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Why Free Asian Dating Sites Don’t Work

If you are just starting out searching for Asian women online, most probably you are using Asian dating sites hoping to get a date or find that special woman for a real lifetime marriage.

That is smart!

If you are familiar with this website you know already that I use dating sites to meet, date and get laid with Asian girls. When the time will come, I’ll use them to find the right woman to spend the rest of my life with.

What most men don’t understand is how those dating sites work and how Asian women respond to the men contacting them online.

The result is a lot of frustration because most guys might get a few messages but end up with nothing –  no dates, no hookups, let alone finding a wife.

After a few tentative, they give up stating that dating sites aren’t any good to meet women.

The truth is, dating sites are a very effective way to find girls in Asia, but you need to understand how the system works and how to outsmart the competition (the other men on the platform).

If you don’t know how to play the online dating game, other men in the know are going to get all the cookies, leaving you empty-handed.


20/80 Rule On Dating Sites In Asia

It’s like any other socializing environment like bars or clubs where the men who know how things work, get the attention of most women.

Did you ever ear the 20/80 rule?

It suggests that 20 percent of men get 80 percent of the attention of women. That’s is exactly what happen on dating sites too.

young guy dating Asian girls met on dating sites for free

When you are young, handsome and fit, you can easily get the attention of the hottest girls either in a club or on a dating site. However, this works only for hookups or a nightstand, not really for a long term commitment like a relationship or marriage.

But how to attract women on dating sites when you are over 30s years old… Or not so fit… Or you don’t look like a movie star?


Get The VIP Status Online

Make yourself valuable in the eyes of the girls by showing your status.

Asian women are attracted to men with status like any other women in the world, it’s a natural thing because that indicates that you can afford to look after them.

A little evolutionary psychology for you…

Women have evolved to look for traits that will ensure the survival of their offspring (even if you’re not literally having babies together just yet).

In the old days, being the strongest man or the leader in the tribe was a good trait to have if you wanted to have the best women.

In today world, you don’t need to have big muscles to show your worth, but you want to show status. Having a status let you attract the hottest girls while blowing away all the competition.

For example, doing that in a nightclub is going to cost you several $100s per night in buying expensive bottles to get a VIP table, on most dating sites is going to cost you only $20-30 per month by getting the top membership.

That’s why free dating sites don’t work for most men, because you can’t leverage the platform. You can’t pay for a membership that clearly states your higher status and makes you stand out from the crowd.

If you are using any Asian dating site for free (even the membership one), you are one of the many 1.000s men trying to get the attention of the few hot girls.

Even if she starts to talk and likes you, when a guy comes along with the membership badge on his profile, she gets distracted and potentially loses interest in you.

You see, women are attracted to men with status – that is natural and doesn’t mean she is a gold digger – in the real world as online.

But in the real world can be a challenge to increase your status in the eye of women because you might not have the means to buy a sports car, expensive clothes or get a VIP table…


But on dating sites is so cheap to “acquire status” instantly that is a no brainer to become a member if you want to meet, date, or to marry a quality Asian woman.


Meet Quality Asian Women On Dating Sites

Any worthy girl in Asia (9s or 10s) looking for a serious relationship prefer to talk to a man who has the means to provide for her, instead of a guy who can’t afford a membership on a dating site.

asian woman online dating sites

Wouldn’t you do the same if you were in her shoes?

Attractive girls have lots and lots of choices, and they’re not daydreaming about the “average nice guy” just like you’re not dreaming about the 5’s and 6’s.

Hot girls know they can do better, they want a man with status.

When you upgrade to the top membership on any dating site that put you automatically on the top 20% of men on the platform. It’s like getting a VIP table in a nightclub, you get the attention of all the hottest girls.

You don’t need to change your personality or change the way you dress, but only show to the girls that you are a valuable man.

On the end of the day, the first impression count and online you have only 5 seconds to impress potential matches.

She isn’t going to think “Oh, this average guy might be special, let’s read his profile and reply to his message”. Instead, she is going to pass on you because you are one of the 100s men that are trying to get her attention.

By getting a VIP status on any membership dating site, you can instantly get her to read your profile and write you back. She finds you interesting because you are valuable.


Average Men Finish Last

Back when I had no idea how dating sites work, I would talk to many women but get little results for my invested time. The hottest girls wouldn’t even read my messages let alone replying to me.

It took me a long time to work out that men with a membership had several perks to make them more visible to the girls. A few of the usual perks for members are:

  • A VIP badge gives an instant first impression.
  • Ranking above other standard members in the match search. When a girl searches for potential mates, the guys with the membership pop up first. The same way as when you are searching for something on Google Search, you usually click on one of the first three links.
  • The messages sent by VIP members get into the inbox of the girls while the standard members can’t get into the inbox of the hottest girls, but only the average girls not in demand. Dating sites do that to make sure women receiving too many messages don’t get overwhelmed.

When I worked that out and bought a membership, everything changed.

Instead of struggling to get dates, I had a hard time to keep up with them. Instead of getting no reply from the hottest girls, suddenly I could chat with them.

Your current lack of success on dating sites in Asia has nothing to do with how you look or the platform itself, the problem is you are using the platform for free.

The system is blocking you from accessing to most girls. In fact, only 20% of them can see your profile or read your messages.

In other words, you are competing against 80% of men for only a small amount of girls.

Furthermore, your “non-status” clearly show that you are an average man, and as I said early, average men can’t ensure the survival of their offspring.

Biologically speaking, any woman needs to make sure that her offspring will get the best possible genes, even if you’re not going to have babies with her, it’s in their biology to be sexually attracted to status.

You are most-likely an awesome guy and you don’t need to change who you are or the way you present yourself to get girls attention on Asian dating sites… What you need to do is to upgrade your membership.