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When travelling to a new destination, it’s only natural to get the right guidance to have the best possible sex vacation. As such, we have created “Asian Travel Sex Guides” and “The Dream Vacation” to ensure each man can learn what he needs to get the ultimate sex holiday to Asia.

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Life is short and holidays are even shorter, don’t waste time with average girls and poor sex experiences


Intending travelers often ask the question:

“Why should I bother with travel guides?
Nothing is likely to happen to me on this trip”


It is been estimate from TripAdvisor that 68% of the holiday’s issues could have been avoided by using a travel guide. When planning for a sex trip, problems and safety are a major concern because sex industry is “not regulated” in most countries thus there aren’t any laws that protect consumer.

Don’t be vulnerable to what you don’t know; “A Traveler Informed, Get More For Less”


Douglas is an example of smart traveler that took is dream trip to Philippines not only to meet with beautiful girls and experience a great sex holiday, but he went for a medical treatment saving him thousands of dollars back to the USA. 

Douglas 1

” Greetings Rocco!

First I would like you to know that I read your guide twice before I left for the Philippines.
I had decided to go to the Islands after breaking up with a Pinay here in USA.

She broke my heart so I decided to meet all of her sisters and cousins – aka women of the Philippines. As luck would have it, I had met a girl on an Asian dating site before I left.

I was already in the planning stages of my trip and when I had my itinerary confirmed, I told her that I was coming to Manila the following week. She surprised me and told me she would meet me at the airport!

I really did not believe she would be there and was so surprised to see her as I left customs and immigration area of the airport.

She was so much more maganda (beautiful) in person than her pictures and our Skype sessions up to that point. My heart melted when I saw her.

She is such a sweet and extremely sexy woman. We spent 4 days in my Manila hotel, then we took an air conditioned bus to Angeles City. Your guide was correct – 600 php per passenger. It was very comfortable and well worth the equivalent of $15 US Dollars.

I stayed at Pacific Breeze Hotel in Angeles City. The hotel was a bit more money than most but I got the poolside Jacuzzi suite. It was very nice and spacious. The pool was very well maintained every single day.

This hotel is a very short walk from Fields Ave. Walking Street and yet fairly quiet at night. The staff was very helpful and accommodating in every request.

After my girl ended up leaving to go back to work, I had many experiences with different bar girls, freelancers and even some cocktail waitresses.

I liked some of the cocktail waitresses because they are generally a little older than the 18-20 year old that work on stage.

One thing that made the trip even more worth every peso was the fact that I needed some dental work done. The hotel recommended a dentist group that was very professional and got all my work done in the small window of time I had left in the country.

The amount of money I saved by getting this work done there as opposed to the US more than paid for every aspect of my trip.

I had major work done and the bill was so cheap you would be amazed. The bottom line is that I had a the vacation of a lifetime and cannot wait to go back.

Your guide helped in many ways. I will be going back to the Philippines next year if at all possible. I may put together a group of guys from here in the US and act as an informal guide of sorts.

Cheers to you Rocco!”


Traditionally, guidebooks have been the traveler’s bible, and I think they’re still a great resource for planning your journey.

I often hear people mention that they don’t want to plan their trip, but they would rather “play everything by ear.” They have romantic notions of “finding that great little girl” by accident. I think this is a terrible idea (trust me, I was one of those people).

Asian cities are full of little gems – but they’re often hidden away and you’d never find them unless you knew exactly where to look. Without some foreknowledge you’re going to waste a lot of precious time and you’re going to miss out on many great sex adventure.

“After so many hours of flight, spent thousands of dollars for the trip would be a misery to miss out the best sex experiences”


What are our guides all about?

There are hundreds of guidebooks and travel guide websites out there, but at SexHolidayAsia we mainly focus on sex, girls and traveling.

What makes us different from other city guides?

  • Real Sex Experiences: we brief and live sex and traveling;
  • Naughty Pictures: see what you will get into without the censorship; Up-to-date: all our guides are always up-to-date;
  • Unbiased: we don’t accept any form of compensation;
  • No tourist staff: you will find plenty of information about bars, clubs, Ago-go, girl-friendly hotels, massage parlors, and plenty of other “under-the-radar” spots;

Cambodian girl in vacation


Why should you get Rocco’s sex travel guides?


Content is King

We understand that content is the most important for our customers, and we work hard to deliver the most update information with reliable sources.

All our guides have details information on:

  • Practical and simple tips to plan your erotic vacation; planning is crucial to the success of your trip. Most travelers fails to have great sex experiences because of luck of planning.
  • Best girl-friendly accommodations near the action streets, walking distance to public transports and best value for money.
  • Day time sexual activities; visit the naughtiest venues in town instead to spend the day watching TV in the room or visit another tourist sightseeing.
  • Nightlife; review of the best clubs, AGo-Go bars, red light districts, venues to meet the hottest girls and experience the best parties
  • Rocco’s personal experience and tips to maximize your journey. I regularly visit the top sex destinations in Asia for my personal pleasure. Over the years I have collected the best ways to approach Asian women, flirt with them, make deals and get out the best sex experiences. It took me YEARS to work out the secrets that I teach in our travel guides, but you can learn it all in a matter of HOURS.

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