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How To Get Asian Girls During A Vacation

How To Get Asian Girls During A Vacation

A Small Guide on Where & How to Get Asian Girls

Asia is known to have the greatest hot spots to find a pussy worth your while.

There are so many countries to choose from because every single part of it can be made into your personal destination.

I get asked often; “How to get Asian girls during a vacation?”

My answer is surprisingly simple; “They’re everywhere”.

They can be seen in bars, massage parlors, the streets and even in your hotels!

This is how convenient is to have a sex holiday to Asia, with girls everywhere and minimal effort will lead you to have sex with Asian girls.

The best part is, they are not costly at all, and your dollar will go a long way when it comes to Asia.

Asian girl dressed anime

Asian girls are excellent to be dressed for sexual activities. They love it, they look super cute and make men extremely horny.

There are no limits to what kind of girl you will be expecting in Asia; there will always be a different version of your sexual fantasy.

The Asian school girl, the exotic Asian lover and the Anime sex machine. The choices that you’ll have will never be scarce.


Why to get Asian girls

Asian girls are very professional and are really good in offering an Asian girlfriend experience that would make it very convenient for foreigners. It has been pretty famous to get Asian girls since they give quality services and their characters are exceptional.

These sexy ladies can really keep you entertained and make your vacation worthwhile. Consider them as your perfect Asian girlfriends because they will provide you with much care and compassion as they can.

Asian girls are heavy duty sexy chicks which will handle all your sexual desires so professionally that you won’t feel incomplete and unsatisfied.

From tiny tits to big busty boobs, all will hail your body to and fro while having sex in different positions.

The reason why people want to catch up on Asian girls while they are on vacations is that they are extremely soft, attractive in color, have an intense sexual desire and turn up lust into a love that fulfills your unanswered fantasies.


Asian Girls Features

You must be wondering that why Asian females are so hot and regarded as the goddess of sex.

It is because of their some ultimate quality that no other western girls would have in them.

Submissive – In Asian culture women must be submissive, further, they have to please and do whatever necessary to please the man.

The most significant thing about them is that they do everything professionally so well that you will be eager to visit every day during the entire vacation.

Busty asses – The size and shape of their asses is a unique future. Asian girls are the best in “doggy” position, you will get addict to bang them from the back.

Black hair – Where figure attracts you on the other side black hair will take away your heart. Short, medium or long hair Asian girls all have excellent hair quality which compliments their body parts so well.

Petite – Usually Asian girls are small and petite, making it easier to play around. It feel better to bang a small pussy than a big one. Further, Asian girls have smooth and delicate body structure which is in high demand all over.


Type of girls during a sex vacation

The urge for licking wet pussy of an Asian girl is a fantasy of every man from all over the world. Asia is a hot spot for sex, friendship and companionship.

Men from different corners of the world travel to Asian countries in order to satisfy their unjustified sex desires and to remove the loneliness word from the vocabulary.

A single man could not resist his arms to open a wide while comes in contact with an Asian girl.

Chinese, Korean, Filipina, Thai, indo-sub continental, Japanese, Singaporean, Indonesian and Malaysian chicks are extremely adorable and hard to resist.

There are two kinds of Asian girls that are offering physical as well as companionship services to the men no matter from which corner of the earth they belong to:

  • Professional Hookers
  • Girls looking for love

Professional Hookers – These are the girls who not only provide sexual trade at a certain cost of the currency, but also offer professional services like body massage, threesome experience, anal and all the heavy staff a professional hooker normally offer.

They work in Ago-go bars, massage parlors, escort agency and in the streets.

Professional hooker in Bangkok

These hookers can be recognize by the way they dress (roaming on the streets in sexy clothes) and behave (you feel their desire to be fucked by some horny guy).

They believe in offering the most exotic and sensual sex experience so that they come in demand again and again while you are on a vacation.

My personal experience with a heavy hooker, it is been so unusual that is worth to mention. I met her in a street party during Songkran (Thai Water Festival) and she was so shy that I had a hard time to approach and convince her to stay with me for the night.

She looks lovely, sweet and so shy that I thought she never had sex with a foreigner. Once in the room, I realized that this sweet and lovely girl was a pro. How?

First, she came out from the shower forward to the bed nude, most Asian girls even hookers cover them self.

Second, she gave me the best deep throat blow job of my life, only a pro can do that. I fucked her in the ass while screaming her love for me.

Well, I spent one year with her in and out an “open relationship”, she was that good in bed that I couldn’t let her go. She was only 22 years old but she mastered sex to a level of a forty years old woman.

Girls looking for love – These are the girls which are mostly found in clubs, pubs, malls, restaurants, shops, basically around the city. You can get them easily by getting in touch through communication skills.

The girls who do not mind coming close or give signals from far away as you keep a watch on their moves are already custom to deal with travelers.

Freelancer girls in Club

However, finding a girl without knowing her professional status may lead you to trouble, so for your first few trips is always beneficial to stick with hookers in the red light districts.

Whether you are on a business trip or on a stress free vacation, things could be amazingly exciting when an Asian girl could come over and give a blow job in the middle of the night.


Business and pleasure traveling – Escort Services

asian_escorts small

More than sex, travelers need company, a friend who can understand and listen to their fantasies. It’s time for you to fulfill all such desires which your girlfriend or spouse wasn’t able to give since years.

In every city in Asia, the number of escort services is on the rise. There is a wide variety of escorts depending upon their figure, age and services.

Expensive escorts are used to accompany a big shot in meetings and conferences. They leave an explicit impact on the mind of the rivals and other co-partners.

The masculine powers are justified when such beautiful hit chick dressed up very well in a party gown accompanies in the party.

Hiring a classy PR is difficult in the meanwhile so you can hire one in the city once you have reached.

Before the event, you can meet the girl personally and explain the purpose of the event. This way you get a perfect company for a day.

This type of girl can be your partner for the days you are in the city. The business holiday can become a sex holiday in just one call.

You can go to shopping, dining, dance and have fun all day long. At the end of the day, you can just get relaxed and she will please you.


Types of escorts

Whether you select the beach resort or the high hill roads, Asian girls will be in your room in just one call.

Hence, before you land up with normal looking girl who is interested in love and commitment, here is a list of escorts which are professional enough and give services as per the cost-

Busty escorts – The Asian girls who belong to India, china, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and other Asian countries and have huge bust size are known as busty escorts.

They have big boobs covered with sexy lingerie and cleavage exposed clothes. The slim waist, busty breast, and tall legs are the perfect combinations which seduce in a look.

Amateur escorts – These are the Asian girls who are just 18 years old and have passed college right away. They are inexperienced but ready to learn what love is.

You can explore your fantasies with them and have a genuine FUN.

Mature escorts – Business travelers and men with a high sex drive like to have sex and night put with mature women who have several years of sex trade experience.

The women age between 30 to 40 years is in great demand. They will perform without letting you move from your place.

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Meet Quality Girls Online

The Internet offers a great opportunity to meet girls online without taking any chances to spend thousand of dollars in a trip to the Philippines without the guarantee to meet your dream woman or have a blast of erotic holiday.

Before take on my trips around Asia, I get in contact with girls online which I select upon my specifications; no kids, 20-25 years old, no smoking.

I usually select 3 girls out of the hundred requests, organize to meet the girls on different dates during my trip in the country.

You can easily meet attractive Asian women and get laid for free without the bullshit.

Not only sex is just great because you’ve built a relationship prior to your visit, but she’ll take care of you and show you around as a local.

In my humble opinion, this is the dream holiday which every man should deserve.


How to Deal with Asian girls

Dealing with how to get Asian girls should not always be the only and main concern that people will have problems with. There are different factors in having an Asian to be your girlfriend or lover.

The main character that you should only have is being friendly and charismatic to these ladies, all you need is a little charm and you are good to go!

Keep in mind that Asian girls are shy and sensitive, so when you approach them, be nice and talk softly and slowly.

I remember once I saw a cute Asian girl in the mall. I said, “Hi. You look cute…” and before I could finish she was running away with her hand covering her face.

It was rather absurd. The reasons could be many, but most probably she was too shy to talk to a foreigner.

Refrain from showing affection in public, such kissing, because in Asia is uncommon behavior.

To get Asian girls, you would also need cash, not just to pay for their services but also to bring them out on dates. It is common men pay for everything.


Which Asian country is best around communication?

In the Philippines, which are known to be a great place to get to know girls with excellent English skills, all you need to do is get into the bars.

Prominent bars anywhere in the city can offer you great services in such a great price.Get Asian girls will only require you to go into clubs that have a lot of sexy ladies waiting for customers outside.

Sometimes if you are lucky, someone will go and grab your arm to go dancing in these clubs.

The first thing you’ve got to have is CONFIDENCE, you will never go wrong with this trait because it’s the only thing you need.

Just try to make a conversation with an Asian girl by asking them “Where are you from?” or the common “Do you come here often?” and work your way into asking her for a drink at the bar.

Sometimes it’s as simple as that.


Best Asian country for sex

Thailand is regarded as the best place on the planet earth, where girls will not mind if you ask them to get hanky panky.

Thai language is prominently noticed, but 70% of them have learned English skills so that clients could gel up more easily. How Asian girls could be in your arms on a vacation tour:

She can be your in the club – yes, generally freelancers are found in a big cluster outside or inside the highly renowned clubs dressed up so well that one could not even make out easily that they are escorts looking for some business.

They would come and grab your arm once it is confirmed that you are alone and have no companion to share the night.

You can find them in bars – these are dressed up in bright, glittery outfits which are known for sex appeal. You don’t have to go and ask anyone for romantic-sexual one night stand as they will on own come up and ask for the memorable dick trip.



The life is too short for worries and stress. Every year you should take get holiday time to kill the stress from day to day work; the sex holiday is a time period which will burst your stress and give you the relaxed exposure.