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Cheap Thailand Holidays for Men

Cheap Thailand Holidays for Men


The Pleasures of the Orient for Pennies: Exploring the Tantalizing Treasures of Thailand on Tight Budget!

You’ve now heard the stories of legendary Thailand and the lusty pleasures that await and you can hardly wait to get there, right? Just one problem: your wallet.

There isn’t much in it and obviously traveling to such a glorious paradise of sun and sin is only within the reach of the lucky and wealthy, right?

Well, you got the sinful paradise part right, but as to the cost – you could (happily!) not be more wrong.


Thailand; The Ultimate Single Man Holiday

No matter your budget, there is a cheap Thailand vacation in your price range. Thailand single men holidays aren’t a dream, but a reality, having the most beautiful women on the planet able to give you the best erotic experience of your life.

Plus, Asia is affordable and cheap Thailand holidays are not the exception, they are the rule! With just a little bit of research and planning, anyone can afford a trip to Thailand that will make their wildest (and naughtiest) dreams come true, even with a small budget.


What makes Thailand so Affordable

There are two reasons: first, the US dollar and the British pound sterling simply go much, much further in most parts of Southeast Asia, and particularly in Thailand, than they do almost anywhere else in the world!

At the moment, the exchange rate gives you a little more than 32 Thai baht to the US dollar and right about 55 Thai baht for a single British pound.

But what exactly does that mean to you, or a traveler on a tight budget? It means you get more paying less.

How about a lovely cheap little bungalow room on the beach for the equivalent of US $5 per night? How about the fanciest hotel room in Bangkok, a room that would easily be a US$1,000 per night in New York or Los Angeles, for under US$100?

thailand cheap holidaysINFO: The simple truth is that a traveler can leave like a king in most parts of Thailand.

For the price of a hotel room in London, in Thailand you can get the same hotel room, plus a girl for the night, including a dinner and few beers. No wonder Thailand is considered paradise on earth.

So, where do you get started? First, get your sex holiday plan in good shape.

A plan is necessary to achieve your holiday goals. We want you to have a memorable vacation with a lot of sex experiences and memories to share with friends back home.

To be honest, the most expensive part of the trip will be the airfare from Europe or North America. Depending on when you go, tickets cost is between US$ 600 up to thousands of dollars. Search in the form below, and get an idea about the best airfare price from your home country.

If you are travelling from USA, worth a reading on NomadicMatt blog and learn how to get cheap flights. Matt is an expert on travel hacks.


When to Go to Thailand for a Cheap Holiday?

Two things to keep in mind: first, you aren’t the usual tourist, going just for the beaches and history. If that is the case, Lonely Planet will do for you. While you should most definitely explore all of those things, along with Thailand’s more sensuous pleasures, you should focus on the main goal: the luscious Thai girls and sex.

For that reason, you may want to consider avoiding the usual high-times for tourists (between Octobers to April).

Remember that while it’s hot and steamy in Thailand year round (in more ways than one!), the coolest and driest period is right over the winter time, from November through late February.

In the more urban areas more geared towards tourism, that may be a higher cost season, as more travelers arrive; on the other hand, if you wander farther from the most well-known tourist areas, you may find winter to be both cheaper and less crowded.

Whether to go in the high heat of summer is a tough choice, but if you plan to spend most of your time in air conditioning and on silk sheets, it will be cheaper.

Tips and hint.jpg2TIPS: Just keep one thing in mind: when it comes to the Thai women, fewer tourists means less demand for their sexy services, which means more bang for your buck, literally. So aim to go when the weather is nice but the massage parlors are half empty!


Where to Go?

For most folks, Thailand means Bangkok.

For the travelers on the budget, Sex in Pattaya is the best option because it combines beaches in the day with the nightlife once the sun sets.

But if you want truly cheap Thailand holidays, be sure to consider an adventure in the land.

The rule of thumb is that the farther you go from the big cities and the tourist-filled perfect beaches, the cheaper things will get.

seduce bangkok women

Bangkok girls love foreigner men. As Thai girls look exotic to western, western men look exotic to Bangkok girls.

We suggest you compromise and spend some time for sex in Bangkok, and then move on to Pattaya, only two hours’ drive away.

You may also want to visit Phuket, which sits on the water where the Malacca Strait meets that the Andaman Sea.

Or go an entirely different direction and head inland and due north, until you reach Chiang Mai.

Sure, you’ll lose the beach, but the green ambiance and cool weather can be deliciously delightful, and you’ll find a whole different breed of native wildlife waiting for you.

“Keep an open mind, find what you like and can afford, and you’ll find that cheap Thailand holidays are available to one and all”


What about the Girls?

Ah, yes. The girls! That is, after all, what you’re traveling for, right? We’ve covered much of it already, in the “Why Single Men Should Go To Bangkok” article but the calculation is simple: the farther you get from the glitz and glamor, the cheaper the girls become.

But there is a price to pay for that: you may get what you pay for!

I suggest you stick close to the city lights, but wander just far enough off the beaten path to see if you can find some diamonds in the rough.

On the other hand, if quantity and quality are more important to you, stay in Pattaya where thousands of girls are waiting to please you.

You’ll also find slight variations in appearance and culture among the ladies, as you travel around the country.

We won’t spoil the surprises, but most travelers become fond of certain flavors of fun. Allow yourself to experience it all, and we promise you’ll find your particular slice of Heaven. My personal favorite areas in Thailand are Surin and Buriram.

Why? I love small and dark skinned ladies, and because this area is on the border of Cambodia, is just what you get. These girls are great in bed, with thigh and firm bodies, are just erotic and attractive.



Thailand budget holidays are waiting. Just get there! The perfect beaches and crystal blue water. The sunsets and silky sand. The lush green jungles and the bright lights of the Thai cities. Above all, the hot Thai women and amazing sex experiences are waiting.


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