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What’s The Price For A Girl In Vietnam?

If you are wondering what’s the cost for a girl in Vietnam, you’ll find your answer here.

Not only I’ll give you an overview of sex workers’ prices, but also the cost to rent civilian ladies like teachers or shop assistants.

There are plenty of Vietnamese girls that need money to make ends meet, and the fastest and easiest way is to offer companionship to foreign men.

In a country where the basic salary is 150 US$, any extra cash is well received.

You’ll find everyday girls like students, nurses, waitresses willing to sleep with you for a night, or be your holiday girlfriend for some cash.

Of course, you can also visit the red light areas and get yourself a working girl.

Yet, I suggest sticking with everyday girls because they offer a great “girlfriend experience”. Vietnamese working girls are mercenary, cheaters, and a pain to deal with.

I’ve already discussed in great detail where to find girls for sex in Vietnam, now let’s see how much it’ll cost you to get laid.


What’s The Cost Per Night With A Girl In Vietnam? 

It depends on the type of Vietnamese girls and the city.

I’m going to talk about the different types of girls first, and later give you the standard rates for each tourist city in Vietnam.


Everyday Girls On Dating Sites

The cheapest and best girls in Vietnam that offer companionship and intimacy are the ones you can find on dating sites.

Girls on dating sites have a regular job or still study at university but struggle to make ends meet.

They don’t want to be full-time prostitutes because they have values, but they know the fastest way to get extra cash is to offer companionship to tourists.

And because the competition among Vietnamese girls that try to attract a foreign man is stiff, they let you have sex on the first date. That’s the only way to keep you on the hook.

The general costs you’ll incur to spend a night with an everyday lady is 150k for a nice meal and 500k as a tip. Most girls don’t ask for a tip because they are shy, but you should help them.

Booking online girls in Vietnam is pretty common for foreign


Working Girls On Message Apps

If you didn’t have the opportunity to recruit Vietnamese ladies on dating sites and you’re already in the country, download WeChat and Line on your phone.

They suppose to be only messenger apps helping you to connect with friends. But in Vietnam, they have become apps to scout for working girls.

There is an option called “people nearby” that let you see the girls who are using those apps within 500m. And those girls happen to be prostitutes for 95% of times.

Send a few messages or just wait to get contacted, and negotiate a deal. Not all the Vietnamese working girls on those apps are interested in overnights, but some do.

There is a lot of bait and switch tactics going on the message apps in Vietnam. Most profiles are pimps that have a portfolio of working girls. So ask for several photos just to make sure she looks good enough for you.

Don’t expect working girls from message apps to behave and perform as well as the ladies on dating sites. They’re interested only in your money, so no daty experiences.

The prices for girls on WeChat and Line are 1-1.2m for a short time (one shoot), but you can negotiate down to 800k. For an overnight stay, the price is about 1.3m.

Remember that you have to pay them upfront. So if they don’t do their duty properly or run away, it’s your loss.


Freelancers in Night Clubs And Bars

There are working girls freelancing in nightclubs and bars in Vietnam. Just visit any red light area and you’ll find dozen of them.

Nightlife working girls are the same you find on message apps, but usually, they work for themself so they don’t have a pimp. Anyway, they are trouble makers and thieves the same way of working girls on WeChat and Line.

The good thing here is you can have a face to face conversation and have a feel for the girl. Have a drink together and see how she behaves. It’s a kind of interview and screening test at the same time.

Freelancers in nightclubs and bar girls cost between 500k to 900k for all night. The only difference is the 200k to the bar when dealing with a bar girl.

In conclusion, the price for a night with a freelancer in Vietnam is about 1m all-inclusive. In the nightclub, you might spend more on drinks but in the bar, you’ve to pay the bar fine.


Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Girls Price

Ho Chi Minh is the business city in Vietnam, and you’re going to pay a high price to have sex with girls here. However, the quality and the amount of girls is the highest in the country.

The prices for girls in Ho Chi Minh/Saigon are:

  • Everyday Girls Rate – a tip of 400-800k plus treat costs.
  • Working Girls Online Rate – 1.2m for one shot and 1.6m for all night.
  • Massage Girls Rate – 600k for a massage with handjob up to 3m for full service in the Little Japan area.
  • Freelancers Rate – 700-900k for all night.
  • Hot Toc Girls (blow job bars) – 400k for a blowjob and 1m for full service.

I explained in detail where to find the above girls in the Saigon Sex Guide.


Hanoi Girl Prices

This city in the north of Vietnam is a great destination for budget mongering. The prices for sex are fixed and a little bit cheaper than Saigon. Also, the girls have a better attitude.

The standard prices for girls in Hanoi are:

  • Everyday Girls Rate – a tip of 200-600k plus treat costs.
  • Working Girls Online Rate –  1m for one shot and 1.4m for all night.
  • Massage Girls Rate – 500k for massage and blowjob up to 2m for full service.
  • Freelancers Price – 700k for all night.
  • Hot Toc Girls (blow job bars) – 400k for a blowjob and 900k for full service.

For more info check out the Hanoi Sex Guide.


Da Nang Girl Price

Da Nang is a wonderful beach destination in Vietnam, but a real pain when it comes to girl’s prices. The market is been taken over by Korean tourists that are too generous with the ladies.

Here the standard rates of girls in Da Nang:

  • Everyday Girls Rate – a tip of 300-700k plus treat costs.
  • Working Girls Online Rate – 1.1m for one shot and 1.6m for all night.
  • Massage Girls Rate – 300k for massage, an extra 200k for manual masturbation, and 1.2-1.5m for sex.
  • Freelancers Price – 500-700k for all night.

See also the Da Nang Sex Guide for more info.


How Much Cost A Girlfriend In Vietnam?

Until now I covered the costs of Vietnamese girls for a few hours or a night. But what is the price to rent a Vietnamese girlfriend for a week or two?

I’ve no idea what a working girl might ask for the simple reason they aren’t any good for long term rental. Working girls in Vietnam are too mercenaries to offer a girlfriend experience.

So the only option you have is to get a civilian girl to spend time with you. By civilian, I mean a student or a girl with a regular job.

There isn’t any specific rate, it varies from the type of girl and your generosity. For example, a girl that earns 150 US$ per month, would be more then enthusiastic to get a tip of 100 US$ for a week with you.

So, you need to figure out her monthly salary first and then give a generous amount based on that. Of course, all the costs for food and other entrainments are on you.

Remember to give the tip in a humble way. You don’t want to make her feel like a whore. The best thing you can do it’s to drop the money in her handbag without she notices.

In conclusion, a Vietnam girl cost anywhere between 600k to 1.6m per night if she is a working girl. But for civilian girls that you meet online, you decide the amount.