How To Get A Girlfriend In Vietnam: Options And Tips

Many foreign men want to find a girlfriend in Vietnam. The tourists simply want a holiday girlfriend experience while expatriates are looking for a transactional or serious relationship.

But if you’ve never done that before, there are a few things you should be aware of before starting your search.

This include where to look for a Vietnamese girlfriend interested in foreign men, and a few tips on how to get them interested in you.

Let’s start with the first step.


Where To Meet Vietnamese Girls For A Girlfriend Experience?

If you don’t know where to go to look for a Vietnamese girlfriend, like most foreigners you might end up at some shady bars in the red light districts.

Girls working in red light areas are disparate and prone to cause problems. Stay away from them for the sake of your mental health.

Quality Vietnamese girls looking for a foreign boyfriend can be divided in:

  • Those looking for a serious relationship
  • Those looking for a transactional relationship

Girls looking for a serious relationship usually hang out on dating sites while girls looking for a transactional relationship hang out on sugar sites.

I recommend going for a transactional relationship (girlfriend experience) if you don’t have the intention to marry her. It saves you from the usual drama of serious relationships.

Here are the best places to meet a potential Vietnamese girlfriend:


1. Dating Sites

Vietnamese girlfriend sugar baby

Dating sites are something that a lot of Vietnamese use to find potential partners. But not all dating sites in Vietnam are equal.

You’ve dating sites where the majority of girls can’t speak proper English. And then you have dating sites like Seeking where you’ll find educated girls that can communicate.

But the best thing about Seeking is the girls are hot and you can set up a relationship on your terms.

Unlike other dating sites in Vietnam, you won’t deal with unnecessary drama.


2. Sugar Sites

There are many benefits to using sugar dating sites besides the most obvious one: you can get girls out of your league.

Girls you meet on this type of site don’t cause drama or problems like the girls you meet on dating sites.

Both of you immediately know what each other wants and the expectations. You can now move towards your final arrangement once you and she agree on the details.

The most popular sugar site in Vietnam at the moment is Sugar Daddy Meet. There are many students looking for a transactional relationship with a foreign man.

The good thing about sugar sites is you can find easily a girlfriend experience that matches your needs without wasting time like on dating sites.


3. Malls

Thinking of approaching a girl in a mall? Spot on!

You will find a lot of beautiful Vietnamese girls here, and the best thing is that they are not expecting to be approached.

So, it will come as a nice surprise when you do approach them.

Just keep in mind to smile and try to be funny as this guy in the video…

Although, I would recommend dressing better because Vietnamese girls pay attention to appearance.


4. University Campus

University campuses are great places to meet a potential girlfriend if you can speak Vietnamese.

The good thing about getting a girlfriend from a University is that they are focused to get good grades.

So unlike the girls you meet on dating sites, they don’t try to convince you to get married. And you avoid all the drama that comes with it.

Also, several university girls in Vietnam have a hard time making ends meet. So they can be turned into sugar babies pretty easily.

That means you can get them to do what you want without having to deal with drama and unreasonable demands.

For more info refer to my article about renting a girlfriend in Vietnam.


Tips To Get a Girlfriend In Vietnam As a Foreigner

dining with girlfriend in Vietnam


1. Dine her

Would you believe me if I said that one of your best bets to a Vietnamese girl’s heart is through her stomach?

It’s true!

Vietnamese women love to eat, and they will be impressed if you can cook for them or take them to a nice restaurant.

Arrange a combination of something like a table full of her favorite foods, a box of chocolates, and a romantic setting.


2. Learn some Vietnamese

Do note that not all girls in Vietnam speak good English, many don’t and you won’t know until you talk to them.

Imagine you are walking around and you see a cute Vietnamese girl. You went to talk to her and said something like, “Hi, my name is John. What’s your name?”

And what you listen to in return surprises you.

The girl replies, “Tôi không biết Anh đang nói gì. Xin vui lòng nói bằng tiếng Việt.”

This means, “I don’t understand what you’re saying. Please speak in Vietnamese.”


So before flirting, it’s the Vietnam language which you have to flirt with.


3. Go where the single ladies are

Thinking of where you can meet your future girlfriend in Vietnam?

You can go to bars, nightclubs, restaurants, or anywhere else where there are a lot of singles.

But as a foreign man you’ve higher chances to contact Vietnamese girls online. The reason is for you and for the girls too is less intimidating communicating online than striking conversations face to face.


4. Learn about Vietnamese Culture

Culturally, Vietnamese women are very different from Western women.

For example, in Vietnam, it is considered polite to always defer to elders and those in positions of authority.

Acknowledging their cultures, values and traditions will go a long way in your pursuit of a Vietnamese girlfriend.

Have a meetup with her family and put your first impression the best impression. Your girlfriend will like it a lot.


5. Act like a gentleman

Let’s take it from the start, from your first meet up with a Vietnamese lady.

Did you notice the girls being very feminine? Yes, that’s one of the most beautiful things about Vietnamese women.

And they expect you to treat them like ladies.

Be chivalrous, be a gentleman. Help her with her chair, carry her purse, and most importantly, listen to her.

She will fall in love with your manners and gentlemanly behavior.


6. Compliment her

Vietnamese girls are beautiful. No doubt about that.

But how will she know that you think she is beautiful if you don’t say it?

Make sure to give her compliments, not just about her physical appearance. But also on her intelligence and achievements.

Say something like, “You’re not only beautiful but also one of the smartest people I know.”


7. Take her on romantic dates

Romance has always been the most powerful weapon to win a woman’s heart in Vietnam.

You can take her on romantic dates such as candlelit dinners, walks on the beach, or writing love poems for her.

When on the beach, lift your Vietnamese girlfriend in your arms and run with her in the water. These small things will create long-lasting memories for both of you.


FAQs About Finding A Vietnamese Girlfriend


Is It Easy To Find A Girlfriend In Vietnam?

Finding a girlfriend in Vietnam is both a challenging and exciting experience. You can get a Vietnamese girlfriend on Seeking… Find her at the mall and around the university campus… Or through a Vietnamese dating app.

Where To Meet Vietnamese Girls For a Girlfriend Experience?

Sugar sites are your best bet. There are many university girls eager to find a foreign boyfriend.