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Best Dating Site In Uzbekistan To Meet Girls

The best way to meet and date Uzbekistan women is by using a dating site. Women are there because they want to meet a foreign man.

Other social venues like work or nightclubs don’t offer opportunities for girls in Uzbekistan to interact with foreign men. Just there aren’t any expats working and leaving there.

Dating online is a practical way for foreign men to meet Kazakh single and vice-versa.

But how to know which site to use?

The best dating site in Uzbekistan for this purpose is called “Badoo”. It services Russia and all the former Soviet Union countries like Uzbekistan… And I’m going to tell you how to make the most out of it…


Why Use Badoo

It’s the only way for a foreigner to get in contact with Uzbek singles online…

dating Uzbekistan women

And the most efficient way to get in contact with girls who speak English and are into foreign men.

It isn’t important if you are in your 20 or 40, there are girls interested in you. There are mature women for older men and a fair share of younger chicks for guys in their 20.

This site works very well if you are a first-timer tourist looking for casual datings or a serious relationship. Divorce women usually seek companionship and sex while other women prefer a serious relationship.

You can find a girlfriend to be a local tour guide during the day and a lover at night… And maybe later become something more.

Meet girls online is much easier than approaching women in a foreign country by yourself. You don’t need to speak their language, come up with pick up lines and improvise the conversation.

They are there because they want to meet a foreign man, and you want to meet an Uzbek girl. It is as simple as that, no second-guessing.

Badoo lets you build attraction and trust with the girls, so once you land in Uzbekistan your new girlfriend feels comfortable to get intimate with you.


Are Girls Beautiful & Hot For Action?

Like any other social place, on Badoo, there are different types of girls: sexy, cute, serious, fun, tall, small, not hot girls.

You can start immediately to get in contact with girls in Uzbekistan without fear to get rejected. Girls online are friendly and open-minded, they know why you want to talk with them.

They are receptive and they usually answer within 24 hours. But once the conversation gets going, you can set a time to chat with them.

You can also find girls in nearby countries like Kazakhstan or search for girls in different cities within Uzbekistan by using the filters.

To answer the original question ” Are girls online hot for action?’ Yes, they are because like you, they are eager to meet someone to spice up their life.


How To Get Started…

Create a profile on Badoo’s homepage. Write a simple profile about you and what you expect from a girl.

Upload several photos well dressed, groomed and looking at your best, Uzbekistan women put a lot of weight on style. And avoid to look stone, or, drunk, or posing in front of a supercar that isn’t yours 🙂

Add a few Russian words in the headline, that help to attract the attention of the girls (every single woman in Uzbekistan speak Russian, but not Uzbekistan). Something simple like “Hello – привет” or “How are you? – как ваши дела? ” would do.

Then tell the girls that you want to improve your Russian, that is a real turn-on for obvious reasons.

Once your profile and photo are visible, message a few girls letting them know a little about yourself. Don’t overthink what to write, Uzkeck girls are very friendly and don’t judge you for anything you write.

Build a list of potential girlfriends and once in Uzbekistan, hook up.

Take them for a drink or dinner, it set the romantic connection so you can make your first move. Don’t be afraid to ask her to get back to your place, if she refuses then next time is going to accept.

Uzbek women sometimes play hard to get, and that’s fun too.


Would The Site Work For Me?

If you are a foreign man and don’t expect to date a 20 years old lady when you are in your 50s, then Badoo works well for you.

A modest age gap like 15-20 years is accepted in Khazkstan, more than that it’s uncommon.

Ask yourself why she wants to date you, which helps to get straight to the point. Some girls might want to improve their English, others look for a life partner, or they simply want to spice up their life. Don’t be afraid to ask.

In conclusion, this site works very well either you are a young guy or an older man. Your physical appearance isn’t much important as your personality.

If you think dating online is something you would like to explore more, you can create a Badoo account here.