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What to do in Pattaya

Trip Planner: What to do in Pattaya

Things to do in Pattaya

As one of the premier tourist destinations in Thailand, Pattaya has innumerable attractions, ensuring that visitors with any interest will find something to keep them entertained on their Pattaya holiday.

The prominent attractions in Pattaya are red light streets and girls.

You may wonder what to do during your Pattaya sex holiday, or better say where to start with the fun.

I understand is a difficult choice because there are too many sexual options in town.

Let me help you out with a daily sexual trip planner.

Pattaya Daily Planner: Best things to do during your trip

What to do in PattayaMorning

Before any sport activity is well suggested to have a good breakfast and the right nutrients to start the day; so invest in your breakfast.

There are thousands of breakfast restaurants around town. Make sure to eat enough and quality nutrients because a full day of sexual activities is ahead and the morning meal will affect your performances.

Now you are sitting in the restaurant and the waitress look hot!!!!! You may think; ” she is a good girl or she don’t like foreigners, etc”.

REMEMBER!!! Any girls in Pattaya are on the game and they are here because they need MONEY.

Approach her nice and with respect making some compliment (you have big eyes, lovely smile, etc) and have a laugh together. Before live just ask the telephone number and what time she will be off work.

YES!!! Its so easy…….
Now your body is recharge, you got your first date already so we need to go for an afternoon massage.

Afternoon Massage

To wake up fully we need a lovely young Thai barbie to oil massage all our body and even better if naked…

The best place to go for a sex massage is Soi honey, the road next to lk metro.

There are plenty of massages services to choose from and ask for an happy ending and naked oil massage. See Map below

soi_honey_map in Pattaya

Mid afternoon lazy time

Happy hours!!!
I am sure you will be out from Soi honey with a big smile in your face…. After all this sex exercise you need to reintegrate all the “liquids” lost.

Around Soi buakhao there are hundreds of bar with pools to chill out and have a cheap beer around 60 Bht.

Must to do in Pattaya the soi 6The infamous Soi 6!!!!
If you are searching for easy sex in Pattaya, this street is home to more than 50 bars and perhaps 1.000 naughty girls waiting for you.

The best girl performance in Pattaya is definitely in Soi 6. Highly trained and eager to please babies are awaiting you….

Evening shower

Soon will be night and need to get ready to go out in Walking street.

A good shower is what you need to get ready for more actions.

You may think, well i go back to my room and take a shower; well, you are wrong!!!

Isn’t better to get a shower from a sexy Thai beauty and the place you are looking for are called ” Fish Bowl” for a soapy massage.

pattaya_walking_street_to do in the nightNight

Finally, we are at my favorite time of the day – I mean night.

Well, the most happening place in the night is the world know “Walking Street” for his flashy clubs, a go go and bars that can’t be count for.

You will find the best a go go of Pattaya here, Iron, Baby Doll to name few and the best night clubs as Lucifer and Inmsonia.

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