thai bar girls prefer short time customers and the top earners will go short time with 3-5 guys a night for two reasons:

1) They earn more money per average hour

2) They don’t want to sleep with everybody but prefer to wake up with their Thai boyfriend

Thai long time bar fines Usually, the girl is free for the day from working in the bar and she can spend time and sleep with you.

Cost: Also, in this case, you have to pay the bar between 300-2000 baht (10$-70$) for the barfine and separately the girl for her time.

info newSome hotels do not let bar girls into their establishments or the front desk/security will ask you to pay an additional fee when you pick up your key. Most hotel will ask the bar fined girl to leave her ID card to the front desk.

When she eventually leaves and picks up her ID, the front desk will call you to ensure everything is fine before she can leave. This is for your protection and ensure tourist to have a well stay in the country.

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  • Bangkok Bar Fines

Bangkok is well known for the naughty entertainment areas and short or long time bar fines can be arranged. Bangkok bar fines are very expensive and don’t be surprised to pay up to 2000 baht (70$) for a good looker girl.

Cost: The average bar fine in Bangkok across the three main go-go bar locations of Nana Plaza, Patpong and Soi Cowboy is about 800 baht (30$). Of course there are some “local” places that charge less and some high end a GoGo clubs that charge considerably more.

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  • Pattaya Bar Fines

Pattaya is well known to be the sin city of the world and is a cheaper option for sex travelers. Bar fines in Pattaya are the norm and are practice in every street, even with freelancer girls.

Cost: The bar fine in Pattaya for the short time venues are:

  • soi 6, beer bars and gentlemen clubs are 300 baht (10$)
  • A go go clubs 600-1500 baht (20$-50$)


information, icon, illustrationThis is the norm prices but time to time you might be asked more. For instance, when a club is short of girls, they rise the bar fines 100-200% to keep the girls in the club.

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  • Phuket Bar Fines

Bar fines is Phuket are similar to the one in Bangkok being an hing end tourist destination.

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Philippines Bar Fines

In the Philippines prostitution is “illegal”, but it is legal for a bar customer to pay the bar for the privilege of taking a “GRO” (Guest Relations Officer) away from her job of “entertaining” men who come into the bar. The “Bar Fine” is money paid to the bar to take one of these girls away from the bar, usually for sex.

Typically the bar keeps half of the bar fine and the bar girl will get the other half. The Maddam (usually an older prostitute) who is in charge of the GROs collects the bar fine.

Within reasonable time limits, if the bar fined GRO is a non-performer the usual arrangement is to return the bar girl to the maddam who will either return the bar fine to the customer or find another girl for the customer.


information, icon, illustrationBeware, tipping the bar girl directly is often expected but not necessary

Cost: Most barfines will cost anywhere from 1000-1200 pesos (30$) at the Perimeter bars to 1300-3000 pesos (30$-60$) at the Fields Ave bars. A short time barfine will typically cost the same as a long time barfine but you can find some short time deals as little as 600-700 pesos (17$) at some of the bars right off of Fields Ave on Santos St.

information, icon, illustrationSantos St. is known as “Blow Row” and known for short time barfines

Short time and Long time will depend on you and your barfine. Discuss things ahead of time before barfining.  If you like the girlfriend experience (GFE) and want her to stay with you overnight or possibly longer, make sure she knows your intention.  If you only desire some quick fun, let her know you intentions.

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