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4 Best Sites And Apps In China To Contact Girls

There are several Chinese apps and dating site reviews online, yet no one talks about the “other sites and apps”. There are also down to fuck, hookups, and arrangement sites out there.

If you plan to travel, study, or work in China, I’ve put together a list of the best apps and sites in China to get in contact with girls.

In a country that puts an emphasis on hard work and endless working hours, it’s convenient to find intimacy and companionship online.

So let’s check out the top Chinese sites and apps to find love, sex, intimacy, or companionship:

  • Asian Match Mate – A horny community of singles and couples for no string attached sex.
  • Seeking Arrangement – On this site, you’ll find girls with benefits. Most are students.
  • Tantan – The Chinese version of Tinder, ideal for young people that want to hook up.
  • WeChat – Message app popular among working girls.


Asian Match Mate

Asian Match Mate is a community popular among swingers, couples and horny singles that enjoy a highly sexaul life.

In other words, you can find regular hookups or one-time sexual encounters without having to date anyone.

This site is great to find swingers and fuck buddies not only in China but across Asia.

Most couples are him foreigner and her Chinese into threesomes or swapping partners.

While the singles girls are here because they need a good fuck. Most are career women with a high sex drive and multi orgasm.

To conclude, if you’re tired of traditional dating sites, Asian Match Mate is your golden ticket to instant hookups.


Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement isn’t a typical dating site but a place to arrange a mutually beneficial relationship.

In fact, there are many students ready to offer companionship, friendship, and intimacy in exchange for dinners, gifts, travel opportunities, or else.

The good thing about this type of arrangement is you get a girlfriend experience without all the drama of a regular relationship.

If you want to meet beautiful, intelligent and open-minded Chinese girls for more than just sex, his site is for you.



It’s a popular dating app that works like Tinder. Actually is the Chinese copy of Tinder.

When both people “like” the other’s profile, It’s a match and you can exchange messages, videos, and pictures.

However, only a few real conversations and meetings materialize compared to the number of matches.

The majority of people that use Tantan are young and urban people. So if you’re over 30 hardly you’ll get any real conversations and meet up.



We know that WeChat is a great communication app… But in China and some other Asian countries is a hooker’s radar.

Just turn on the “people nearby” future and you’ll be offered sex for a fee.

The only downside is the profile picture is never the actual girl who will show up at your door.

It’s a kind of last resort approach if all the above apps and sites fail to deliver.


My Thoughts About Sites And Apps to Contact Girls in China

Using the above apps and sites is the easiest way to contact girls in China. Obviously, you should use the one that suits most of your needs.

For example, if you just want to have sex go for Asian Match Mate… Or use Seeking Arrangement if you’re looking for a friend with benefits.

You can’t expect to find an app or site that can cover all of your needs.

To conclude, don’t waste time and money on too many apps or sites but focus your energy only on the one that suits best your intentions.