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Why Travelers Fail To Have Amazing Sex Vacations

Why Travelers Fail To Have Amazing Sex Vacations


Improve your adult holidays with less effort

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of exploring a new place. Learn how don’t make the most common travel mistake that might ruin your sex vacation.

Time for vacations? Finally, after awaiting months even years to pondering exotic locations and having amazing adventures.

erotic vacation in Asia

You will visit exotic beaches, meet beautiful local women and have ton of sex, this is puzzling in your mind and it is achievable.

But don’t make the mistake most travelers do, without planning your adult vacation or you are setting yourself up for average sex experiences and disappointments.

Even the most meticulously planned trip is subject to some disappointment on the road, but with a little insider know-how, you can avoid making the common mistakes that can derail a vacation.

Travelers who ask me, “Rocco, why I feel Asian women want only money from me? ” or “Girls are giving me average sex performance…” are always (not sometimes) those who are not prepared, informed and don’t understand how Asian women think.

It seems that most travelers going for an erotic holiday either alone or with friends, don’t research and plan enough about their journey. Basic questions like “how” and “where” to meet the right type of women are essential during your planning process and will avoid most of the disappointments.

It sounds easy, isn’t it? It is.

A quick example; I got an email from a traveler asking where about he could go in Bangkok for fetish and bondage encounters plus some tips to have a great sex vacation.

This is a traveler that is doing his research because he knows exactly what he wants and is planning before leaving for his trip.

Would be awkward to arrive in Bangkok and ask to the hotel reception for such information, isn’t it?

“Rocco, this is an extreme example, but I am just looking for a girl to spend some day together and have good sex.”

Well, it is easier said than done. First, you need to understand the most common mistakes traveler face.

Later, some simple self-question to know yourself better, helping you to have a clear goal for your sex vacation.



Behaving and acting like a two weeks millionaire, instead of embracing a humble and adventure spirit, it might cost you a lot.

When you think to get respect and better sex performance from Asian women showing money and give away whatever they ask you, you will naturally get cheated, taken for granted and sex will just be average.

acting like a millionaire in vacation

Most travelers have the illusion that Asian women will be attracted to you if you show your wealth. That is true, you will attract only hookers and gold digger. It is your choice.


Isn’t what you are already doing with Western women?

This is what makes you unsuccessful with women, so don’t bring the bad habits with you oversee.

Spoiling a woman is a NO…NO, instead fucking her in all the senses is a YES…YES. She will respect and love you.

It’s just the way it goes.

When you want to be respected, and get amazing sex vacation, you have to change your thinking and attitude. I might sound like an asshole professor, but it is essential for your success.

These days, many travelers fail to have amazing sex experiences because:


  • Lack of information: Not all Asian sex destinations are the same and Asian culture forward sex is different.

    Travelers often fail the sex vacation even before embarked on the airplane because the destinations don’t offer what they are looking for.

    What? If you are looking for anal experiences, Cambodia, for instance, will be the last country you wish to visit.

  • Fear to try new things: There are entertainments and sexual behaviors in Asia that travelers have never experience in western countries.

    Travelers fear to experience new sexual activities in a foreign land, mostly because they feel no safe. Thus they avoid significant sexual experiences never tried before.

  • Don’t know how to organize activities: You are already experienced in organizing sexual activities with one participant, but have sex with multiple participants, can become a hassle.

    Know how effectively communicate and where to look for companionship, will guarantee an amazing sex holiday.

  • Overspend: Asian girls in popular tourist destinations, they know how to play the game. They might look like poor and innocent, but in reality, they are great salespeople.

    They will sell themselves to you, and push you hard to spend money on them. Play the game against them.


These are just few of the most common travel mistakes, but there is more to the list.


1. Booking a hotel too far from the action

Most travelers book their hotel mostly based on cost and apparent look of the hotel.

You are going for a sex vacation, and your goal is to bang sexy women, so the hotel is a secondary matter.

However, you should be comfortably close to the action street and areas where you will meet the girls.

No one wants to take a long time to get back to your hotel room, and this could diminish the sexual excitement.

It takes time to get to and from your hotel if you stay farther out from the action area, and you’re going to have to pay more for transport, too.

So while, yes, saving money by staying a bit outside of town is usually smart advice, on short trips, it’s a bad idea.

During a short trip, time is your most precious asset, and shouldn’t be wasted to save few dollars for your stay.

Staying in a central location, near a land mark, will be easier to explain the girls to locate you. You will not only meet girls on your walk about, you might opt for an escort service or in-call erotic massage.

incall massage asia

There are numerous in-call massage services in Asia. You can have an erotic experience from the comfort of your hotel room, and you can have has many masseur as you are please.

I love to call up for a massage in the morning instead to go for breakfast, great way to start the day.


2. Trying to make the most of your time

I understand your feelings, you want to make the most out of your holiday by banging as many girls as possible and visit as many clubs and bars in the city.

This is most common with first-time travelers and can be overwhelming.

Instead of rushing around aimless, your time might better be spent really delving into just few spots that suit your needs. Figure out your goals for the trip ahead of time, and then schedule your activities accordingly.

Be realistic about what you can actually do during your vacation.

In the end, it all comes down to your personal desire. Quantity doesn’t mean quality, and wasting dollars on girls and places that don’t suit you are a waste.

After all, the last thing you want is to come back home from your vacation feeling like you need a vacation.


3. Relying totally on Guide Books

Guidebooks are an essential part to inform your travels, not to define them.

You will get an inside of the best accommodations, a place to visit during the day and night to meet girls, practical tips and advice to plan and succeed with your sex holiday.

However, once reached the destination, put the guidebook down and start to interact with other travelers and girls at the destination.

Allow yourself to explore and use on your own initiative; there is a lot more to a place than what is in any guidebook.

4. Forgetting the budget or no budget at all

You should consider your budget as a way to experience the place more creatively and more authentically; not as a restriction.

Most travelers never plan their budget or think if they can afford a destination.

Once there realizing that they can’t afford the place, they have to refrain them-self on most activities, and this is when a holiday turn in torture.

The worst is going for a vacation, and you can’t afford to bang the type of girls you want and experience certain sex services.

There are places and sex activities for any traveler budget. Create a realistic budget you can stick to and allow some breathing room for unexpected expenses.


5. Not backing up pictures on the cloud

Going for a sex holiday and don’t bring back home memories is shameless.

That beautiful girl in your room posing for you, and you don’t have a picture of her because you don’t have a camera, or you scared of inspection at the airport.

Girl during my trip to Asia

Asian women love to be taken pictures. Bring your gear, not only you will have pictures remembering you how great was your trip, but will help to build a pre-sexual intimacy with your lady.

Problem solved; use the “cloud” to keep your pictures stored in privacy.

You only need an email address and the internet to move pictures from your camera to the cloud. My favorite is Dropbox, because is easy to use and free.


6. Sticking to the tourist areas

The most exciting encounters are outside the usual red light districts. Dare to explore outside the tourist areas. Create your own experiences; don’t just follow others and do the usual tourist staff.

Most travelers instead of creating their own journey and be responsible for the own fun, give decision power to others.

Ultimately, they get sucked into the “system”, where any experience has been build for business purpose, and that isn’t fun.


7. Being culturally stubborn

Going away will face you with new situations and different ways of doing things. This is the beauty of traveling and the fun to bang girls with different backgrounds and way of thinking.

Having an open mind will help you blend better, enjoy and absorb the culture in a more interactive way, and avoid insulting them unintentionally. Go with the flow and get navigated into a new sexual world, where any of your rules don’t apply anymore.


8. Drinking too much

Full moon party thailand

Full-moon Party in Thailand


Thousands of tourist visit Thailand for the legendary Full-Moon Parties. It is custom to get wasted and dance all night till morning. However, you don’t have to follow the tradition but instead drink moderately and hook up with some hot girl for a quick night of sex. How exciting is that?


Drinking and sex is a terrible idea. When you are drunk, you are exposing yourself to dangers.

Not only to get into arguments and unnecessary fights, but you might enjoying so much your sexual experience that you might skip using a condom. That is a bad idea.

Drink in moderation and have fun!


9. Having unrealistic expectations

Have a realistic expectation and don’t expect your trip to be perfect. If you are planning to have a threesome but the girls that you have picked up seem too shy to both suck your cock together, go with the flow and take time to make them comfortable about the situation.

Hey, I’ve made most of these mistakes during my years of sex traveling, but they have helped me grow and learn as a traveler and person.



Learn more about yourself and your goals

Let’s find out what you are looking for during your journey with some simple questions;

  • What type of girls do you prefer?
  • What sex experience are you looking for?
  • What is your daily budget?
  • Hookers or university girls?
  • Change woman every day or have a girlfriend experience?

Write your answers down. Below you will find a topic for each of the question to help on your answers.



Defining your type of girl is the first step to locating the best destination for your adventure and learn where to meet the woman of your dreams.

In our sex travel guides, we have defined the type of girls with a strategy on how to approach and deal with them.

asian girls type

We have identify five types of women:


  • NEWBIE IN THE CITY: This type of girls are sweet and love caring for foreign man.

    They are from the countryside and just arrived in the city to look for a good future and a good man to take care of them.

    This type of girls usually they work in a 7-11 supermarket, massage parlors and some time freelancing in nightclubs. They can be recognized by the way they dress and make up; VERY SIMPLE.



  • TAKING ALL PUNTERS: This gal is a professional hooker that value her time. She is perfect for men that are looking for the best out of a single sex experience.They dress up well, look slutty (because they are) and most commonly are found in Agogos clubs and short time bars.



  • ADDICTED: Not easy to meet and not easy to detected. I have encountered few sex addicted women in my trips, and I keep in contact with them because they are rare.

    This type of girl love sex, lot of sex, and she will love any penetration, play with toys, multiple men and other girls. If you are a naughty man that is looking for a lust holiday, this is your chance.



  • WAITING FOR THE BIG SCORE: These girls are looking for few customers that can pay more, and possibly marry them.

    If you like sophisticated women and are looking for companionship other than just sex, this is your gal. You can find them in malls, top Ago-go clubs and well know nightclubs.



  • THE PARTY GAL: You love parties, fun, sex and low commitment. Party girls are for you. Meet them in the clubs, they can be freelancers (hookers working for them-self), office girls or students. They are generally young on their 18-24 years of age.


With the type of girls in mind, we can look into the best countries for your trip. Not all the countries in Asia are equal, and you should choose carefully before spending thousands of dollars in flight and accommodations. You have only one chance.


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We have covered this subject briefly in my last post blog ” How to self plan a sex vacation“, introducing different destinations for a sex holiday. I will cover more on the subject and explain why most travelers fail their vacations before embarking in their journey.

The three most visited countries for a sex vacation in Asia are Thailand, Cambodia and Philippines. There are more Asian destinations suck Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Korea, but they offer a lower value for your money.



Thai girl nude on Thailand beach

Thailand is known worldwide for their beautiful beaches and love caring women.

Thailand has the most variety of sex entertainments that can satisfy any man’s desire. If you are into kinky stuff, want to be safe and be offered the best of tourist infrastructures (without beggars in the street or children asking for money), you will love Thailand.

What about women?

Thai women are very feminine, love caring and always willing to please men. This is what makes western tourist to fall in love with Thai women.

Most travelers visiting Asia are tired of dealing with independent and arrogant western women that are into only themselves and have forgot their values forward men.

What about Sex?

Well, Thai culture is open mind forward sex and this can be felt while visiting the kingdom.

In Thai culture, sex is just need as drinking and eating, no big deal.

Thai women love to have sex and understand that a man needs comfort and relaxation during a holiday, so nothing is better than some quality bedroom exercise.



Cambodian girl in vacation

This country is rough but in my opinion its nature and soul is pure. Cambodia is still a third world country, only the main cities have proper road and public transportation.

The tourist infrastructure is basic but you will enjoy the local food in the many restaurants scattered around the cities and the opportunity to meet beautiful women.

There are children and beggar in the street asking for money time to time, but not as much in the Philippines.

What about women?

Khmer women are genuine in their intention and some are really beautiful.

They are perfect for romance but not so much for sex.

Many will refuse anal, and only some will offer a good blow job. Here your dollars will go a long way, in fact, you can have sex with only US$ 20.

You can find excellent women in the countryside if you are looking for a wife or girlfriend.

What about sex?

Khmer women are conservative and aren’t willing to over-explore sexuality.

However, there are always exceptions. Your best option is to choose and keep a girl with you during the trip, knowing you better, she will be eager to experience new sexual positions and games.



Manila girl in hotel room

The Philippines has hundreds of islands, and the beaches are amazing. You will find a tropical paradise on earth, with crystal ocean water and incredible places to relax.

Most of the population speak English fluently, this is a plus if you like to communicate with women.

Manila is congested and crowded but offers the best looking Pinay women in the country.

Angeles city is the naughty town with hundreds of AGo-Go bars, and Manila is for the party night-owls featuring the best nightclubs in Asia.

What about women?

They come in different shapes and colors.

Filipino have been colonized by the Spanish first and after the Americans for fifty years after second world war.

In-fact, Filipina have been so much mixed that you can find a wide variety of women, but the black straight long hairs is what makes them unique.

You will find these women a bit shy and conservative in public, but in the privacy of your hotel room, you can have a lot of fun.

Most Filipino don’t use condoms, so be aware.

What about sex?

Filipino are Christians, so they aren’t so open minded about sex as the Buddhist Thais.

However, they will do anything, but don’t expect too much initiative in the bedroom. You must lead the dances.

Choose your destination carefully, this will make or break your trip. If you end up in a country that isn’t related to you, you will not have the energy and the spirit to enjoy yourself.

I hate cities, and my trips to Singapore and Hong Kong have always been disappointments.

It isn’t because of the girls or the city itself, it is because I am disconnected with city environment.

Instead I love places and people by the beach or mountains. For more information on how to choose a travel destination, I have found this blog helpful and to the point.



Vacations are well-deserved treats and money shouldn’t be a constant head ache over these precious times away. On the other hand, the “anything goes” spirit that is so intoxicating during a trip can turn a little…toxic afterward, when you’re home facing staggering credit card bills.

Travelers without a plan tend to be carried away from all the good things goes around them during a vacation, and tend to spend everything too early leaving nothing for the last period of the holiday.

This is demoralizing.

With this simple travel budget calculator, in five minutes you can come up with a clear budget and focus your spending in entertainments that you care most.

Are you into women and food? Then most of your money will go into restaurants, clubs and AGo-Go bars.

Do you prefer to spend your day by the pool, beach in the company of a sexy woman? Invest in hotel facilities and escort services.

Keep your budget and planning simple. Its purpose is to prevent you on the right track.



Going for a sex holiday is the ultimate goal, but there are different motivation for travelers to fly east beside sex.

There are so many motivation that would take a few articles to describe them all, so let'[s take the most common and think what you are looking for.



People need affection and to be loved, and this is the most common motivator travelers visit Asia.

Asian women are love caring, and they will give affection and incredible caring even if they don’t know you.

The same doesn’t apply to the self-centered western women.

Western men travel to Asia for the so-called “girlfriend experience.”

They keep a woman for the length of the entire holiday, and she will act like a girlfriend but without the hassle.

For the holiday, she will do whatever possible to please you, offering special moments and amazing sex experiences.

Sex Fantasies

Do you dream of having a threesome or an orgy in a Jacuzzi overlooking the city?

In Asia, you can.

Or you want to have sex with a ladyboy?

In Asia, you can.

These are just a few of the sexual experiences you can have in Asia, the list is almost endless.

You can make your dream come true and a fraction of the cost than Las Vegas or Paris. You can live a millionaire life for two weeks with a factory salary in Europe.

There isn’t anything similar in Europe or America, besides if you are a Millionaire.


No Discrimination

You are tired to be looked at if you walk down the street with a much younger girl than you.

You might be a guy, or like a transvestite.

In Asia, no one knows you and no one cares what you are doing.

It ‘s okay to have a much younger girl than you or get back to the room with a lady-boy.

No staring, no question asked.



If you love women and sex to the extreme, and you need to have few different women everyday, a trip to Asia will satisfy your appetite.

The amount of girls concentrated in the tourist areas, it is staggering and easily there are 5 girls for every man.

Thus, it will be incredibly easy for you to have as many women as you wish during your holiday.



Some of the tips show above will help you to avoid the most common mistakes traveler experience.

This already gives you a better start than most, but don’t assume your sex travel is bulletproof.

Keep an open mind during your trips and focus on your goals, you are the only person to blame or reward for a successful sex holiday.

Being successful, have nothing to do with others, the weather, the culture and the places you visit, it is all about you and your knowledge.

“A traveler informed experience better sex holidays”

P.S I want you to share this page with your friends going for an holiday soon, they will be grateful to you to help them out with their travel planning.